Why mountain gorilla trekking for 15 year olds and above : One of the mountain gorilla trekking rules for people going for this primate trekking experience is that all the trekkers should be at least aged 15 years and above. So any one aged below that is usually not allowed to take on the trek. So why is the age cap for trekking gorillas 15 years?

We discuss that and more in this article.

First and foremost you should know that mountain gorilla trekking is mainly for the conservation of the mountain gorillas so anything done on that trek will put the gorillas first.

Gorillas are huge apes with human like features and characters in fact,the gorillas share about 90% of their DNA with humans so they are easily drawn to human beings. This means that on any trek the gorillas can mistake you to be one of them.

That brings us to the reasons the age for gorilla trekking is 15 years.

  1. Humans below 15 years are small in size and they look tiny and like toys to gorillas, the gorillas may just grab them and throw them around as playing toys. this can be fatal to them. so to avoid all this its better they dont trek.
  2. persons below 15 years are always curious rarely sticking to rules, which can be dangerous on a trek. they can start touching and feeding the gorillas. they can take another route in the forest and get lost; among other things. so to be on a safe side. its better they don’t trek.
  3. Physical and mental ability; under 15 year olds may not have the mental and physical ability needed for mountain gorilla trekking. This trek takes hours, sometimes either in sunny or rainy conditions of trekking steep trails, soggy paths and so forth. For about 3 to 4 hours depending on the forest. Then the same thing happens on the descent. Woah though it’s fun for the adults, this is not something anyone under 15 will be enjoying.
  4. Facing danger; people under 15 are not mature enough to face the different uncertainties that come with mountain trekking, things like gorillas charging at you. Or finding fallen trees on the way, etc. without facing danger maturity, it can be a very hard situation is danger happens with an under 15 in the forest.
  5. Finally the under 15s are not in position to understand importance of a mountain gorilla trek. In the sense of taking in the moment or appreciating the opportunity to trek the gorillas. hence its wise they don’t trek at all until they make it to the age that can truly appreciate trekking.

Well, those are the reasons for the rule on a mountain gorilla trek. Other mountain gorilla trekking rules include but not limited to:-

– keeping a 7m distance between you and the mountain gorillas

Why mountain gorilla trekking for 15 year olds and above
Why mountain gorilla trekking for 15 year olds and above

– don’t use flash photography and video

– don’t litter the gorilla habitat

– don’t touch the gorilla

– don’t feed the gorillas

-don’t do anything that can harm the gorillas

– don’t trek while you are ill

– don’t go against the rangers instructions while on a trek.

Mountain gorilla trekking is done all year round in Bwindi National Park, mgahinga national park, Volcanoes National Park and virunga national park. To trek the gorillas you need to have a permit of 700 usd for Uganda, 1500 usd for Rwanda and 400 usd for the democratic republic of congo.

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