Papaya Lake Lodge; Papaya Lake Lodge a perfect luxurious Uganda Safari lodge found in the stunning Crater Lakes region that makes spectacular views of   Kibale forest and primates species since is also near Kibale Forest. The lodge looks beautiful with surrounded lush and evergreen landscapes of the Ugandan Magical Crater Lakes region which is located in two extinct volcanoes that lies against the turquoise water of the Lyantonde and Kifuruka Lake and rewarding views over the spectacular Ruwenzori Mountain Range. This lodge was built serve tourists on their safari to Kibale National Park for chimpanzee tracking, birding among other.

The lodge offers nine luxurious cottages, a restaurant and a beautiful swimming pool with amazing terrace. More so, it’s a place that was created with great passion, appreciation of local culture and in attention that makes life amazing in untouched African wilderness of the Pearl of Africa.

Papaya Lake Lodge is a family owned lodge -family who opted to abandon their European life to find a new home of living in the heart of Africa. A home which attracts tourists by its thrilling surroundings since it offers the best Uganda Unique style and the highest standard of services.

Restaurant Services;

The restaurant offers imagine warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The airy and bright common area of this spacious restaurant was planned with subtly arranged corners, each with its own amazing climate and décor. The space around the restaurant is decorated with fine pieces of local art and crafts, that on visit you instantly fall in love with.

After your day activity –during the day you can sit on a snug sofa enjoy reading a novel or enjoy a terrace sunbed laid out just in front of the restaurant thus giving rewardable view of the lake.

The welcoming atmosphere around the area, lit by Kerosene lamps with their orange glow warming the cozy sofa just near the bar. Along your resting time in this comfortable sofas, you’re likely to enjoy excellent Uganda Coffee, soft drinks which will help you sleep into complete relaxation.

Cottages at Papaya Lake Lodge

Papaya Lake Lodge offers nine excellent and comfortable cottages, all located overlooking Lyantonde Lake and beautiful nature around. Each cottage offers complete privacy and nature view of green treetops.

Papaya Lake Lodge
Papaya Lake Lodge

Eight of the cottages offers two beds with one king size and one single, local stone decorated bathroom with beautiful shower units and veranda equipped with deckchairs.

The nine cottages feature Family cottage with two level villa offering three ‘’3’’ bedrooms, a living room with a fireplace, classic bathroom and a large terrace. The surrounding area offers a unique trademark with the lush, green vegetation which makes it good to relax after an adventurous day.

They are featured with good amenities such as;

 The lodge are powered by solar system which you can use to charge your mobiles, laptops, cameras at day time and in the restaurant.

They have got hot water which is provided via an eco –friendly communal wood heater twice a day ‘’Morning and Evening’’.

They offer Wi-Fi.

They cottages are catered for by the housekeeping staff who provides daily service.

The offer laundry service to the guests. They do washing by hands and iron with charcoal iron box.

There is spacious restaurant with skilled chefs who prepares delicious food in all dietary such as for allergies, children’s menu which is provided for lunch and dinner.

Activities to do on visit or at stay –Papaya Lake Safari

There is a bucket awesome activities and so exciting at Papaya Lake Lodge. Activities to adventure in includes; Chimpanzee tracking, Community walk tour, Crater Lakes Exploration Tour, Visit Mahoma Falls among others.

 Swimming pool;

Along your stay here, you likely to enjoy refreshing your body after a day activity as you also get rewarded by gainful view of the lakes, mountain and breathtaking.

They also offer Massage service which is available fully, just book in advance while on visit.

They also offer baggage service.

Swimming Services at Papaya Lake Safari

Swimming Pool at Papaya Lake Lodge is truly a gorgeous pool offering unique view since it locates at top thus offering panoramic view and is surrounded with wide range of beautiful nature such as Crater Lakes, mountain of the moon and the Countless fruit and tea plantations. You also be interested with gainful sight of flora and fauna, animals visiting around the pool.

Food Service at Papaya Lake Safari

They offer delicious dish, menu well prepared using highest quality, fresh product. You will also enjoy homemade dishes here filled with fruits and vegetation’s as well as herbs.

Craft shop inside Papaya Lake Safari

 The shop is well displayed with wicker basket, nature fiber rugs, hand woven table cloths, various designs from across Africa among other. they are made of traditional Ugandan production methods while using natural ingredients like grass, leaves and roots prepared with dyes. Indeed, they are true works of art made out of unique Ugandan tradition materials.

Papaya Lake Lodge
Papaya Lake Lodge

Activities to do while on visit

During comfortable stay at papaya lake safari, you can enjoy activities like

Rwenzori Mountain hot spring where you will be offered with unique view of pristine landscape of alpine vegetation studded with groundsel, heather and lobelias.

You can engage in boda bode tours around the community and the 12 thrilling crater lakes.

You can go for birding tours around the area or right from your private room.

Go explore the magical of the Crater lakes and its stunning surroundings.

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