Kasenyi Safari Camp strategically lies on the edge of lake Bunyampaka in the Kasenyi savannah of the famous Queen Elizabeth National Park. The camp offers an elevated dining area that is beautifully thatched. They have eight tents are on platforms with a thatched canopy roof and all with en-suite bathrooms, impressive living areas, and private decks. However, animals can be seen around during the day and at night, animals to see include pride, hippos, leopards, buffalos, waterbucks, kobs, hyenas, and lion prides among others. While at night you will be amazed at the sounds of hyenas howling and lions roaring.

Other facilities at Kasenyi safari camp

The camp offers free parking and free breakfast

The rooms are designed with mosquito nets

The rooms are designed with outdoor fireplaces for warming you during evening hours.

The rooms are featured with a sun terrace and baggage storage as well as a shared lounge –TV area

They offer laundry services and free internet

They are a nice restaurant with well-trained chefs who can prepare delicious food, also good at preparing kids’ meals as well as special diet menus but on request.

Rooms featured housekeeping services, bottled water, and allergy-free room

They have friendly and welcoming staff members.

More to that, Kasenyi Safari camp is an amazing accommodation that gives visitors a sense of exclusion and luxury. All rooms –tents are perfectly decorated and have a gainful view. It Is gorgeous to enjoy an unleashed African touch on the natural wilderness in the northeastern part of the most popular biodiversity park in east Africa thus making it a beautiful lodge.

The safari tents at Kasenyi safari camp are raised above the ground with artifact grass thatched rooftops. The tents offer four tents all with en-suite bathrooms with perfect living areas and private wooden decks.

Kasenyi Safari Camp
Kasenyi Safari Camp

The location offers the quickest access to the morning and evening game drives. The dawns expose you to various game species even before you embark on the actual game drive through Queen Elizabeth national park.  Its great location makes the lodge worth a visit.

 Kasenyi safari camp provides you with the most real wilderness of the African experience. Like waking up in the morning and setting your eyes on a pride of lions in nearby view of your cottages. At night you can enjoy full of beautiful skies and glitter from the stars however, you will enjoy the roars of the lions thus revealing the true nature of the African wilderness. Don’t be surprised to see lions sleeping under the raised platform on which your tent is located, so don’t get afraid of such things as kings of the jungle guarding you.

 The camp is an ideal accommodation site to stay in the wildest part of Queen Elizabeth national park. While on a visit, you enjoy bush breakfast from the wildest west. The view of the plains is impressive thus offering a gainful view of Uganda’s kobs and predators

Activities to do at Kasenyi Safari camp –Queen Elizabeth National Park

Game viewing

A visit to Kasenyi Safari Camp can go for a game drive in the Kasenyi savannah home to a wide range of animal species and expect to sightsee animals like; spotted hyenas, side-striped jackals, buffaloes, Uganda kobs, bushbucks, topis, defassa waterbucks, lions, elephants, leopards among other. From the camp, it is just 5 minutes to the main game drive track.

Boat Trip

This is one of the spectacular things to do at Kasenyi Safari camp and be done along Kazinga Channel that astonishing boat trip where you can be able to sightsee bird species and animals like hippos, crocodiles, buffalo, warthogs, and elephants can be seen quenching for water and wallow in the Kazinga channel

Chimpanzee tracking in Kyambura Gorge

You can go for chimpanzee tracking in kyambura gorge and be able to track fully habituated chimpanzee species.

Go track tree-climbing lion in the Ishasha sector

Go visit the southern Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park a famous home for unique tree-climbing lions. This is an ideal experience to explore lions hanging in the canopy of fig trees that dominates the Ishasha plains. This activity can be done all day long with your packed lunch box and be able to explore the endless Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park.

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