Vegetation around Mount Rwenzori

Vegetation around Mount Rwenzori is amazing and the park has a number of different plant species that make up the mountain and its surroundings. Travellers to get amazed and stunned with beautiful viewing and rewardable travel itinerary on Uganda budget safari is to encounter in Mountain Rwenzori national park where you will get amazed in exploring the nature endowed with the beautiful different types vegetation’s which offers a welcoming cool atmosphere to travellers who are interested in visiting the quite areas for relaxing without disturbance from the noise that characterizes the city environment where people spend their time working. The park is interesting because it ranges with the largest lush vegetation from Uganda’s dominant montane tropical forest which have unique characteristics. Note that, the natural green vegetation in this area is coupled with undergrowth covering the largest part of Mountain of the moon which is suitable for everyone to spend in some time.

Vegetation around Mount Rwenzori

Travellers are advised for at least organize a tour package to Uganda safari combined with a visit to Rwenzori mountain national park and explore the beautiful vegetation that will leave you worth a memorable experience in lifetime .where you will wonder with what a coolest and magnificent place mountain of the moon is? On your visit to this park, you will be rewarded with cool fresh breath that originate from the green lush trees thus making Rwenzori Mountain national park the most remarkable place one can have that secret life full of wonders and spectacular viewing while listening to sweet melodies of unique bird species that inhabits in the tropical vegetation found in the middle of the Rwenzori national park. 

The Rwenzori’s beautiful vegetation can be greatly explored along interesting trails that takes travellers to marvel into a wonderful alpine/good looking because it boosts with lots of beautiful creatures like the beautiful green vegetation, hot springs, big five wildlife like tree-climbing lions, primates, conducive weather among others which are under one umbrella and that’s why Uganda is called the pearl of Africa what a beautiful country Uganda is!

What next, a traveler should start planning a tour itinerary to visit this stunning and amazing Rwenzori National park to undergo through its beauty and approve it by your own eyes and truly discover what makes Uganda to be called the pearl of Africa.

However, Rwenzori Mountain National park is located in the south western region of Uganda bordered by the Democratic Republic of Congo. The park’s self-boosts with several magnificent natural wonders that attract a number of tourists to come and visit the park. The park is the highlight of the highest peak ‘’Margarita peak’’ which measures 5,109 meters come along with Mount Speke ‘’4890 meters’’ Mount Gessi ‘’4715 meters’’, Mount Emin ’’4798meters’’ which are separated by deep gorges, note that the highest Rwenzori peaks are permanently snow-capped.

Above all, Rwenzori mountains are known for their beautiful vegetation that ranges from montane tropical rainforest through the alpine meadow to snow, the ranges also support its own species and various giant groundsel and giant lobelia and other 6-meter tall heather covered in moss that found on one of its peaks. The vegetation zones will never be described terms of altitude as the vegetation varies considerably with other environmental factors like the type of the soil.

Below are types of Vegetation around Mount Rwenzori to be explored on your budgeted Uganda safaris as include;

Afro Montane forest 1,800-2500 metres

The forest has trees that are of moderate size and the forest canopy seems to be broken. The trees in this area include Red Stinkwood ,podocarpus milanjianus ,vernonia adolfi-friderici ,Do Mbeya ,symphonic globulifera  beatified with waxy red flowers make up a commoner tree species which can be seen here .There are also number of smaller understorey tree such as Grumilea megistocticta ,a wild relative of the gardenia .The extensive thickets and taller trees come along with ,wild banana such as tree ferns ,Ensete edulis ,Cynthia deckenii are under the famous tree .The numerous herbaceous plants which are fine begonia ,begonia mayari –Johannis and lots of balsams impatiens .The famous trees which are not common in other vegetation zone and such trees include festooned with creeps and tree orchids.

Bamboo zone 2,500 to 3000 metres

Since it is a bamboo zone its grounds are covered by thick litter of bamboo leaves and the zone lies between 2500 to 300 meters on gentle slopes with good soil. This vegetation area has a moderate slope with good soil categorised of mountain bamboo, Arundinaria alpine, dense stands, form pure. On steep and rocky slopes bamboo is covered by tangled undergrowth composed of canthus type shrub A giant lobelia, Mimulopsis Elliot, grows in wet and swampy areas. The giant heathers, philippia johnstoni and Erica kingaensis grow on narrow in many ridges but it does not reach their maximum size. The everlasting Helicyrysum also began to appear in this zone. To note the bamboo flowers at intervals about thirty years.

Some of trees that are grow in montane zone and bamboo and undergrowth include; pocarpus milinjianus, Do Mbeya sp’Affrocrania volkensii, Maesa lanceolate; Dracaena a framontana; Hagenia abyssinica. spreading tree with yellow flowers and scrubs are many and the one to be seen in Rwenzori include; Rubus Doggett, blackberry, tree ferns, Cyathae decennia, an Arum lily, Arisoema ruwenzoricus, an Amaryllis and crimson flowers which grow in the forks of the larger trees.

Heather zone 3,000 to 4,000 meters

This is one of the true Heather forest which is found where the soil is poor, on ridge tops, rocky and moderately boggy ground. The tree stems and the ground are concealed in thick sphagnum moss ;branches are draped in Unseal beard lichens .Among the plants found in this zone include; orchid ,Disa stairsii ,red and mauve balsam ,impatiens runsorrensis which are herbaceous plants .There also very many heather philippic trim era and Erica kingaensis which occasionally produces pink flowers in abundant .While on Mt.Elgon ,a heath like composite ,almost plentiful stoebe kilimamdscharica as the true heather with which it grows and also appears at the upper levels of the drier karamoja Mountains.

The valleys around are covered with huge bogs which are fully occupied by very many forms of sedge of which carex runsorrensis  and grows in tussocks which is the most important .An between the tussocks the area is covered with sphagnum moss and the fine lobelia becquaertii can be appeared .Yet on well drained slopes there is a mixed type of  woodland comprising of Rapanea rhododendroides leaves plus other two arboreal st John’s worts ,Hypericum lanceolatum and Hypericum keniense with yellow flowers ;with orange flowers which also appears at the top of this zone .Other trees include ;senecio longeligulatus ,the tallest of the lobelias ,lobelia stuhlmanni and  small Hagebia Abyssinia trees which are found in woodland .To note ,much of under growth are comprised of the everlasting Helichrysum guilelmi with white and pink flowers .The park also boosts with common trees like the blackberry ,wild celery ,Arisoema lilies ,yellow Alyssum sprawls across the rocks and Hagenia trees grow much abundantly in other mountain areas where  they form the dominant species.

Vegetation around Mount Rwenzori
Vegetation around Mount Rwenzori

Alpine zone 4,000 to 4500 meters

This  vegetation zones is also part of Rwenzori national park which consist of giant groundsel, senecio adnivalis covered by senecio longeligulatus about 12,500 feet that grow in great number on all deep and well-watered soils; lobelia wollastonii, torch lobelia and thick tangled growth of the everlasting Helichrysum stuhlumani. Both bogs and lakes are occupied by carex tussocks and some rushes.   

There are also drier slopes and open meadows which are often covered with silvery leafed, woody-stemmed Alchemilla. Above 4,300 meters it’s when the vegetation starts to thin out until nothing grows except moss, a blackish colored lichen and other small plants which are covered with white woolly hairs and they grow to a height of twelve inches. That is to say, Weismann peak raising 4,620 meters which is dome-shaped and flattish covered with green, rusty yellow and brown mosses and many more.

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