What is the most visited in Uganda? Uganda is a landlocked country with very many beautiful places, good climate, and diverse landscapes and abundant wildlife species such as chimpanzees and endangered mountain gorilla species and it also has around 10 national parks which are one of the main tourist attractions in the country however among all these, Queen Elizabeth national park is considered as the most visited making it known as the most popular destination in Uganda. This national park is famously known because it is also the only place in Uganda where tourists can be able to see the tree climbing lions and other different wildlife species, which attract the attention of many tourists. more so, Queen Elizabeth national park is surrounded with dense forests, savannah grasslands, wetlands and stunning water bodies like lakes and rivers such as; lake Victoria, lake kyoga and river Nile.

4 Days Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Queen Elizabeth National Park is located in Kasese district with in the Western region of Uganda and it is the second largest national park in Uganda, which covers a total surface area of about 1980 square kilometers. This national park was first known as Kazinga channel national park and later in 1954; it was named as Queen Elizabeth national park after the visit of Queen Elizabeth. Queen Elizabeth National park popular and commonly visited because of its tree climbing lions and it is also a home to other numerous wildlife species like; elephants, hippos, buffalos and it is also surrounded by stunning deep crater lakes, volcanic canes among others.  

Things to do while on a safari in Queen Elizabeth National park.

Tourists Exploring around Queen Elizabeth national park always have great opportunities to engage in different activities, which help them to get to have new experiences and see interesting things. In addition, these activities include;

Bird watching.

Queen Elizabeth national park is a perfect destination for bird lovers to visit because it is a home to over 605 bird species and it ranked among the top destinations with a big population of birds in the whole country. Bird lovers within this park get to look at birds like; Turacos, flamingoes, black bee-eaters, fish eagles, African Fin foot, red chested sunbird, Warblers, African fin foot, grey-winged robinchaf, water thick-knee among others.  While touring within Queen Elizabeth national park, these bird species are best spotted within areas like; crater lakes, Kyambura George, savannah plains, Kazinga channel, Maramagmbo forest.

Guided nature walks.

Tourists touring within Queen Elizabeth national park can also opt to go for guided nature walks whereby they are guided by park guides whole role is to ensure the safety of both individuals and animals as they walk through the Maramagambo forest where they also get chances to sight see animals like; red tailed monkeys, bush babies, vervet monkeys, chimpanzees, various bird species among others. More so, tourists get opportunities to visit the Bat cave and the python cave.

Tracking tree-climbing lions.

Tree climbing lions are the unique species within this national park which are considered as the top tourist attraction with held in this park and these lions are easily spotted within the Ishasha sector where tourists over look at the species as they rest up on the tree brunches. In addition, climbing trees helps the lions to make their hunting easy as they easily spot where its prey is located and helps on preventing them from being bitten by the parasites that are always on the ground.

What is the most visited in Uganda?
Queen Elizabeth Wildlife

Wildlife viewing.

Queen Elizabeth national park is a good destination to go to while is planning to have an adventurous safari in Uganda because this park is not only a home to the 200 tree climbing lions which are easily spotted within the Kisenyi plains but also other wildlife species. Therefore, Queen Elizabeth national park harbours around 95 mammal species such as; bush pigs, leopards, Uganda Kob, warthogs, hyenas and other primate species like; L’hoest monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys, baboons, chimpanzees, vervet monkeys which are easily found within Kyambura George and Maramagambo forest.

 Tourists exploring within Queen Elizabeth national park have so many more activities apart from the mentioned above such as; game drives, hot air ballooning, chimpanzee trekking, community visits, cultural encounters, visiting caves and many others.

Queen Elizabeth National park also has a number of numerous things that attract many tourists to travel from parts of the world hence making being considered as the most visited national park in the country and these attractions include; Kazinga Channel, tree climbing lions, lake katwe, lake Gorge, Lake Katwe explosion craters and many others.

Where to stay in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Queen Elizabeth National park has a variety of accommodation facilities that are always available to be offered to their guests however these lodging facilities are of different classes and ranges for example; they range from budget, mid-range to luxury hence giving a chance to visitors to choose where to stay according to their preferences and with where matches with their budget. These lodging facilities include; Ihamba safari lodge, Kasenyi safari camp, elephant plains lodge, Kyambura gorge lodge, Queen Elizabeth bush lodge, Katara lodge, Simba safari camp, park view lodge among others.


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