Wildlife Safaris in Kidepo Valley National Park

Wildlife safaris in Kidepo valley national park are the amazing adventurous tour packages that are set to explore the park and its wildlife species.  Kidepo valley national park is known as Africa’s new frontier and the true native for faunas and floras on safari tourism and is preferred to as the true African wilderness destination in East Africa and for many travellers who plan for their Uganda Wildlife Safaris usually visits this park because of its uniqueness’s in biodiversity of mammals which cannot be found anywhere in other Uganda’s national park. The park hosts over 80 mammal species of which the African big four mammals can be found here and more than 500 bird species.

Wildlife Safaris in Kidepo Valley National Park

Apart from wildlife species in the park, kidepo valley national park lies in the northeastern region of Uganda in Kaboong district, the park covers a total area of 1442 square kilometres of its low land. The park estimates over 600 kilometers from the north east capital city of Uganda ‘’Kampala’’ in driving hours it takes 12 hours from the city of seven hills to the main destination. Above all, here are the classification of the wildlife species you can see on your visit to Uganda wildlife safaris to kidepo valley national park.

Kidepo valley national park inhabits with variety of mammals species such as cape buffaloes, lions leopards, elephants, Or ibis, warthogs, giraffes, eland, bat-eater fox ,reed buck ,roan antelopes ,impalas ,Jackson’s hartebeest ,back-backed jackal ,African wild dog ,water buck ,zebras ,Lesser kudu ,striped hyena ,cheetah ,Gunther’s dik dik ,caracal ,side striped jackal ,Nile crocodiles among others and all these species can be spotted on Uganda wildlife safaris .There is also numerous notable bird species which can be spotted on your visit to kidepo and such birds include ;the impressive bird species ,Ostriches ,Red and yellow barbet ,dark chanting ,goshawk ,Kori bustard ,little bee-eater ,Abyssinian roller ,Abyssinian scrimitarbill ,fox kestrel ,Golden pipit ,Greater kestrel ,Karamojo apalis ,pygmy falcon ,Red throated bee-eater ,white-bellied go-way bird, chestnut weaver ,Rose-ringed parakeet and many more to see on visitors visit to the park. 

The notable African Bush elephant, was given a scientific name known as ‘’Loxodonta African’ ’and famously sound as the largest and heaviest land animal on the planet with a height of 13 ft. at the shoulder and weighing 10.4 tones. Most of the tourists when they come for African wildlife safaris destination, they first want to view the big five mammals out the rest of mammals and one of the big five animals commonly seen in here is the African bush elephant in an open savannah grassland of Narus valley of kidepo national park.

The African buffaloes, which are referred to as the Cape buffalo in a scientific name called Syncerus Caffer and is also a large African bovine out slightly smaller than the wild water buffalo. They look like a domestic cow but not domesticated because of its unpredictable nature and is described as a very dangerous animal in a year it can cause over 200 human deaths. The horns of buffalo are the distinctive character and based on continuous bone shield referred to as a boss among the big five not knowing that there are the most dangerous predators like lions and leopards. Buffalos are also among the commonest animals in kidepo valley national park and on the tourist to the park you will be rewardable with herds of them in the Narus valley.

When it comes to bird species of this park, the notable Ostrich is known as the largest species of any native birds in Africa. It is rewarding and impressive in its appearance with unique long neck and legs which can run up to 70 kilometers making it the fastest bird on land but is a flightless bird due to its size. The Ostrich is big in size and lays the biggest eggs among the birds. Above all, is one of the common bird in kidepo national park which can be seen while on your wildlife safari in the park. Among the two common animals to see in the park, you should expect to see also other unique mammals in the park that makes it to be called a true African wilderness such animals include; commonly sighted animals in here are zebras then the occasional mammals are lions, cheetahs, leopards, striped hyenas, Rothschild’s giraffe are rare among others.  

What is the best time to do Uganda wildlife safaris?

The best time to visit wildlife species on your safari starts from June to September because these are the dry months in the year with moderate temperature which is favorite to animals. And during dry seasons there is less vegetation and the biodiversity of mammals are seen concentrating on waterholes and rivers that make game viewing easy and quite rewarding. While on your game viewing you’re recommended to always be accompanied by experienced guide and you can get escort ranger from Apoka tourism center, it is recommended to travelers to always have escorted ranger on your game viewing in the wilderness with use of 4WD safari vehicle to make your safari to kidepo valley national park an off the beaten path experience and unforgettable one.

Wildlife Safaris in Kidepo Valley National Park
Wildlife Safaris in Kidepo Valley National Park

Accessibility of the park

The park is located in the remote area of Karamojong region in the northeastern direction of Uganda and can be easily accessed by both air or car. By road is approximately 600 driving kilometers and in the hours it takes 12 hours. Alternatively, traveler can decide to fly to and from Entebbe Airport or Kajjasi Airfield using domestic flight in order to catch up in time for your wildlife activity in kidepo national park which lasts 2 hours by Air.

Kidepo valley national park is not just another safari park in Africa but African wilderness like no other, like the traveler who visits the park get amazed to meet the true African wilderness in Uganda and above all, you can combine your wildlife safari with a visit to Karamojong people and create a lifetime experience on your Uganda wildlife safaris in kidepo valley national park.

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