A Day at Lake Kyoga : At the feathered edge, a red sun-sets to bind the evening in dreams eyes explore Two hearts will greet, till’ paradise begets and love for nature will feel the air and this is what Uganda safari has brought for you to encounter a safari the fascinating lake kyoga gives you the best of your summer season and one should not miss this tour for anything in the world.

Lake Kyoga’s remote location means that it will not be the focal point of a 10-day Ugandan adventure. However, Lake Kyoga is certainly worth a visit for travelers who have more time to spend in Uganda. Lake Kyoga is a quieter alternative to Lake Victoria for travelers who have an interest in fishing or aquatic wildlife. Uganda safari gives you a great experience on it, A Day at Lake Kyoga.

Lake Kyoga is a large, shallow lake to the north of Jinja. Fed by water from Lake Victoria and the nearby Mount Elgon National Park. Lake Kyoga is a dry creek bed full of winning Adventures, Uganda Lake Kyoga insights arresting moments in this vicinity. The 1,720km squared by area is a shallow lake that opens its elevation to 1,033 metres.

A Day at Lake Kyoga
A Day at Lake Kyoga

The Victoria Nile plunges via the lake making its way from the Uganda’s largest Lake Victoria, waving to Lake Albert. Kyoga prominently forms part of the Great Lakes System. Lake Kyoga has three different environmental zones.

On your Uganda Safari, be informed that most of Lake kyoga’s part forms 4 metres deep. Well the other best places that would be good for swimmers are covered with water lilies, water hyacinth, and papyrus reeds. The Lake Kyoga boat ride enthralls your vigor to the rewarding floating islands formed up by the papyruses.


Well, way back, the rampant El Nino rains that were full of floods in 1997–98 are believed to have resulted in exceptionally high water levels as well drifting of the adjacent rocks. The whole emulsion forced the large islands of papyrus reeds to dislodge on the lake thus accumulating at the Outlet pointing into the Victoria Nile, A key to note is that, this blockage caused the water level to become even higher, flooding about 580 square kilometers of the surrounding land and resulting in population displacement and severe socioeconomic damage.

Later, in 2004, the Egyptian government granted Uganda a gift of 13 million USD to streamline the flow of the Nile at Lake Kyoga. The Lake kyoga vicinity is now seen attracting Many tourists who come here to adventure in many spot activities like spot fishing, aquatic wildlife, game drives, Swimming, Sun bathing as well as having a relaxed safari holiday in Uganda.


Nalubaale (Victoria) Power Station: this power station in Jinja regulates the main inflow from Lake Victoria. Has its other source of water in the Mount Elgon region on the border between Uganda and Kenya. However, while Lake Kyoga is part of the Great Lakes system, it is not itself considered a great lake.

Permanent islands: It can also be noted that most of its part on the swampy shoreline is covered with water hyacinth and papyrus. The latter, forms floating islands that drift between numbers of small permanent islands. The lake can also be seen surrounded by extensive wetlands fed by a complex system of streams and rivers.

 Interesting sceneries: There is a lot of interesting features to see here, wild life like hyenas, zebras, elephants, hippos, crocodiles, Different bird species over Forty-six species and many more. For those good at spot fishing, enjoy over Forty-six species of fish in this Uganda Lake Kyoga.

Extensions of Lake Kyoga:  Lake Kwania, Lake Bisina and Lake Opeta. These “finger lakes” are surrounded by swampland during rainy seasons. All lakes in the Lake Kyoga basin are shallow, usually reaching a depth of only eight or nine meters, and Lake Opeta forms a separate lake during dry seasons imagine looking at a finger like water body.

The Nyero rock paintings: the rocks are just 12km from Lake Kyoga. These ancient geometric paintings are one of the most important rock art sites in Uganda. Guided tours of this magnificent attraction are available at the entry gate. In 1997, the Nyero rock paintings was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List.

A Day at Lake Kyoga
Nyero Rock Painting


On a Uganda safari to the famous figure like Lake Kyoga there is a lot to see and learn so when there expect a lot

Fishing and birding: are also popular activities at Lake Kyoga. The lake is home to several rare bird species, including the Fox’s weaver. Get ready with your hooks and binoculars in order to be ready for the adventure because at Lake Kyoga there is a lot to catch up with, A Day at Lake Kyoga.

Nature walks: the whole of Lake kyoga is open to nature walk lovers. On your adventure, you will be escorted by a game ranger and guide. These guided walks take you to the starting point of Lake Kyoga from shallow ends to deep ends of the lake, where the wildlife are. These can be viewed well with binoculars.

Boating: Boating is the leisurely activity of travelling by boat, or the recreational use of a boat whether powerboats, sailboats, or man-powered vessels (such as rowing and paddle boats), focused on the travel itself, as well as sports activities, such as fishing. And this will bring us to the waited part of fun

Sun bathing: main attractions and is incredibly popular during the summer. There’s nothing more refreshing than a dip in the lake or some relaxed sunbathing on its shores. There are plenty of great places to enjoy on the lake and a stroll along its shores is a must when you visit Lake Kyoga.

And lot more can be attained at the Lake Kyoga site with your Uganda safari tourist all this can be achieved: photography, cunning: environmental study and lots more.


Comfortable bases just 27 miles from Lake Kyoga. Each room contains an en-suite bathroom and a satellite television offering a broad range of accommodation, Budget single rooms are comfortable, but deluxe double rooms offer added luxury through a marble floor, and privacy via a private entrance. Hotels have restaurants which serves delicious food, and guests can enjoy a continental breakfast. And in case you’re in need of one this can be arranged by a Uganda safari and hence making your stay a pleasant one.

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