About Lake Mburo National Park : Lake Mburo National Park is a gem located close to the highway that connects Kampala to the parks of western Uganda and it’s the smallest of Uganda’s savannah national parks which was underlain by ancient Precambrian metamorphic rocks for over decades. The park is a paradise of 350 species of birds  such as Rufous bellied Heron ,Bateleur ,Coqui Francolin ,Grey crowned crane ,Black bellied Bustard ,Brown –chested Lapwing  ,Emerald spotted wood Dove ,Green wood –hoopoe ,Common Scimitar bill ,Red headed lovebird ,Ross’s Turaco ,Bare-faced Go away bird ,white headed among others ,mammals like antelopes ,zebras ,impala ,eland ,buffalos ,oribis ,Defassa waterbuck ,leopard ,hippo ,hyena , Jackals ,serval cats ,genets ,civets ,hyenas topi and reedbuck many more. However, the park is located in kiruhura district near Mbarara Uganda, originally gazetted in 1933 as hunting area and ungraded to a game reserve in 1963 and it covers an area of about 370 square kilometers to protect the wildlife species in the area. Lake Mburo national park lies on low and high altitude of 1,220meter to 1,828meter above sea level.

Despite the fact that, the park is in water area with over 13 lakes and it forms of a 50kilomters long wetland system linked by a swamp. Five of these adventurous lakes are found within the park’s borders. Lake Mburo national park was an open savanna plain but now it contains much woodland as there are elephants to tame the vegetation. Then in the western side of the park the savannah is interspersed with rocky ridges and forested gorges while patches of papyrus swamp and narrow bands of lush riparian woodland line with many lakes.

Lake Mburo national park is home rich in wildlife species which can be spotted on game drive, boot launch, horseback riding and the best way to adventure these species is to book a couple of days could be 3 or 4 days Lake Mburo Wildlife Safari Uganda. Along those days expect to encounter in different fabulous activities during your safe and comfortable stay in one of it’s perfect accommodation facilities in the park. Below are the activities and attractions to adventure in on safari here;

First of all, Lake Mburo national park is a 24 open reserve to all visitors who intend to do guided nature walk safari which is usually done along with an armed park ranger guide. The nature walk tracking starts at Rwonyo the park center that takes you to the salt lick presumably the best places to see numerous wildlife. Where you can also be able to enjoy the beauty of the nature, attractions like bird life, animals such as the antelopes among others.

Game drive Safaris

Lake Mburo is a home of 68 mammal species and 350 bird species recorded, with a growing giraffe family and healthy hippo population, you might be surprised to spot all the wildlife in these small park. We also recommend you on visits here to go for optional boat ride where you won’t miss to see the crocodiles, hippos as well as variety of birds from the water. On game drive expect to adventure animals like zebra, impala, topi, bush buck, jackal, hyenas, warthog, leopard, buffaloes thus making it an ideal place for walking safaris.

About Lake Mburo National Park
Game Drives in Lake Mburo

Night game drives

The park is one of the best places to see nocturnal wildlife in the park such as the illusive leopard, porcupine, white tailed mongoose and you will be able to listen to sweet sounds of wild animals like hyenas, zebra, buffaloes and bush babies.

Horseback riding safaris

Lake Mburo national park is among the few places on Uganda safaris to adventure in horseback riding. This is the only national park in Uganda, where horseback ride can be done from, an activity that gives the park’s distinction as you view park’s wildlife at closer sights. Horseback riding in here starts at Mihingo lodge under the guidance of trained staff in conjunction with the park ranges. It is an activity that takes 1 to 3 hours to explore the beauty of the national park savannah coupled by the view of the wild game.

About Lake Mburo National Park
Horse back rides in lake Mburo

Fishing trip on Lake Mburo

Fishing is also part of an activity at the park since it hosts several in land lakes around. The best fishing experience is done at Mazinga which inhabits with 6 fish species and the most caught fish species is Tilapia. Other fish species to spot include; Cat fish, tiger fish, lung fish, Angara fish and barbell. For the tourists interested in fishing safari have to carry their own equipment and as access permits from Uganda wildlife Authority.

Rubanga Forest walks

Rubanga Forest walk; The only way to enjoy the nature and attractions that makes Park an ideal place for tourists. On visit to the park, never leave without touring this forest which features with rewarding attractions and it is located inside the park.

Community walks

On your visit to the park, you can request for community walk where you can be able to conserve the local traditions and culture of the Bahima people, you will be able to learn about how these people make local ghee as well as listening about their traditions and the cultures.

Boat cruise on Lake Mburo

This exciting activity can be done on lake Mburo where tourists get amazing view of flora and fauna alongside wildlife like crocodiles, hippos and bird species like the African fish, pelican, king fishers, hereon, cormorants, rare African finfoot and hammertoes. During dry seasons, variety of wildlife like can be seen quenching for thirsty along water banks.

Birding safaris

This is one of the best done activity in the park which can be done early morning best hour to encounter as many bird species as possible. Remember to carry a pair of binoculars.

About Lake Mburo National Park
Birding safaris in lake mburo

Biking safaris

At Lake Mburo national park, you can adventure the park with a bicycle ride that takes an hour and it guarantees you to view species like buffaloes, elands, zebras, bushbucks, antelopes, bushbucks many more.

Getting to Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo national park can easily be accessed by the road transport from Entebbe or Kampala to access Lake Mburo it only takes 3 hours because it’s the park is located few distance away to Uganda’s capital Kampala. Alternatively, you can opt to fly from Entebbe or Kajjansi to Mbarara airstrip which is an hour.

Accommodations in Lake Mburo National Park

On visit to Lake Mburo national park a visitor has a lot of choices where he can book for his comfortable stay such accommodations include; Hyena Hill lodge, Mburo Safari lodge. Rwakobo Rock lodge, Mihingo Lodge, Arcadia Lodge, Leopard Rest Camp, Eagle’s Nest, Kijuura Lodge among others.

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