Where To Stay In Kidepo National Park? Kidepo valley national park is found in the Northeastern region of Uganda in Kaabong district covering a total surface area of about 1,442 square kilometers. In 1958, Kidepo national park was first gazette as a game reserve and later, it was established as a national park in 1962 after Uganda acquired its independence. This national park is considered to be among the best destinations in the country where tourists planning to travel on an adventurous safari in Uganda can visit because touring around this park gives you chances to sight see at very many unique wildlife species due to the fact that it is a home to over 76 mammal species such as; lions, leopards, zebras, hyenas, wild dogs, Oribi, Uganda kob, cheaters, giraffes, bush bucks, Jacksons hartebeest, leopards and many others. more so, Kidepo valley national park is also ranked to be among the best birding places in the country because it harbours around 474 bird species that bird lovers can sight see while they explore within the park and some of these bird species include; Abyssinian ground hornbill, Karamoja apalis, Jackson’s hornbill, Scarlet chested sunbird, golden pipt, Verreauxs eagle, pygmy falcon, golden pipt, sperb starling, Karamoja apalis, dark chanting goshawk, the rare shoebill stork and many others. In addition, tourists should note that all these bird species can be spotted well in areas like; the Narus valley, Namukwenyi valley and within Apoka rest camp.

Exploring through Kidepo valley National park gives you a great experience whereby it it has many tourist attractions that individuals can see such as; Morungole Mountains and it is surrounded with savannah woodlands and grasslands, stunning valleys and beautiful landscapes where they can explore.  More so, touring around Kidepo valley national park also gives you opportunities to engage in several interesting activities like; bird watching, game drives where they take you through the open savannah plains, bird watching, guided nature walks where they are always accompanied with tour guides who lead them different trails and ensure that they are safe as they walk through the Apoka camp, the Namamukwenyi  valley, and through the Narus valley, cultural encounters where they are get to interact with the local people and get to learn about their history through listening to their stories, watch how they prepare their local meals, watch their dance performances, listen to their folk songs and many others.

In addition, tourists planning to travel to Kidepo valley national park should plan and move during the dry season which is between the months of June to September and from mid- December to February. therefore, this is considered the best time because during this period, there happens to be less rains and the grass vegetation is always short which enables tourists to capture classic views of all the beautiful features and creatures within the park.

Accommodation facilities in Kidepo valley national park.  

Kidepo valley national park is well known to have very good comfortable and affordable safari lodges. However, these accommodation facilities are always ranged and put in different classes such as; budget, mid-range and luxury which helps visitors to choose where to stay according to preferences and also choose where it matches with their budget hence giving them comfort during their stay.

Where To Stay In Kidepo National Park?
Adere safari lodge

Therefore, some of these lodging facilities include; Adere safari lodge which is located at the edge of Kidepo valley national park and it ranged as a luxury lodge that has around 17 cottages, Nga Moru wilderness camp which is located about 4 kilometers away from the Katarum gate and it is ranged as a mid-range accommodation, Apoka rest camp which is ranged as a budget safari lodge and has around 16 self contained cabins, Apoka safari lodge which is among the best lodges found within the park and it is ranged as a luxury safari lodge that has around 10 luxury rooms and many others.

More so, these lodging facilities within Kidepo valley national park always offer their guests with good services such as; Free WI-FI  which is always available hence helping out the guests to maintain a clear communication with their people back at home, free breakfast that is always served within the rooms, a 24 hour tight security in order ensure their guests are safe, a 24 hour room service which helps to be attended to at any time they are in need of services, free parking for the individuals who show up driving their own cars and many others.

Contact our trusted tour operators in case of more information about where to stay in the park and book with our tours and travel companies such as; Achieve Global safaris who offer you with the best tour packages while on your safari in kidepo valley national park in Uganda.

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