Canoeing on Lake Bunyonyi : Within the rugged ridges of southwestern Uganda, lies lake Bunyonyi; a fresh water lake stretching for over 25 kilometers towards the border of Uganda and Rwanda. It is conveniently located between Kabale and Kisoro district with a surface area of 46 square kilometers and a width of 7 kilometers making it a formidable destination for Uganda safari tours.

Officially, Lake Bunyonyi has been recorded to have a maximum depth of 40 meters although several claims have come up to contradict this theory; stating that the lake is at least 900m deep which places it in second position of Africa’s deepest lakes. However, this is not the only reason why Lake Bunyonyi has captured growing interest for tours to Uganda.

A captivating landscape

The foretold scenery at Lake Bunyonyi is a make of its own. As you approach Kabale district, you are introduced to a spectacular assemblage of bold hills adorned with lush green pastures stretching for miles and miles. It is not until you hike to the top of the ridges that you can actually make out the beautiful safari tour Uganda Lake Bunyonyi.

The natural beauty of this area will seem beyond words as you prepare for a Uganda tour  to Lake Bunyonyi for a canoe ride. The skies are sometimes misty set against an army of brazen hills finished off with dark forest green vegetation. The blue of the lake is merely a topping on the cake; creating a feel of a mystery magical land.

Scenic canoe ride on Lake Bunyonyi

There is no better way to explore the 29 islands and surroundings of this splendid fresh water lake than with a canoe ride safari Uganda Lake Bunyonyi. The adventure starts at the eastern shore of Uganda tours Lake Bunyonyi in a dugout canoe and bursts forth over the surface of the lake; exploring the various islands lavishly scattered all over.

You are handed the sculls and as you start to paddle, the cold breeze against your cheeks, you realize you are living an experience only millions of people over the world dream about. Always remember to keep the boat balanced and your life jacket on as you enjoy this sight-seeing adventure on Lake Bunyonyi Uganda tours canoe ride.

Safari Uganda Canoe rides on Lake Bunyonyi are conducted in two phases; half day canoe safari and full day canoe safari. If you opt for half day, the canoe ride will last about 2 hours as you fully explore the scenery. On the other hand, the full day canoe ride will give you explicit access to enjoy the marvelous tours to Uganda Lake Bunyonyi the entire day.

What to see on Lake Bunyonyi

Lake Bunyonyi is comprised on about 29 Islands, some of which include;

Akampene or Punishment Island – Akampene has a dark history, as you will come to learn on this safari Uganda lake Bunyonyi Canoe ride. It was where pregnant unmarried girls were exiled to die in the ancient Bakiga culture. They would often die of starvation or drown trying to escape the island. Men who could not afford bride price would go the island and pick a girl.

Sharp’s Island – In the early 19th century, leprosy hit this part of Uganda before an English missionary Leonard Sharp arrived in 1921, establishing a leprosy colony on Sharp’s Island. A treatment centre was built, a church and patient quarters, which attracted people to voluntarily segregate themselves from the society. The White House hotel stands there today and you can explore it on Lake Bunyonyi canoe ride tours Uganda.

Bushara Island – As doctors treated the lepers on Sharp’s island, they would often retreat to their quarters on Bushara Island.  Learn about the impressive history of Lake Bunyonyi through a safari tour Uganda canoe ride.

Canoeing on Lake Bunyonyi
Lake Bunyonyi Safari

Fauna – Lake Bunyonyi harbors a number of water species including frogs, otters and fish; especially the Nile Tilapia

Other activities at Lake Bunyonyi Uganda

  • Birding
  • Swimming
  • Nature walks
  • Hiking
  • Cultural adventures

Tips for a Lake Bunyonyi safari tour Uganda canoe ride

  • Have some swimming skills on hand
  • Always keep the paddle shaft vertical
  • Never take off your life jacket
  • Paddle on the opposite sides of the boat
  • Always keep the boat balanced
  • If you are not an expert at paddling, never go for a canoe ride alone
  • What to pack
  • Insect repellant
  • Sunscreen
  • Backpack
  • Adequate drinking water
  • Packed lunch
  • Refreshments such as; Juice and soda

When to visit Lake Bunyonyi

Always plan your tours Uganda lake Bunyonyi around the dry season. This is especially important as you do not want to encounter heavy winds or high water levels while you paddle. Additionally, during the dry months, the skies are clear and you can take great pictures of the landscape in a distance. With that said, the best time for Uganda safari tours canoe ride Lake Bunyonyi is from late December to February and June to July.

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