Coffee plantation plantations offer a different kind of tourism (Agricultural tourism) in Uganda as travelers get to learn the process of coffee production. Coffee plantations can be found in Queen Elizabeth national park one of the biggest national parks in Uganda.

Coffee Plantation

The coffee plantation within the park has led to the development of women circles such as the women project which is owned and run by Omwani Women’s Cooperative. To note Omwani Women’s cooperative is a group of mature Women that are committed and ready to improve the living standards of their families through the production of organic Arabic coffee beans. The coffee is grown on natural fertile soil without adding any artificial chemicals like pesticides or fertilizers.

The Coffee plantation hosts more than 1500 trees of Arabic coffee plus Robusta coffee plants which are under the natural care of the ‘’Omwani Women farmers. The land provided for this project is fertile enough to support this exceptional natural and traditional farming method. 

While you’re on a Queen Elizabeth National Park safari, never leave without visiting the Omwani women co-operative coffee business, where you will have a tasting of coffee beans being processed. You can as well enjoy the sampling of the fresh organic coffee bean products from its plantation.

However, the Omwani Women have learned all the proceeds of planting coffee at the communal plant, they produce coffee products with one heart since their life depends on this coffee plantation where they get money for their home consumption. At the Omwani women project, you will have a great taste of the coffee beans being roasted ready for packing, supplying and exporting.

The processes of making coffee is done manually following the stages such as from harvesting, sorting, drying, cleaning, secondary sorting, roasting up to the final stage of packing.

The Omwani women’s cooperative is well conversant on how to produce and export a constant supply of coffee beans for both Arabic and Robusta on a global level all year around. All this happens because Uganda receives two rainfall seasons in the year and also a cool climate that supports coffee to grow well.

The favourable climatic condition within the region has led to the ripening of the coffee with the best coffee beans.

The coffee plantation was formed to maintain the vocational skills of the women in a way that to help women learn more of the skills through job training on how to bring out the coffee to the finest stage of exporting the aromatic coffee beans.

Coffee Plantation
Coffee Plant

They created this project of coffee production to assure the members that they should have a sustainable income. The area is not well developed to provide job opportunities to local women in this area yet most of them have no qualification in education. When the idea of coffee plantation came up the misery for these poor local women ended.

Some of the women who are in the project have HIV and they have been abandoned by the men who impregnated them and after they runway from their responsibilities. Therefore this project has helped a lot among the social life of these women not to feel lonely in the community. The coffee plantation has helped a lot of women around the area that’s why many of the women have managed to afford to take care of their children and also to support their families.

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