What do I need to know about Uganda; Uganda once renamed as the Pearl of Africa and a land locked country found in East Africa whose wide range of landscape encompasses the snow- capped Rwenzori Mountains and immerse Lake Victoria. It’s a home to bio-diversity of unique primates such as; the great endangered mountain gorillas, Chimpanzees, Golden monkeys, animals like rare tree climbing lions and numerous rare bird species. However, Uganda boosts with ten National Parks and each located in different country region and each boosting with its main key attractions that attracts visitors to visit the destination as well as the various reserves including; .

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park lies in  southwestern Uganda region ,Queen Elizabeth National Park in southwestern ,Murchison Falls National Park in northwest Uganda region ,Kibale Forest National Park in western region ,Rwenzori Mountains National Park in western region ,Kidepo Valley National Park in northeast Uganda region, Lake Mburo National Park in western region, Mount Elgon National Park and Semuliki National Park all the above mentioned touristic destination make up worth unforgettable  lifetime experience.

What is the Most Visited National Park in Uganda & Why
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 In spite the fact, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park sound as the most visited safari destination on Uganda primates safaris because it is renown as mountain gorilla sanctuary and home that hosts half the world’s remaining mountain gorilla’s population with over 650 individuals of the total of 1065 recorded. Queen Elizabeth National Park sounds as the second visited safari destination because of the unique tree climbing lions and to add on that inhabits a diversity of wildlife species with over 95 mammals and hoven for birder with more than 600 bird species among others. Murchison Falls National Park famously known worldwide as the  world’s most powerful fall ‘’Murchison Falls’’ that attracts millions of visitors to come experience its rewardable view, the water falls measures about 43 meters tall and hosts a range of wildlife species with over 86 mammals and 450 bird species among others. Kidepo Valley National park renown as untouched and unmatched safari destination with variety of unique species to encounter such as the Ostriches, IK people and wildlife species among others and Kibale Forest National Park is renown as the capital of primates with more than 1,500 chimpanzee individuals are found in the park, What do I need to know about Uganda.

What do I need to Know about Uganda/ Why you should know about Uganda?

Despite the fact, Uganda is well known all over the world as a country of peace and harmony and having the friendliest people and welcoming country.

Uganda is also good in farming of recently it has been renounced as one of the top coffee farming counter and the second largest banana producing country in the world.

In 2018, Uganda was rewarded with A Ward Winning Travel Photographer Kim Paffen when she visited Uganda and initially wrote this blog for Traveltomtom. With much pleasure in 2021, Traveltomtom visited Uganda making up two times. Then in May and August and updated this blog with even more than travel tips for Uganda.

Uganda is a capital of primates, for it houses half remaining mountain gorillas in the world with the rest finding them in Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. More so, is one of the three countries in the world where you can find the endangered mountain gorillas.

It is a landlocked country with breathtaking landscapes, flora and fauna and was once named the pearl of Africa in 1908 due to its average range of scale, variety of birds, insect and reptile species thus making it one of the top touristic destination for an African Safari.

 Uganda’s outstanding culture is phenomenal mostly to the rural cultures where women are most likely to be the housewives to do home decisions like cooking, cleaning, laundry and taking care of the children as well as work their land. Besides that, Uganda boosts with lots of tribes and each stuns with its unique traditional culture which includes norms and dances. On visit you can visit the best interesting cultural places such as Ndere culture located near Kampala city, Igongo Culture experience the life of Ankole among others.

Kampala City Tour
Kampala City Tour

Travel with Vaccination card; When traveling to Uganda you need to obtain a Yellow Fever Vaccination Card without it you can’t obtain a visa. Upon your arrival at the border you will have to present it and other vaccinations you may take are DTP, Hepatitis A and malaria. To some organization may request you take Typhoid, Cholera, Hepatitis B and Rabies.

Is there Malaria in Uganda; In Uganda there is a risk of Malaria almost the entire country, therefore all Uganda travel guides will recommend you to take Malaria medication. Like Traveltomtom writer Kim Paffen on their 3 weeks’ itinerary in Uganda carried malaria medication for their protection against the mosquito bites, What do I need to know about Uganda.

Is it safe to travel Uganda; Generally, Uganda is a safe country with low crime rates. Like both Kim and Traveltomtom felt completely safe all the time. And to all Uganda’s national park the security is tight as the Uganda government provided the ‘’UPF Soldiers ‘’ in every game park for the safety of wildlife species against poachers as well as tourists.

It is safe to take tap water in Uganda; Any way it’s not good to just drink the tap water here, because it’s not safe for your healthy unless the cooked one. However, it can be good to use it to brush your teeth, wash your face and mouth among others but not drinking.

The famous quote about Uganda from Winston Churchill; Uganda once known as the Pearl of Africa which was quoted by famous Winston Churchill in 1908 and this was because of its abundance for profusion of brilliant life such as birds, insect, reptile, beast thus making Uganda truly the Pearl of Africa.

 What is Uganda’s currency; Uganda’s local currency is shillings. Although to bigger hotels and lodges and Uganda National park can pay using either credit cards and USD-Dollars, Euros and GBP now days. Like someone to see or trek Mountain gorillas in Bwindi you need Gorilla permit cost USD700 in order to meet up with closest cousin in their nature environment.

Exchange Money; When it comes you travel with money in dollars and choose to exchange them into Ugandan shillings at any forex services you will get best value of money. Forex services are all over the City-Kampala.

ATM’s in Uganda; There are several banks where you can withdraw your money from such as; Standard Chartered Bank Charge, Bank of Baroda among others, you can use them to withdraw your money by ATM in dollar currency.

 Buy a local sim-card for Uganda; On visit to Uganda you can buy a local sim card at a small fee like GBP5 or USD5 lines like; MTN Uganda sim card or Airtel Uganda sim card.

Enjoy Rolex Watch; Rolex has also become a touristic attraction in Uganda, its unique eats well prepared with fried eggs, vegetables, then rolled into a chapatti, they can be seen everywhere along the street. Sold at cheat rate at UGX 1500 and USD0.35.

 You can travel Uganda on Uganda budget Safaris as you can be able to access the national parks with local busses which are cheap or travel with big coaches which have comfortable seats or travel by smaller vans called Matatus and only pay 2 seats.

Why is Uganda still the best gorilla trekking destination in Africa
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On safari to Uganda, carry useful Camera gear and equipment for Uganda such as; Binoculars

Enough batteries and memory cards

UK electricity plug adapter

Insect repellent


Day pack

Long trouser

 Long sleeve –t-shirt

 Rain jacket




Long trousers

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