Which National Park Is Famous For Lions In Uganda? : An opportunity to see lions while in Uganda always marks your safari complete and these lions are considered to be among the “big five” whereby the other four include; African elephants, Rhinos, leopards, Buffalos and these species are commonly referred to as the King of the Jungle because of their size and they are large cats compared to all other wildlife species found in the park. lions are interesting animals to look at they are characterized to be brave, strong, royal and social among themselves due to the fact that they stay within social groups which always make up a number between 15 to 30 members in their prides. More so, these lions are easily spotted around the dense forests, savannah woodlands, grasslands which all act as good natural habitats therefore tourists can always explore around those areas. And each of these prides, there are always large numbers of female species and their cubs and it is also noted that the female species engage much more into hunting compared to the male species and the lions are known to have a lifespan of over 12 years into the wild.

Which National Park Is Famous For Lions In Uganda

There are more characteristics that individuals should know about these lion species and some of these include; they have muscular legs with fore limbs, the hins legs, they also have around 30 conical teeth, a powerful well-built jaw, molars that they use to help them to cut fresh and tear meat. More so, the unique thing about lions is that despite of the fact that they are large, they are able to run about 60 kilometers and walk around 4 kilometers per day. In addition, they are known to have the loudest roar within the park whereby the rare roar can be overheard from a distance of about 8 kilometers. in addition, are kind species however, the most dangerous at the same time especially when they are being threatened and it is noticed that lion species always say bye to each other by tugging on each other’s stomachs while using their teeth and this is always exciting to watch.

Which National Park Is Famous For Lions In Uganda

Queen Elizabeth national park is the western region of Uganda near fort portal hence spanning around many districts like; Rubirizi, Rukungiri, Kamwenge and Kasese. In addition, this game park is considered as the second largest national park in the country which covers a total surface area of about 1,978 square kilometers after Murchison falls national park and it was established in 1952.

Which National Park Is Famous For Lions In Uganda
Tree Climbing Lions

More so, Queen Elizabeth National is ranked as the commonly visited in the country because it is in this place where tourists can get to spot the tree-climbing lions and they can be easily spotted within the Ishasha sector. And it will take tourists a drive about 4 to 5 hours from Kampala city which is known as the capital city of the country to be able to access the park by road or individuals can opt to book their domestic flights from Entebbe international Airport and then be able to reach the park within in one hour and this always saves time especially for people who have tight schedules among others.

Therefore, Queen Elizabeth national park always blesses visitors with the best lion tracking experience and the best way to spot these species in large numbers tourists can opt to engage into game drives which help them to go different areas of the park and get to sight see lions resting on trees and also when they are roaming around the park while searching for food and water. More so, that why lions climb onto the big branches of the trees it has many advantages, which include; it prevents them from being beaten by parasites and from the heat on the ground most especially during the sunny days. It also helps to ease their hunting process due to the fact that they always track where their prey is located.

In addition, apart from this game park, tourists on a safari in Uganda can also be able to see lions in other destinations like; Kidepo valley national park, which is located in the North Eastern region of the country, Murchison falls national park and many others.

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