Ihamba Lakeside Safari Lodge is truly a nice place to spend your nights while on an awesome visit to Queen Elizabeth National Park. The lodge sits in Kahendero, Kasese town, and is found outside the park but closer. Queen Elizabeth National Park is Uganda’s most popular national park to experience more than just wildlife, stuns also with the beautiful Kazinga channel flowing between Lake Edward and the Kyambura Gorge, an underground forest that runs about 100 meters deep.

However, Ihamba Lakeside Safari Lodge is an excellent venue providing the perfect balance of activities and gorgeous meals of all kinds. More so, the lodge offers a beautiful view of the shores of Lake George. Its African touches blend into the natural surroundings and the options offered includes; perfect stand-alone double occupancy cottages, that could accommodate couples, and co-travelers and could also be arranged to accommodate triple occupancy when needed.

The lodge is a perfect place to stay where you can get amazing sights with all forms of nature from the balcony of your cabana. Ihamba Lakeside safari lodge offers a 2 bedroom family cottage suite that is perfect for families. It also does special arrangements and the lodge can also be booked on a full exclusive use basis and cared for after by our dedicated team.

Furthermore, Ihamba Lakeside safari lodge is a rewarding location for those who prefer experiencing the tranquility of unspoiled Africa through mass tourism and its unique charm in the atmosphere of intimacy, welcoming ambiance, and splendid guest services that are comfortably rendered to the guests and visitors. Well, on a visit to Queen Elizabeth National Park recommend you to come to experience the authentic Ugandan hospitality that you’ll make feel like part of our extended Ihamba family.

Other amenities services offered at Ihamba lakeside safari lodge

Dining services; First of all, the lodge has a skilled chef with over 20 years of experience who knows how to prepare cuisine to new heights that visitors have likened to some of the best in the country. Well, dining is the main feature of guests’ stay thus letting them prepare a perfect menu daily with a focus on sourcing produce from within our local communities.

Property amenities –Ihamba Lakeside Safari Lodge

They offer free parking

They offer public WiFi to keep guests in connection with their beloved ones

They offer to clean a suitable outdoor pool

They offer a mosquito net

They have a nice restaurant that serves delicious meals.

Ihamba Lakeside Safari Lodge
Ihamba Lakeside Safari Lodge

 They offer laundry services for the comfortable stay of the guests.

Rooms Features –Ihamba Lakeside Safari Lodge –Queen Elizabeth

Rooms are featured with perfect amenities bathrobes, comfortable seating area, clothes rack, whirlpool bathtub, wake-up services –alarm clock and bathing showers as well as complimentary toiletries.

Ihamba also offers community support to its local farmer by purchasing produce, fresh fish and meats, and coffee.

The lodge also offers an excellent combination experience of a Uganda safari-like lake and relaxation in the untouched Queen Elizabeth National Park. Just know Ihamba is not only home stay for guests but also a landmark array of wildlife such as huge breeding herds of African Elephants, hippos, buffaloes, lions, leopards, chimpanzees, and more than 600 bird species.  Note, knowledgeable and experienced conservation-minded tour guides are available to escort you to explore Uganda’s most popular tourist destination through exhilarating activities like bird watching, hiking, lion tracking in the Ishasha sector, nature walks, and the beautiful Kazinga Channel boat cruise.

 Things to do at Ihamba Lakeside Safari lodge-Queen Elizabeth National Park

Bird watching

The park is hoven of bird species of about 600 bird species thus giving perfect spots and times to have a full view and the beauty the park offers .some of the bird species to see include; giant kingfishers,bee-eater ,weaverbirds ,saddle-billed storks, and fish eagles among others.

Wild safari

Since Queen Elizabeth National Park is the closest game safari to the lodge and boasts quite several wildlife species over 95 mammals which can be explored while on a safari through different stunning wildlife trucks such as Kasenyi regions –plains, Mweya Peninsula – Ishasha plains and along Kazinga Channel. While at the wildlife safari expect to adventure animals like African Elephants, African buffalos, Uganda Kob, Hippopotamus, topi ,waterbuck,giant forest hog ,Nile crocodile, Leopard,spotted hyena, and Chimpanzee and Lion among others. This activity is best done in 4wheels with open rooftops in order to get rewarded with much of the attractions.

The Lounge

The lounge looks fantastic with its large size and beautiful furniture that comforts your stay alone.

Bush dining

Along your visit to Ihamba Lakeside safari lodge, you are likely to enjoy delicious meals on fine bush dining as you are surrounded by the kings of the jungle. The experience is worth it.

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