Bwindi Impenetrable National Park Altitude

Bwindi Impenetrable national park altitude ranges from 1,190 to 2,607 meter ‘’ 3,904 to 8,553ft’’ above sea level and the more 60 percent of the park raises of over 2,000 meters. The highest elevation is found in Rwamunyonyi Hill at the eastern edge of the park and the lowest part of the park is positioned at its most northern edge. However, the park covers an area of 321 kilometers and was gazette as a national in 1991 and was listed on a UNESCO Natural World Heritage sites in 1994.The park is a tropical rain forest that spreads over a series of steep ridges and valleys.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park Altitude

Despite the fact that, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is home to half remaining mountain gorillas in the world over 550 individuals, located in south western Uganda on the rim of the Rift valley. It’s one of the Uganda’s oldest and most biologically diverse rain forests, which has been existing for centuries and contains over 400 plants species.

Moreover, is positioned at the rim of the Western Rift Valley in the highest parts the Kigezi Highlands a rewardable area for sight-seeing which were created by un-warping of the western Rift Valley, with narrow valley intersected by rivers and steep hills.

On average, the warmest month of the year here is January. And the altitude varies from 1,160 meter -2607meter above sea level which results in variations in temperature. Bwindi being close to the equator expect rain any time of the day and does not experience real dry seasons because even the known dry seasons do experience some short rains.

More about, Bwindi Impenetrable national park is located in south western Uganda on the rim of the Rift valley and offers with rain forest that harbors with half remaining population of gentle giant in the world. The park can be estimated from south of Kampala to access the main destination within 8 to 9-hour drive.

Biologically, this diverse region also offers shelter to other species like Chimpanzees, baboons, elephants and antelopes. It is also hoven for birders with over 350 species of birds including the 23 Albertine Rift endemics such as African  green pigeon ,Handsome francolin ,Olive-breasted greenbul ,Neumann’s warbler ,Purple –breasted sunbird ,Regal sunbird ,Yellow-streaked greenbul, Black-billed turaco ,Africa broadbill ,Black-faced rufous warble mentioned few .There are other opportunities to discover here visit the Local Bakiga and Batwa pygmy cultures through their adorable entertainments ,Village walks and the workshops.

Generally, Bwindi Impenetrable National park has got four main gorilla sectors where visitors can carry out Gorilla trekking experience from each located in different location of the park such sectors include; Buhoma sector, Nkuringo sector, Ruhija sector and Rushaga sector. 

Thing to do and to see while on your safari to Bwindi National Park

Below is the list of things to do while on your safari in Bwindi Impenetrable national park such as Gorilla trekking, Gorilla Habituation, Batwa Cultural Experience, Camping, Hiking and trekking, Nature Walks, Ruhija Community Walk among others. Things to see include Batwa people, Bird species, Mountain Gorillas, Waterfalls, Wildlife, Flora many more all these makes it a worth visit to the pearl of Africa.

 Gorilla trekking in Bwindi is on high demand by most of the travelers on a holiday to Uganda of which it remains the most environmental friendly experience of all time. Notice, before booking your gorilla safari, you must read carefully the gorilla trekking rules and regulations to come with good advantage. 

When to Visit Bwindi

The park can be visited yearly though the best time to see mountain gorillas without interruption of heavy rainfall is from December to Mid-March and June to September. During this period, we advise you to always book your gorilla permits in advance because they can be sold out before securing yours.

What to pack on your Uganda Gorilla Safari? 

These are the list of essentials one can pack to be on the safe side on Uganda gorilla safari such as Warm jackets, sweater, hiking boots, long trousers, long sleeved shirt, Garden gloves, breathable rain jackets, insect repellent, Sun screen and Digital Camera many more you may wish to carry. 

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