What Is The Second Highest Waterfall In The World? Tugela Falls is ranked as the second waterfall in the whole world due to its impressive height, which is approximately about 9488 meters (3,110 feet), and it is located in South Africa within the Drakensberg Mountains. In addition, Tugela Falls is not just known as a natural beautiful wonder in the country but it is also considered as a symbol, which portrays a lot about the country’s geological history, cultural significance and its ecological diversity. In this essay below; we will explore and delve more into the captivating story of this stunning waterfalls, its origin, it’s beautiful surrounding landscapes, its importance to both the natural world and how it has contributed to the people who live within the region.

Like stated earlier, these falls are situated within the Drakensberg Mountains, which is commonly referred to as “Ukhahlamba in iszulu” which means “Barrier of spears” that forms a dramatic backdrop to the beautiful landscapes of South Africa. This mountain covers a total surface area of about 1,000 kilometers (600 miles), and it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is known for its breathtaking beauty, which has unique flora and fauna, its rich cultural heritage that is nestled within a rugged terrain. More so, the Tugela Falls is considered as tourist attraction in the country, which draws many visitors who travel from all over the world with an aim to witness this waterfalls awe-inspiring cascade.

Therefore, for tourists planning to travel to South Africa to see the fantastic Tugela Falls, and the journey to the falls always begins from exploring with the geographical forces of the Drakensberg Mountain in order to be able to access the magnificent waterfalls. More so, these falls originated from the Tulega river which  flows through from the mountain and within the rugged terrain before reaching over towards the edge of the Amphitheatre which is seen as a unique rock wall that forms the stunning backdrop to these waterfalls.

Getting chances to explore and tour around the Tugela Falls always blesses tourists with opportunities to experience and enjoy the raw power of nature within the surrounding. More so, while standing at the base of these falls gives visitors chances to capture classic views of the water trumbling down in a series of beautiful cascades hence creating a mesmerizing display of mist and spray. Most especially during the rainy season, the waters of the falls offers a roaring echo through the valley and the river is always swollen with water. However, during the dry season, the water flow of these falls diminishes hence revealing the rocky cliffs that are situated at the backdrop of the waterfall.

What Is The Second Highest Waterfall In The World?
Tugela Falls

Besides the sheer beauty of the Tugela Falls, it also plays a vital role towards the ecological health of this region. In addition, the mist that is always generated by these waterfalls always creates a microclimate, which contributes a lot towards the diverse array of animal and plant life within this region. and currently today, Tugela river is being fed by the waterfalls hence making it a good home to a variety of aquatic species such as; fish and many other amphibian. More so, this river provides water for irrigation and drinking to people leaving within the neighbouring communities in the surrounding.

Tugela Falls is also seen as a cultural and spiritual landmark for the people within this region due to the fact that there are several indigenous communities. Therefore, exploring within this region on your safari gives tourists opportunities to interact with these local people such as; the Zulu, the San people and the Basotho among others. In addition, all these individuals are noticed to have lived in harmony among themselves and the land as they also draw an inspiration from its beauty and bounty. More so, Tugela Falls are noticed to be holding a strong significance of the Zulu mythology and it is believed to be a place of powerful ancestral spirits who are referred to as “amadlozi”. There are also many rituals and ceremonies that are usually conducted near the falls with the main purpose of honoring these spirits and to seek their blessings for the community. In conclusion, Tulega falls is a perfect spot for outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers to visit.

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