White water rafting is known as one of the best popular water-based experiences and the most exciting river activities done considering the different grades of water. To note, grades of water are an international grade ranks that describe the rapids on how hard they are to shoot the boat. Water rafting is practised publically and privately all around the world. Here in Uganda, the heartland of the amazing this kind of water rafting can be famously done along the source of River Nile. The Nile that connects to Lake Victoria the largest lake in Africa. This is the best exciting activity everyone would prefer to participate in and here on River Nile, it is awesome.

White Water Rafting

White water rafting in Uganda is done through the navigation of a river with rough flowing water. The raft is filled with air in order to float on water and teamwork is the best key to success in doing rafting. However, rafting is famous sport at water rapid classed in 6 grades that is;

  • Grade 1, means small rough areas which require slight paddling.
  • Grade 2, means some rough water or rocks which might require some skilful paddling.
  • Grade 3, these are white water with small weaves and drops which are not considered as dangerous though they require experienced paddling.
  • Grade 4, these are medium waves with some rocks and it requires sharp manoeuvre and grade 5, these are white water with large waver and volume with the possibility of large rocks, hazards and drops. It requires advanced white-water experience.
  • Grade 6, this class 6 is rapidly considered to be the most dangerous in a way that they can be effectively not recommended to the beginners. Rafters can expect to explore substantial white-water with huge rocks and waves.

Where can I go white water rafting in Uganda?

The source of the Nile which is one of the most spectacular white water rafting destinations in Uganda and in the world. Many visitors who visit the source of the Nile they cannot leave without engaging in Uganda’s rafting trip which is absolutely a highlight of their visit in Jinja district which is located on shores of Lake Victoria near to the source of the White Nile River. Despite the fact that rafting along River Nile expect long strings of grade 4 and 5 rapids with lots of thrills and spills, to most people who adventure here are the first time rafters and we recommend them to get perfect opportunity to at least try something new in their lifetime like White water rafting which is an exciting experience.

The source of the Nile has been talked about its ancient year’s writings and was among the most mysterious geographic features during the Victorian Era. This awaked several historical explorers to take in various expeditions in search for the source of the great Biblical Nile and they came discovered that the true source of River Nile is found at Jinja in Uganda which was discovered by John Speke.

However, the source of River Nile is popularly known as the second-longest river in the world and initiates from the 3rd world’s largest Lake Victoria. The Nile is approximately 6400 kilometres long and it is from its banks that the world’s advanced. It is on the international level attraction where white water rafting and kayaking can best be enjoyed.

To date, the source of River Nile remains one of the most attractive places with several countries each claiming to hold the River Nile and it will still remain the same. Nevertheless, the downriver of the Nile at Jinja provides remarkable white water rafting, kayaking and game fishing.    

Facts about white water rafting

White water rafting adventure can be done on the rapid of River Nile found in Jinja near the source of the Nile and Jinja is known as the best adventure hub in East Africa.

The perfect white water adventure can be done here on River Nile explorers with professional rafters. Rafting is done in paddle powerboats for one of the experienced raft riders on earth. While rafting you can be rowed downstream by our professional guides who lead you in the safety raft. A number of people visit the source to get thrilled by the Nile than by experiencing through different grades of white water rafting at its source in Uganda.

The white water rafting experience is a bit challenging and might end up needing more help when it comes to grade 4 and 5 and if you sit so close it will suck you in the water and spit you straight back out again since you can be wearing a life jacket for safety.

White Water Rafting
White Water Rafting

Essentials for white water rafting tours in Uganda: Travellers should carry or wear light clothing, shorts, T-shirts, bring plenty of sunscreen grasses and we advise our clients to go for rafting barefooted.

Rafters are expected to meet daily as a routine at 9:00 am at explorer Backpackers and also expect to meet several experienced guides.

Where to sleep around the Nile: The source of the River Nile has got beautiful hotels with a spectacular view of waters, fishermen such hotels range from luxury, budget and mid-range and such hotels include; Living water Resort, Casa Mia Baliidha, Nile front cottages, Jinja Base Camp, Source of the Nile Hotel and many more. 

Getting thereJinja being the best adventure capital of East Africa because of having developed industrialisation company above all located to Uganda’s main electricity power which was constructed on own falls dam and location to the source of the largest river in the world.  

Jinja can be easily accessed by road from Kampala Uganda’s capital city in less than 2:30 hours if you are caught out of traffic jam. White water rafting is the most exciting and gorgeous experience which gives you enough sense of confidence as you enjoy the inflatable water float of the Nile.

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