Ankole Cows in Uganda – Rwanda ; Tour Uganda on unique traditional culture of exploring the endangered Ankole Cows famously known as the rare long Horned Cattle found in Uganda –Rwanda. Uganda –Rwanda are the Cattle of kings in East Africa as often seen throughout Western Uganda- Rwanda and Burundi once called Watusi Cows. Fact Rwanda is also knowns as home to Watusi cows which are selected and bred becoming the Inyambo and the cattle of kings to thrill while on Uganda Safaris Tours.

Historically, Ankole Cows were traced back 6,000 years to the Egyptians and of current they are an endangered species because of crossbreeding. These beautiful cattle represent African culture traditions This is the best away of western Uganda and Rwanda that has come under threat causing concern to cultural leaders and presidents desires.

When it comes to traditional way of life in western Uganda in Ankole people or Rwanda, Ankole cows are symbolized as wealth in their traditional culture.  In western Uganda Ankole cows is symbol of status used to pay bride-price on the day of traditional introduction. Furthermore, Ankole were not used for their meat but rather getting a daily product like ghee, butter and bongo as well as milk products.

Ankole Cows in Uganda - Rwanda
Ankole Cows in Uganda – Rwanda

More so, Ankole Cows represents the ancient culture and traditions that you can discover when you visit Uganda once known as the pearl of Africa, a great destination to encounter this unique Ankole cattle. Though the prized cows with royalty run through their veins due to crossbreeding and end up missing with dairy cattle. Fortunately, Conservation efforts has raised up to provide protection to the Ankole cattle from extinction.

Ankole Cows in Uganda and Rwanda ‘’Cattle of Kings ‘’ known as Watusi Cows;

 These are the long horned Ankole Cows as you venture across Southwest Uganda and Rwanda, where you will also be able to come across not only magnificent landscape, wildlife, primates and notable bird species. Still you will be able to see the most stunning creature among domesticated mammal found in Africa.

They are renown as the cattle of kings and Royalty ‘’long horned Ankole Cattle’’. More then, the Ankole cattle has been called ‘Inyambo’ in simple term Cattle of Kings, because of their close ties and importance to the royalty. Once you have a close  sight on these lovely species they will just refers you to the Cattle of Royalty.

Since decades, Ankole cattle species have been existing in Uganda and Rwanda. Further notice, they are species of cattle which were descended from the Ethiopian Sanga cattle, which originated in Eurasia with a lineage for thousands of years. For years back, this images of long horned cattle have been existing in Egyptian drawings and Art.

Ankole cows act as a tourist attraction in Uganda, that belong to a breed of African cattle similar to the border Sanga cattle group of African cattle breed.  They were introduced to Uganda mother land between five and seven hundred years ago by nomadic pastoralists from northern sides of the continent.

How these Ankole cattle have survived, they have survived while living on meager pasture and no need of much water thus making a hardy livestock breed unlike other animals.

So then what sets them totally different when we compare the size of their horns which can exceed 2.5 meters in length. When you encounter a herd of Ankole cattle, you won’t regret as you will just get surprised by the sight of the range and size of Ankole cattle Horns.

They amaze because of their prized longhorns and colorful skins. Ankole Cattle –their longhorn helps them for the protection from big cats such as lions, leopards and hyenas. If they face any danger, they tend to form a tight circle and their horn will fight facing outward toward the predators.

Furthermore, Ankole Cows are valued because of signifying wealth for the owner and the size of his herd as a man’s wealth in western culture. Other factors considered –the size of the horns of this cattle and the coloration of the hides.

The most famous cow in Rwanda is called Inyambo with a blackish red hide, large-notable shaped horns and thundering hoofs.  Other kind of Ankole cow of coloration are named Ibigarama. On other side of short cows, these are cows that do not lean called in kuku.

Travelers to Rwanda city tour –culture tour endeavor to miss out a visit to Inyambo ceremonial cows at the King’s Palace Museum in Rukari, Nyanza district a popular home to see Inyambo and a place where the traditional cows were bred for the King.

According to their appearance are magnificent creature looking good with their exceptional long horns. The Ankole culture is quite even more impressive. They included their presence in special ceremonies for the king.

Ankole Cows in Uganda - Rwanda
Ankole Cows in Uganda – Rwanda

On visit you can learn how to dance by listening to a trainer’s songs called ‘’Amahamba and exciting Inka’’, you can join them in their amazing dance movements.

In Ankole, to be a Muhima means a lot must have Ankole Cow and without a cow, you are not worth being a man. If you are grown up man without any cow, friend and relatives can contribute some cows for you.

Having cows in life in Ankole culture  is a symbol that gives you a start in life toward wealth. In Ankole culture, if you have cows you become an important person and you can be recognized in the region.

However, there are Five Regional Strains of the Ankole Cattle in East Africa’s Great Region;

Kigezi region; this region lies in the southwest corner of Uganda and they are good in interbreeding local Ankole cattle but with the less short horn cattle in the region.

Watusi variety; They reside cross in Burundi and Rwanda and Kiru area of Democratic Republic of Congo. They have the most extended horns of any Ankole strain.

Ruzizi variety; They are come from the Ruzizi valley along the Ruzizi River between Lake Kivu and Lake Tanganyika close Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Burundi. There are long and sacked-shaped horns. Their coat color is brown but you might see there and white and black and white.

Bahima Variety; Located from north eastern Democratic Republic of Congo across the border in north-western Uganda. They have the tallest Ankole Variety.

Bashi variety; Lies in the southwest of lake Kivu in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Today’s importance of Ankole Cows in Uganda –Rwanda –Cattle of Kings ‘’Used for’’;

Ankole cows remains as a status symbol.

 Ankole cattle; Used to pay the bride’s price by the groom in negotiated settlements between families.

Ankole cattle; Remains one of the special gifts given on occasions.

Food; Meat in Uganda and Rwanda remains the most eaten dishes to every one mostly the western people in both countries. Through cows they get Ghee Butter fermented Milk, cheese and yogurt.

Income got from cows; Keeping pastoralists as they sell cattle for market.

Hides; Their hides are used for making drums, clothing’s, sleeping Mets many more.

Cow dung; In local villages used for painting homes.

Cow dung painting; Visit Imigongo which have become an art form in Rwanda. In Uganda you visit the Igongo culture center a place of its own.

Ankole horns; Used for decorations and creating jewelry and sometime sold to visitors.

On visit to Uganda’s Cultural in western region, you will be able to enjoy the unique Ankole cattle of Uganda or Rwanda. if you are vegetarian you’re free to enjoy the delicious taste of meat from stews but most of all, you will also enjoy the beautiful Ankole horned cows, your likely to visit southwest Uganda and entire Rwanda. Time is now to get started planning for a trip on Uganda –Rwanda Cultural Tour! Travel on budget to most visited cultural destination in Africa Uganda –Rwanda. You can book with us Achieve Global Safaris and we organize for you the most affordable combined safari tour package you will ever remember in life time.

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