Which Tourist Attraction Is Found In Lake Mburo National Park? Lake Mburo National park is located in western region of Uganda, it is considered to be among the smallest national parks in the country covering a total surface area of about 370 square kilometers, and it stands at an elevated area of an altitude, which is between 1,220 meters and 1,828 meters above the sea level. however, it is a good safari destination to visit because it is surrounded with beautiful nature which consists various plant species, savannah grasslands, thick bushes, rocky out crops, stunning waterbodies which all act as good natural habitats to many wildlife species and this game park has a calm environment which makes it a perfect place from resting whereby individuals get chances to be away from the noise in town. And touring around this game park grants one chances of engaging in several activities such as; bird watching, wildlife viewing, horseback riding, community visits, game drives, cultural encounters, boat cruises and many others.

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Lake Mburo national park derived its name from Lake Mburo which is famously known for its long rains that it happens to receive between months of February to June and its short rains which is usually received between September and December hence it is recorded that this national park receives an average of about 800mm of rainfall annually. More so, Lake Mburo National park was officially established as a national park in 1983 and it is under the management of Uganda Wildlife Authority who have a major role of protecting all the national parks in Uganda.

Tourist Attractions found in Lake Mburo National Park.

Exploring around Lake Mburo national park gives tourists opportunities to sight see and go through various attractions that are found within the park and some of these include;

Lake Mburo.

Lake Mburo is a stunning lake that is found within the park and it is being surrounded with a natural haven of flora and fauna. More so, the best way to have a good experience on this lake is when tourists embark onto the boat cruise activities they get to see many wildlife species due to the fact this lake acts as a good natural habitat to some of the species like; crocodiles, hippos and buffalos. And for the bird lovers while on this lake get to sight see at some bird species such as; hammerkops, pied king fishers, rufous long tailed starlings, green necked doves, African fish eagles, blue headed weavers, the rare shoebill stork, herons, cormorants and many others.

Rwonyo Rest Camp.

Rwonyo rest camp is considered to be among top attractions and must visit for almost every tourist in the park because it is known to be a centre which is a start point for almost all the activities that are done from the park and some of these include; quad biking, game drives which are conducted in different session such as; in the morning, evening and afternoon. More so, before doing things like; guided nature walks, forest walks individuals are always encouraged to first gather at this centre and normally get short briefing about how they are supposed to handle themselves. At Rwonyo rest camp, there is a small gift shop where individuals usually visit to buy some of the essentials that they will need while them tour around the park such; hats, which protect their faces from direct sunlight, hats, drinking water, hand craft materials and many others.

Wildlife species.

Lake Mburo national park is a good adventourous destination due to the fact that it is a home to over 68 mammal species that are always available in different spots of the park for tourists to see and some of these include; zebras, common duikers, hippos, zebras, bush bucks, oribi, bufffalos, giraffes, Defassa, bush pigs, bohor reedbuck and other primate species like; vervet monkeys, olive baboons among others.

Which Tourist Attraction Is Found In Lake Mburo National Park?
Lake Mburo National Park


Lake Mburo national park is also known for harbouring around 350 bird species hence making it a perfect destination for bird lovers to visit and some of these birds include; Pied king fisher, malachite king fisher, red faced barbet, little bee-eater, African wattled lapwing, saddle billed stork, blue headed coucal, yellow rumped tinkerbird, yellow breasted apalis, greater painter snipe, brown chested lapwing, stripped kingfisher, carruther’s cisticola,  bare faced go away bird, papyrus gonolek and many others.

Rubanga forest.

Rubanga forest is one also one of the top attractions which is a small forest that has a crossed canopy which blesses tourists with amazing views. In addition, during this activity, tourists are always guided with park guides or rangers whose role is to lead and ensure the safety of both individuals and the animals.

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