Budongo Eco Lodge: Budongo Eco Lodge is a perfect lodge that lies in the heart of Budongo Central Forest Reserve   within the boundaries of Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda’s largest game park and home to diversity of wildlife species and primates like the great apes ‘’Chimpanzees’’. However, the lodge is one of the most used lodge by the tourists on safari to Chimpanzee tracking in Budongo forest –Kaniyo pabidi.

 However, Budongo forest is a home to more than 800 individuals and 8 other species of primates. More so, this the forest has one of the largest homes of chimps unlike Kibale Forest National Park a capital of primates in the Country. Therefore, the place is also good for bird watching where you can see rare forest bird’s species such as Puvel’s IIIadopses, Barbets, Rollers, black lured and brown babblers, Soot chat, Isabellin, Arrow marked, Harrier vulture among others.

 Despite that fact, Budongo forest reserve is the largest remaining Mahogany forest in East Africa with trees which grow up to 80 meters. With a network of 115 kilometers of trails where you take a walk and have a great excitement and adventure.

Further while, Kaniyo Pabidi Eco-tourism site was the first managed by the Jane Good all institute, which was taken over in August 2009 and later they had to change its name to Budongo Eco Lodge under the management of Uganda lodges while on Uganda Safaris . Here comes in ‘’NFA’’ National Forest Authority which have made a great task to develop this relatively as unknown tourism site. More so, to protect the forest reserve with its unique species of primates, birds and plants.

Budongo Eco Lodge
Budongo Eco Lodge

Room Facility –Budongo Eco Lodge

Budongo Eco Lodge is comprised of quality eco- cabins with private veranda and four spacious dorm rooms, a visitor’s and restaurant. Addition to that, the lodge offers various amazing activities done in the direct surroundings such as; Chimp tracking, Chimpanzee habituation, forest walks and bird watching. However, the combination of this eco-tourism facility with superb safari accommodation and other forest activities offers a wonderful mix of relaxation and adventure which is set against the unique backdrop of the untouched African nature.

Eco Cabins-Budongo Eco Lodge

This lodge was built in the pristine forest, the five intimate cabins which are perfectly blending with the nature environment. The location of the lodge is connected by well-maintained walking paths and it was constructed or designed with traditional materials for a low environment impact. Each cabin offers a private deck that overlooks the surrounding forest canopy and its various bird life.

The rooms are spacious with large twin or double beds and a sitting area. En-suite is a fully equipped bathroom with a wash table, shower and divided toilet.

Dormitory Rooms

 This caters for the larger groups of visitors. It was designed with four comfortable dormitory rooms, each with two double-deckers. The bunk beds are décor with a mosquito net.

The rooms were also designed with a common shower and toilet block with hot and cold running water.

Budongo Eco Lodge –Facility


The restaurant lies in a beautiful nature grounds, inviting the guests to have their comfortable relaxation as they also enjoy the sound of the forest. It can be your waiting area for the next activity has you enjoy a cold soda, hot snack or delicious chocolate brownies. Your likely to enjoy our excellent fresh brewed Ugandan coffee or even where you can enjoy dinner in the warm light of the candles at night.

Budongo Eco Lodge
Budongo Eco Lodge

More so, the restaurant offers a variety of traditional and international meals which can be served outside on the terrace while you overlook the magical forest that surrounds the lodge.

It also works as a stopping area for visitors on their way to the northern part of the park then after on their return to Kampala, choices to visit the forest for champ tracking, nature walk, birding or any activities.

Visitor’s Centre

Its main reception is located in the visitors Centre; the area has large soft couches in a rustic environment. The area is an ideal place to relax and read a novel. There is also visitor’s Centre where display a selection of different animal’s skeletons, fossils and snares that were found in the forest, left by the poachers.

Craft shop

 The reception area is adjusted with craft shop that offers a small excellent selection of Uganda’s crafts and gifts. The products displayed ranges from handmade postcards and paper –beaded necklaces to guidebooks, handmade baskets as well as paper craft note books. These unique handcrafts are made by the local women while using natural materials with simple and colorful designs.

Budongo Eco Lodge – Facility

 Outdoor restaurant

 Visitor’s Centre with craft shop

 Parking available

 Lounge area

What to carry with you;


 Sun lotion –during peak season


Insect repellent

Budongo Eco Lodge
Budongo Eco Lodge


 Long-sleeved sweater or jacket for the cooler evenings and mosquitoes

Comfortable hiking shoes

 Casual light clothing and shoes for example; T-shirt, sleeveless blouses, jeans

Activities to do at Budongo Eco Lodge /Budongo Forest Reserve

Budongo Forest Reserve is a home to biodiversity in flora and fauna. Just know, it is very possible to explore the dense forest with its beautiful biodiversity in different ways.

Activities to do include; Chimpanzee tracking, Chimpanzee habituation experience, birding, Forest walk and Wildlife safaris.

Chimpanzee tracking

This is the most done activity in the forest where visitors enjoy a guided primates walk in this tropical forest as you can be tracking chimps, there is other chances of seeing small primates such as; Black and white colobus monkeys, Red tailed monkeys, birdlife. However, the chimpanzee activity can take about 2 to 4 hours, depending on the movements of the chimpanzees. But once are allocated one hour is provided to the tracker to enjoy these creatures as they feed, rest and play around.

Budongo Eco Lodge
Budongo forest Chimps

Chimpanzee habituation experience

This is a full day activity done in a fully habituate chimpanzee community and once are found four hours are given to the trackers in a group of four people to watch them as they spend their day in jungle. The activity starts early in the morning after heavy breakfast from the lodge, with your packed lunch box which can eat at time for lunch.

Forest walks

 Forest walks can be done in old Mahogany trees where you can be able to view different species of butterflies along your path and the forest walk is suitable for the average number of tourists.


Truly Budongo is a great location for birders hosting over 400 bird species which can be spotted while following the trails and the best birding sites is around Royal Mile that offers rewardable views of wide forest avenue with a high density of birds such as Chocolate –backed kingfisher and Paradise Flycatcher.

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