Birding Tours in Murchison Falls National Park

Birding tours in Murchison falls national park are one of the most interesting park activities that travelers will not miss when they visit the park. The park is a birding paradise home of more than 500 bird species which are habitant as water birds, savannah birds, Albertine rift endemic birds among others. Bird viewing is so rewardable on the beautiful scenic landscape while on your amazing wildlife adventure in Murchison falls national park and is one of the most admirable experience you wouldn’t miss while on a Uganda Safari Tour. However, Murchison falls national park is the oldest and largest among the ten protected national park of Uganda located in the north-western part of the country, approximately 283 kilometers from northwest of Kampala Uganda’s Capital city in driving hours covering 4 to 5 hour by Road.

Birding tours in Murchison

Birding tours in Murchison falls national park are the best experience of birding you will ever have in a lifetime because it gives a high chance of spotting the rare and unique prehistoric shoe bill stork which cannot be viewed everywhere in East African protected area expect to see them here on Uganda safaris. In Murchison falls national park the rare shoe bill stork can be sighted along the banks of the Nile or during your exciting boat cruise to the bottom of the falls where you will have a chance to spot over 53 water birds including the Giant Heron ,Grey-crowned crane ’’famously known as Uganda’s National bird’ ’Black-headed Lapwing ,Back bellied Bustard ,Marabou stork ,African fish eagle which is spotted  majestically starring from the woods , Giant Kingfisher, lesser flamingos –Verreaux eagle owl -white tailed lack and greater flamingos are among the migratory birds and many more .The amazing bird experience is best enjoyed during the boat cruise at the bottom of the falls on tourists Visit to birding tour in Murchison falls national park. 

Note that, the birding tours in Murchison falls national park gives you an opportunity to view a numerous range of common birds but special with nice-looking colors like the marabou storks in the open savannah grass land. But because of a wide selection of beautiful bird species to be spotted in Murchison falls that make it to be among the best birding destination in Uganda and in the East African countries.

The commonly spotted bird species in Murchison falls national park can be seen in the open savannah grassland such birds include; black-bellied bustards, Open billed stork, Abyssinian ground horn bill, Secretary birds and marabou’s stork are the commonest birds found in the savannah plains of Murchison with rewardable viewing of wildlife species.

Since Murchison falls national park is a habitat to different bird species, there are also water birds which hides in the thickets and woodlands near the Riverbank which include; red-throated bee eater, swallow-tailed can be spotted in the nyamusike cliff woodlands, pied giant, malachite kingfishers, francolin, hornbills, grey heron woodpecker, warblers, crombies. Along the river bank you can as well spot ducks and geese, plovers and many more thus making your birding tour in Murchison falls national park a truly humbling experience.

Other bird species  to see in Murchison falls national park include ;Rock pratincole ,Yellow-fronted Tinker bird ,Veracious Dove ,Grey headed kingfisher ,Long-toed plover ,Osprey ,African Darter ,Abyssinian Ground Hornbill ,Long-tailed Nightjar ,Weaver birds ,Silver bird ,Black billed Barbet ,Martial Eagle ,Silver bird ,Sandpipers ,Pied kingfisher ,Standard winged Nightjar ,Malachite kingfishers ,Denham’s Bustard ,Giant Heron ,Blue-headed Coucal,Senegal Thick knee ,Saddle-billed stork ,Secretary bird, African Jacana ,Swamp Flycatchers  among other bird species.

Ideally, travellers visiting on birding tours in Murchison falls national park can book for his or her birding safari with recognised tour company or tour operator in order to provide to you the best birding activity, accommodation facilities, transport to Murchison falls national park and not only Murchison but to all the protected areas in Uganda. However, this can lead to safety of the national parks as well as visitor’s experience to be preserved.

Best Time for Birding.

Birders can experience birding activity throughout the year mostly during the dry seasons in months of January to March though tourists can be few within this season but birding is still plentiful. Then December to February there is less rainfall but birding can still be done. 

From the month of April to May and from August –October there is a lot of rainfall which makes the nature habitant for birds difficult to access for bird watching since the hiking trails become slippery and roads in the park to become impassable.

Birding tours in Murchison
Birding tours in Murchison Falls National Park

The rare shoebill stork is the main outstanding tourist attraction among the spotted bird species within the park which can be spotted from January to March during the dry season. The migratory bird species can be spotted between the month of November and April.

What to carry for Birding tour?

Birders are recommending to carry their birder’s guide book, a pair of binoculars, Sunglasses, pointer, Sturdy shoes, enough water and snacks, rain gears, light clothes, sweaters and many more.

Above all, Murchison falls national park is a birding paradise where you can spot a variety of bird species both resident and migratory with rewardable beautiful scenery of the park’s land scale.

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