21 Facts about mountain Gorillas

21 Facts about mountain Gorillas are some of the interesting things that matter about the endangered gorilla species that a curious person should know. Mountain gorillas are the ground dwelling apes that live in montane rain forests and the volcanic mountains of East Africa. The endangered mountain gorillas live only in 3 national parks on African continent known as  Bwindi impenetrable National park and Mgahinga gorilla national park both situated in the south western region of Uganda, volcanoes national park in the northwest of Rwanda, Virunga national park located in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo. But before embarking on a gorilla trekking tour in one of the above mentioned national parks, you are advised to find out the key facts about these habituated great apes in the wild and below are the main 21 facts about mountain gorillas that every traveler would want to know.

21 Facts about mountain gorillas
  1. Mountain gorillas are unique primates that are said to share 98% DNA familiar for humans.
  2. Mountain gorillas live only in three countries in the entire world that is Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo which are East African countries.
  3. The total population of mountain gorillas that are still remaining in the world estimates 900 individuals and half of these giant apes live in Bwindi impenetrable national park in Uganda.
  4. Mountain gorillas live in groups of up to 30 individuals led by the head of the family knowns as silverback consisting of younger males, infants, adult, and juvenile females.
  5. The male aged mountain gorillas are called silverbacks. The male silverback mountain gorillas ensure the protection of the troop about the feeding trip, resting time, maintains order in the group and all activities to be done within their troop.
  6. The female mountain gorillas start reproducing from the age of ten and they give birth after an eight and half month gestation period.
  7. Female mountain gorillas give birth to about 2-6 offsprings in a lifetime.
  8. Mountain gorillas are the largest primates on planet earth and the weight up to 390 pounds for males and female gorillas weight half of the male with about 240 -250 for female gorillas.
  9. Mountain gorillas are closely related to human emotions in a way that, they can laugh when are tickled like we people and they also cry when you hurt them.  
  10. The male mountain gorillas in the day they eat about 49 pounds of vegetables and females eat lower than that.
  11. Mountain gorillas take time to drink water, they instead hydrate from eating plants.
  12. They form vines leaves and branches as their baby beds.
  13. A newly born mountain gorillas weight of about 4.5 pounds.
  14. Mountain gorillas live in groups that might have over 30 members and can last for over 20 years.
  15. Mountain gorillas often use their four limbs to walk.
  16. The endangered mountain gorillas do not have tails.
  17. These are intelligent great ape which can use sign language to interact with humans.
  18. Mountain gorillas every evening it’s when they build their nests high on tree branches for sleeping.
  19. Male mountain gorillas when they tend to grow old their hair turns to be silver and that’s where the word silverback was derived from.
  20. Mountain gorillas live up to the age of 54 years.
  21. Female gorillas give birth after 4 to 5 years with a gestation period of 8-9 months.
Facts about mountain gorillas
21 Facts about mountain gorillas

Mountain gorillas are the most exciting primates and above all those are the interesting key facts that you should know about the privileged mountain gorillas. Travelers to be well conversant about these facts of mountain gorillas, book for your gorilla trekking safari tour and meet these endangered great apes in person in the wild of Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo and you can engage in gorilla safaris all year round.

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