Enjojo Lodge is one of the most booked accommodation facilities by tourists in Queen Elizabeth National Park, bordering the Ishasha sector a home to unique tree climbing lions. However, the birth of a baby elephant on the land during the construction of the lodge led this lodge to be named ‘’Enjojo Lodge’’ which means ‘’elephants’’ in the local Rukiga language.  The lodge has three suitable comfortable cottages such as Thatched cottages, Safari Tent Self-contained and Lazy camping.

More so, Enjojo lodge is a spacious accommodation facility that offers a good relaxed and comfortable retreat on 40 hectares of land in the middle of an acacia forest, scattered grassland and lush vegetation with palm trees.

Enjojo Lodge
Enjojo Lodge

Enjojo Lodge –Property, Amenities, Room Facilities

The lodge offers grass thatched restaurant where you can enjoy our homemade food from our own organic garden while viewing the scenic beauty of a small natural lake

There dining area and fire place they are wide open with rewarding view of park animals such as big herds of elephants, buffalo’s antelopes while primates are residents here such as vervet monkeys, baboons, black and white colobus monkeys as well as various beautiful bird species can be seen around hovering in the air with their sweet melodies. Indeed, Enjojo Lodge area is a dream environment for birders.

The lodge is entirely solar powered.

Enjojo Lodge has nice architecture built with local material blended in with the surrounding environment.  There furniture and decoration have been hand crafted by the local community.

They offer free parking to guests

They have outdoor fireplace

They offer laundry service

There room beds are designed with mosquito nets

They offer free breakfast

Activities to do on safari in Enjojo Lodge 

Game Drive

Queen Elizabeth national park is perfect destination for viewing the rare tree climbing lions and Enjojo Lodge sits just 5 minutes away from the Ishasha park entrance gate thus making Enjojo lodge excellent base for visiting  the tree climbing lions and other animals like elephants ,buffaloes ,hyenas ,hippos ,leopards  and antelopes to see includes kobs , waterbucks , bushbuck ,topis which are common seen in Ishasha sectors .Best explored on open game drive whether in your own vehicle of safari vehicle 4 wheels open roof.

There is an option of arranging you sundowner drinks while you enjoy the sun setting over the Ishasha plains within the park.

Bush Camping in the park

This is a unique activity based in Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park, where you can enjoy sundowners around the campfire and enjoy delicious dinner. You can still enjoy the night in one of their marvelous double igloo tents surrounded by jungle noises. Wake up have hot breakfast and then go for game drive experience. We advise you to book in advance and can be done in minimum of 4 individuals.

Visit Rwenshama Fishing Village –Morning & Evening

Along on comfortable stay to Enjojo lodge, you can have a stunning time go visit Rwenshama fishing village at the edge of Lake Edward. You will use open roof 4 wheels that takes 40 minutes’ drive straight through the park where you will be able to explore diversity of wildlife. You will also get amazed about the traditional fishermen bring their catch on shore and common fish species to be caught are tilapia, lungfish and catfish.

On visit here, you will enjoy this thrilling experience of hippos lurking, pelican fishing and if you have enough time, you will enjoy seeing elephant bull ‘’Da Boss’’ walks along the shoreline.

Birding at Enjojo Lodge

Queen Elizabeth National Park is truly birders hoven with over 600 bird species thus making it a prime destination for birders in East Africa. Birding is best enjoyed through interesting trails of swamps, acacia forest and savannah grassland and Ishasha attracts plenty of notable bird’s species and migratory birds such as rare shoebill stork, Swamp flycatcher, Pel’s fishing-owl, Palm-nut vulture, Collared pratincole among others.

Enjojo Lodge
Enjojo Lodge


You can go for fishing along Akanyanza its small waterhole where you can be able to catch fish species like tilapia, huge lung fish and catfish.

Nature walk

This is an amazing activity that gives you a real feel of the place through bringing you closer to the beauty of the nature and nothing is more relaxing. The activity can take about 2 hours.

Community walk and Bicycle tour

You can go visit the community around and be able to meet up with local Bakiga culture enjoy their unique village and handmade crafts.

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Enjojo Lodge

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