Wild Waters Safari Lodge In Jinja : Jinja city is one of the most visited cities while on a safari in Uganda and it is located along the shores of the Source of the Nile in the Eastern region of the country and it covers a total surface area of about 1,204 meters and it also has a total population of about 71,213 people. Exploring around Jinja city blesses you with a memorable experience to the tourists due to the fact that there are so many attractions which always lead very many people to travel from different parts of the world to visit jinja and some of these include; the source of the Nile River, Lake Victoria beaches, Islands in Lake Victoria, the central market, Bujjagali falls, Kagulu hills, Owen water rafting, and individuals can get opportunities to interact with the local people and this region is mainly known for being the Bantu( Basoga) society who use Lusoga as their main local language.  More so, exploring around jinja city also blesses you with great opportunities to engage in several activities like white water rafting which is best done at River Nile, Kayaking, Bungee jumping, sport fishing, quad biking, horseback riding, community visits, guided nature walks and also they can opt to take a tour around the city.

Wild Waters safari lodge.

Wild waters safari lodge is well known to be ranged as a luxury safari lodge, which is situated in between the thundering rapids and the Source of River Nile. And for individuals planning on visiting and having their stay at this lodge should note that it will take them a distance of about 81 kilometers and 50 miles from Kampala to Jinja and then about 4 kilometers from jinja town to be able to access wild waters lodge and in conclusion this journey always takes about only 2 hours from Entebbe international airport to jInja town. Wild Water safari lodge is ranked to be among the best accommodation facilities where one can choose to have their stay because it is seen an eco-friendly place to the extent that for the individuals who have their stay are always able to capture classic views of the fantastic view of the river, enjoy the sights of the beautiful landscape and stunning views of the Bujagali falls and many others.

Wild waters safari lodge is made of about 10 elevated rooms, which are constructed and well designed, in the modern style in order to be able to reach guests comfort and expectations. And each of these rooms consists of en-suite bathrooms which have both cold and warm showers, a bath tab, good air conditioning, television which helps them to watch news and keep undated on what is taking place in the country, comfortable and king size beds, mosquito nets in order to prevent the guests from suffering from diseases like; malaria, flushing toilets and free toiletries, satellites, terraces, private balconies  where guests relax as they capture classic views of the surrounding nature and many others.

Rooms at wild waters safari lodge are categorized differently for example; some of them are; standard, deluxe, doubles, executive singles, twin rooms and family cottages and individuals who opt to stay should note that they will be required to pay a cost of about 300 USD per night and per person.

Wild Waters Safari Lodge
Wild Waters Safari Lodge

Facilities and services offered at Wild waters safari lodge.

Wild waters safari lodge offers its guests with a number of many facilities and services, which marks them choice of their stay at this lodge worth it and some of these facilities, include;

  • Visitors are offered with a 24-hour service, which helps them to be attended, regarding at which hour they are in need of any services.
  • Wild waters lodge offers its guests with a tight 24-hour security in order to protect them from any trouble.
  • This lodge also has a good restaurant that has experienced chefs and well trained waiters and waitresses who serve guests with delicious meals which either local or international dishes only depending on what one wants to eat.
  • Free parking is provided to individuals who come along driving their personal cars.
  • Free WI-FI is also provided and it is always available for 24 hours, which also helps guests to keep clear communications with their people back at home.
  • This lodge also offers ironing and laundry services hence giving chance to maintain the cleanliness and good hygiene.
  • There is a well an outdoor pool bar which is well stocked and guests visit it to have drinks like; local beers, liquor, wines, spirits and other soft drinks like; sodas, water, juice and many others.
  • There is also a swimming pool where guests who have good swimming skills can always go to swim and relax off their hot long day.

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