Activities To Do In Kinshasa City In DRC : Kinshasa city is famously known to be the capital city of the Democratic Republic of Congo and this city has grown from a small fishing village and then expanded into one of the largest metropolitan areas in Africa. Kinshasa city is situated within the Southern banks of River Congo and located about 515 miles away from the Atlantic Ocean and this city is divided into their main Zones such as; commercial, residential and industrial which is located in the Eastern part of the city while the Eastern part is occupied by most of the residential apartments which are for the Elite class of Congolese and Europeans.

Kinshasa city is one of the best cities to visit and be rewarded with a good cultural experience within the country and it is well known as the largest French speaking cities in the Whole world to the extent that it is even larger than Paris is. More so, this city has a good warm climate most especially between months of May to September which is considered to be the best time for tourists to plan on visiting this city because it is during that period of time that happens to be less rains which gives you chances to continue with your daily programmes without any distractions. Kinshasa city is also ranked to be among the most densely populated cities in the whole of Africa with a population of about 12,000,000 people. Therefore, touring around this city gives you chances and great opportunities to engage in many interesting activities, which include the following below.

Things to do in Kinshasa city.

Activities To Do In Kinshasa City In DRC : Visit the National Museum.

Tourists can visit the National Museum, which is a museum of the historical and cultural significance of the people of Congo therefore; visiting there gives you opportunities to learn about the history of the city and the significance of the country. more so, this museum has a number of achieves which consist about 46,000 objects which carry information about more of the history of the country with its beautiful wildlife species, lakes and rivers and more about the different tribes in the country.

Activities To Do In Kinshasa City In DRC : Visit the Kisantu Botanical garden or the Snake farm.

Tourists exploring within Kinshasa city can go to visit through the botanical gardens where they enjoy the beautiful scenery and cool nature outside the side due to the fact that these gardens are surrounded with several tree species such as; herbarium and Cactus trees  and there is also a restaurant which serves guests with delicious meals. More so, after touring enough around the botanical gardens, individuals can also opt to visit the snake farm which is located about 28 kilometers away from the city centre where they are able to sight see different types of snakes such as; non-venomous snakes, Venomous snakes among others.

Activities To Do In Kinshasa City In DRC : Go to the African Park Adventure.

Tourists can decide to take a tour through Lac de Vallee park which is known to be a French name and this game park is considered to be the best destination to travel and get to relax off the noise from the cities due to its calm environment and it surrounded with beautiful physical features such as; stunning waterbodies, wildlife species that are spotted moving from one place to another while searching for food and dense forests which act as good natural habitats to the species.

Activities To Do In Kinshasa City In DRC
African Park Adventure

Activities To Do In Kinshasa City In DRC : Visit the Zongo Falls.

The Zongo falls is a cool destination to travel to for a weekend and relax away from the noise in the city. These falls are located about 130 kilometers away from the Kinshasa city and a beautiful scenery surrounds it, which is quiet good to look at. More so, visiting the Zongo falls blesses with tourists to engage in intresting activities such as; guided nature walks where they walk through the rain forests as they are being accompanied by a tour guide, bird watching as they able to sight see different beautiful bird species and spot primate species like monkeys and many others.

Attend Cultural Events and shows.

Tourists exploring within Kinshasa city can choose to attend the cultural events and shows which are always exciting and a good new experience. Therefore, these cultural performances are always conducted at Texaf Bilembo, which is considered as one of the best places one could ever go to watch these events while in the city because this centre has a good cultural and arts gallery, which hosts a number of cultural events and show films. More so, individuals visiting at this centre can also get to buy some of the local books and handicrafts to take for their people back at home.

Apart from the mentioned above, there are more things one can do while touring around Kinshasa city and some of these include; eating out and trying the local cuisine, clubbing where these can go to Fiesta club which is known to be the most popular club in the city, visit the Monumental buildings in the city, visit the Lola ya Bonobo which is the only sanctuary for the orphaned bononos that are well known as the dwarf chimpanzees, visit the art galleries, shops and schools, visit the city markets and be able to interact with the local people among others.

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