What Is Special About Lake Bunyonyi? Lake Bunyonyi is famously known as the second deepest lake in Uganda and in the whole of Africa after Lake Tanganyika, which is found in Tanzania. Lake Bunyonyi is located in the Southwestern region in Uganda in Kabale district and it is situated near the Boarder if Rwanda which makes it easy for tourists to explore the more as they cross the border and tour around Rwanda. More so, this lake stands at an elevated area of about 1962 meters above the sea level and it was formed as a result of the Magma that happened to have erupted from Mount Virunga hence blocking waters from flowing from River Ndego which later created a dam that resulted into a lake. The name Lake Bunyonyi is a native local word, which meals “Small words” and this gives it meaning as to why Lake Bunyonyi is always referred to as a place with small birds and it is noted that it has been in existence for over 8000 years.

In addition, the special thing about Lake Bunyonyi is that it is surrounded with a green lush vegetation and terraced hills that are always punctuated with a plethora and range from 2200 meters to 2478 meters. More so, Lake Bunyonyi is commonly visited because it considered to be among the best birding destinations in the country because it is a home to over 200 bird species due to the fact that this lake combines the art of waters and makes it an ideal and perfect place for large numbers of bird enthusiasts and migratory birds. Lake Bunyonyi is a beautiful and stunning water body that has attracted many people to travel from all over different parts of the world to come and enjoy their stay most especially it is a cool place where a newly wedded couple would ever choose to have their honeymoon from.

Lake Bunyonyi has many tourist attractions such as; many wildlife species that tourists can get sight see as they tour around and it is also surrounded with around 29 beautiful islands that make the lake look more attractive and the other interesting part about these islands is that each of them has a different history and meaning to known about them. Thereofore, some of these Islands are; the Akampene island which is also referred to as the punishment Island due to the fact that this is where the teenage girls were always neglected and abandoned after getting pregnant outside the wedlock and before marriage because it was always seen as an abomination and brought s big shame to the family due to the fact that the family of the girl was to be denied bride price, therefore these girls were always taken to this island and left they to starve and die as their punishment. There are other caves like; Kahugye islands, Bwana Island, Bushara Island, Bacuranuka Island and many others.

What to do in Bunyonyi.

What Is Special About Lake Bunyonyi?
What Is Special About Lake Bunyonyi?

Tourists exploring around Lake Bunyonyi while on their vacation or honeymoon safaris while in Uganda are always granted with great opportunities to engage in several interesting activities like; Bird watching due to the fact that this lake is seen as a birders paradise hence making it a best destination for bird lovers to visit because it gives them chances to sight see at many unique bird species like; the black Heron, Egrets, the levillant cuckoo, the African Harrier, Grey crowned crane, golden black weaver birds, raptors, wood pecker, sunbirds, the African Harrier Hawk and many others. more so, there other activities to do like; fishing where they catch fish species like; Cray fish, mud fish among others, hiking where they hike through different trails as they go through the bamboo forests where they sight see at many wildlife species, beautiful butterflies, bird species, mammal species, and primate species like monkeys among others.

some of other members can embark on canoe rides  which involve both the non-motorized canoes and the Motorized canoes and tourists have a chance to choose what they would prefer to use, they can also go for guided nature walks where they are always accompanied with tour guides whose role is to ensure  the safety of both tourists and the animal species and also guide individuals through different trails, Mountain biking, cultural encounters where they get to interact with the Batwa people and the Bakiiga people and learn about their history through paying attention to the story telling parts, learn how they speak, learn how they prepare their local meals, watch their interesting traditional dance performances, listen to their traditional folk songs and many others, Mountain biking, community visits, Zip lining, local market tours and many others.

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