Boat Cruise in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Boat cruise in Queen Elizabeth national park is conducted on the impressive Kazinga Channel which is a 40-kilometers stretch of water that connects with Lake Edward to Lake George and is one of the most enjoyed activities in the park. The boat normally has two setting times in the day. In the morning it sets off at around 11:00 am and in the evening starts at exactly 2 pm in local time and the boat offers 20 seaters for the visitors. The gorgeous boat cruise can take 2 to 5 hours while exploring  beauty of the channel such as the water animals like hippos, Nile Crocodile and also view the wildlife along the shores of the channel such as elephants ,buffalos among others ,sight-seeing of bird species like the rare shoe bill stork, papyrus canary, Comcrake, Greater flamingo, Bar-tailed, Black Bee-eater, White tailed lark, White-winged Warbler, African broadbill and many more. However, boat cruise can be done with a professional guide who seats with you on the boat to provide the necessary information required about the cruise tour and you can feel free to ask whatever question you like about the wildlife or the history concerning about the kazinga channel. In addition, the experienced guides will point out any wildlife species which you missed to notice.

Boat Cruise in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Above all, a boat cruise is a lifestyle experience that involves in living for an extended time while sailing on a water vessel travelling from one place to another for leisure and here on Kazinga channel in Queen Elizabeth national park is an awesome experience and the best high lights on Uganda tours. Surprisingly the channel supports a large number of hippos in entire Africa. To note, adult male hippos weigh more kilogrammes compared to fully loaded land cruiser and interestingly hippos do not swim though they are water animals. What they do, is they just bounce their bodies at the bottom of the water in which they live. They normally stay underwater just to safeguard their rather sensitive skin and if you get chance to do boat cruise at night on the channel it’s when you will realize that hippos they do not stay in water at night, they just graze on the land. 

The kazinga channel boat cruise is carried out twice a day, in the morning hours starts at 11:00 am and ends at 1:00 pm and in the afternoon cruise begins at 2 pm and ends at 5 pm in the evening. To note, boat cruise tends to be done 3 times a day in order to serve the demand of the visitors. The boat cruise is a rewardable experience along the channel as you encounter more about African wildlife such as mammals, Reptiles, birds as well as the beautiful natural vegetation, forests among others. You can as well enjoy Kazinga channel boat cruise on the unique luxurious kingfisher ferry of Mweya which offers coffee tea to the guests, take some drinks while having a cool breeze on the water vessel.

During boat cruise, you will have rewardable viewing of crocodiles that have spent over 8000 years though they were removed from this lake because of volcanic eruption and just recently years back they returned to the lake coming from River Semliki. Along the shores of the channel during morning hours you will not fail to sightsee them. And in the afternoon boat ride, you can spot out herds of Elephants, Buffaloes within the water which would have been abandoned from one of the herds thus getting better protection from predators like lions through staying in the water. The predators can be seen in the late afternoon just like nocturnal animals, they come along the shores to drink water. In addition, also a large number of antelopes like the Uganda kobs, waterbucks come linking for water on the shores of Kazinga channel.

The kazinga Channel is not only amazing place to enjoy boat cruise experience but also area for birders which is definitely haven for colourful beautiful birds soaring close to the water surface and they can be seen picking insects for their diet and such birds include; Martial Eagles, Cormorants, African Skimmers, Pelicans, Papyrus Gonolek, African Spoonbill and in addition the Unique shoebill stork. Therefore boat cruise experience along Kazinga Channel shouldn’t be missed while on your  Uganda safari Tours in the protected Queen Elizabeth national park.

Accommodation Facilities: Travellers who are visiting Queen Elizabeth national park for Boat cruise tours along Kazinga Channel in Queen, they shouldn’t get worried about where to stay, the park boasts with beautiful accommodation ideal for the tourists who come for a boat cruise or any other activities such as game drive viewing, birding, chimpanzee tracking among many and such lodges include; Mweya safari lodge, Park view safari lodge, Jacana Lodge, Mweya hostels many more. 

Queen Elizabeth national park is located in the south-western region of Uganda approximately 400 kilometres by road from the south-western part of Kampala Uganda’s capital city.

Boat Cruise in Queen Elizabeth National Park
The President takes a Boat Cruise in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Inclusion, travellers are advised when they are planning for their tour packages on Uganda Safari Tours in Queen Elizabeth national park to make sure you also include Kazinga channel boat cruise experience on their itinerary which is a peaceful activity enjoyed with both adult and children and is just a relaxing experience with a rewardable view of wildlife species.

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