Uganda Hunting Safaris ; Uganda is truly outstanding destination to visit on your Uganda safari holiday because of its beautiful nature, climate, diversity of wildlife species, primates and bird species. More so, the most welcoming country with friendly people in the world. On the other side Uganda is found in Eastern and Central Africa which is bordered by Kenya, Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Tanzania. However, Uganda has equatorial climate and its temperature raises 35 degrees Celsius during day or sometime it lows about 5 degrees Celsius at night.

Best time for hunting safari or Uganda hunting safari starts from January through November and rain can fall throughout the year with slightly more rain on average in April- June and November. Furthermore, the best time to hunt buffalos and hartebeest is during the months of December till the month of April. After that period of the year hunting becomes challenging because grass grows too high thus not providing a clear view of animals. More then, Uganda ranks the highest density of sitatunga anywhere in Africa and these safaris are undertaken in the Kafu River Basin and in the papyrus belts along the banks of River Nile

About Firearms and Ammunition

Along hunting safari in Uganda, hunters are advised to carry two rifles and there is no stipulated maximum amount of ammunition allowed into Uganda. However, this can be restricted by airline regulation at ‘’11 pounds’’. But the better way would be 60 rounds for a light rifle and 20 softs and 20 solids for a heavy rifle.

Uganda Hunting Safaris
Uganda Hunting Safaris

Note; Handguns, semi- automatic or automatic firearms are prohibited.

We recommend a 270 – 300 for the most species and about 375 – 416 for buffalo. If a hunter wishes not to bring his/her own rifle on the safari, there are camp rifles and ammunition available for their use at an additional cost. Please be very careful about the costs and rifle model when booking the hunt.

Permits and Licenses

If your wishing to do hunting safaris in Uganda, your required to obtain a hunting license and a rifle import permits prior to their arrival. The conservation fee per day is at USD100 and USD40 per non hunter per day which are charged by the authorities. The cost of two rifles and ammunition importation is included in the total safari package under royalties.

Animals species to be hunted on safari in Uganda are categorized into plain game and dangerous game;

Plain games include; Baboon Bushbuck, Bush big, Dik-Dik –Gunther’s, Eland, Jackson’s Hartebeest, Impala ‘’East African ‘’, Uganda Kobs, Monkeys ‘’verve’’, Oribis, Reedbuck ‘’Chanler’s Mountain, Reedbuck ‘’Eastern Bohor’’, Sitatunga ‘’East African’’, Topi, Warthog, Waterbuck ‘’Defassa’’, Waterbuck ‘’East African’’, Warthog, Zebra- ‘’Burchell’s among others.

Dangerous Game;

Buffalo –‘’Cape’’

Buffalo- ‘’Nile’’

How to prepare for your trip

Before setting for your hunting safari in Uganda you need to first prepare for your trip with useful essentials that makes your safari beautiful;

Long sleeved shirt ‘’Khaki or olive green


Pairs of comfortable shorts

Sweater shirt which is more important in wet season


Pair of socks and underwear



Raincoat or waterproof Jacket

Rubber boots and hunt waders

Lightweight, waterproof hiking shoes, boots

Flip flops, sandal or Teva’s for around camp

Malaria prophylaxis

Hunting gear includes; Knife, camera, ammo belt, pair of binocular, telescope, hunting backpack, flashlight, hunting gaiters, insect repellent

Uganda Hunting Safaris
Hunting Gears

Personal items; Cash, toiletries, reading glasses, sunglasses, ’if applicable’’ sunscreen, cellphone and iPad charger, power adapter. Personal documentation; Airline tickets, Passport, rifle import documentation, invitation letters, copies of all documents and emergency contact list.

How to enter Uganda

Travelers outside the country from international countries uses the main port entry of international flights to Uganda namely as ‘’Entebbe International Airport’’ – EBB-. Main airlines that fly here includes; KLM, South African Airways, Emirates, Turkish Airlines and Ethiopian Airlines. The KLM also works with Air France, Kenya Airways and Northwest Airlines which allows one to connect to Entebbe from Dar es Salaam, Nairobi or Kilimanjaro.

All the good reservation about hunting safari becomes successful when you use trust worthy tour operator to assist you in any flight bookings.

What requirements needed as entry /Entry and Visa Requirements

There are several valid personal documents to have to present in on your time of arrival is a valid passport and Visa which can be obtained in advance. Well, updated 10-year yellow fever vaccination certificate is needed for all travelers.

Heath and Travel Insurance

Note, it’s very important to travel in good health and with your personal insurance.

How to prepare for trophies? Hunting Safari in Uganda

You need to prepare dip and pack, permits and export documents all these must in your safari packages under Royalties.

In Uganda the best places to do hunting safaris include; Famously Murchison Falls National park , Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Queen Elizabeth National, Lake Mburo park, Kidepo Valley the untouched wilderness among others.

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