Cultural Circumcision in Uganda; This is an amazing cultural of Bagishu people which resides in eastern region of Uganda in Mbale districts.  This circumcision ceremony happens every year between the months of August to December where high population of people gather the ceremony in a way of celebrating them in blood culture. During the above mentioned months it’s when the revered traditional circumcision ceremony of grown up boys known as Imbalu is carried out.

More so, the Bagishu ‘’Imbalu’’ marks the initiation of boys into manhood. It tends to happen every year where hundreds of boys aged 16 and above celebrate for the Imbalu. This ceremony can be anticipated by all people in the sub-region and parents of the candidate often talk and walk with exuberant words in the village promising whoever cares to listen, a show of bravely from their sons.

 On the day of the ‘’Imbalu’’, the ceremonies can be carried out in village town square and superintended over by the Bamasaba Cultural Institution. The young boys, stained from head to toe with local herbs and other mixtures, which are brought in front of a jubilating crowd to ‘’ face the knife’’ but under everybody’s careful gaze. It is a special experienced traditional circumciser in the Uganda eastern Uganda.

Cultural Circumcision in Uganda
Cultural Circumcision in Uganda

Thereafter, the jubilations takeover into a frenzy with overcrowded people dancing to pulsate traditional music. Mostly, crowds turn into a mammoth celebrator    trek with the circumcised boys around the villages till they access all the circumcision sites. It can be time to make merry!

In this ceremony, several leaders and homogeneous groups like lower representatives of the Bamasaba cultural institution, traditional circumciser s, peer educators, school children teachers, market people and worshipers are the one in touch to constitute the dancing troupes during ‘’Imbalu’’ were engaged and to many appreciated the message.

In general, Bagishu Imbalu Public Circumcision Rites is that moment in time when a boy of the tribe becomes a man, it’s all that privileged and responsibilities of being a man of his life. Here, the entire community gather to be part of that vital rite of passage.

The Bagishu Imbula Public Circumcision ceremonies are public rites shared with the community. For this also doesn’t  leave tourists behind as we can see as many coming from different races to be part of this cultural insight into the Bagishu people and their unique culture. This circumcision ceremony is done in public and celebrated as boys into man.

Historical back ground –Bagishu Imbalu Circumcision;

Originally, the Bagishu trace their origin to Masaba who came forth from a cave on Mount Elgon,’’Masaba’’ means mountain. The history show that the Masaba were found high on the upper slopes of Mount Elgon. From here he used to gather with lesser deities and it’s a nice place where things like tables and chair were to be seen.

In Bagishu society, there is no central rule where each of the clan has to be a non-hereditary chief appointed by a council of elders. The actual control was made in the responsibility of the traditional religious leaders which also referred to as sorcerers and witches. They are attached on society, traditions, beliefs.  This is one of the Bagishu culture ceremony when the boy turns into men in the tribe and takes on all responsibilities of a male in that tribe including marriage.

These are historical norms which have been existing from the old to the present. the oral legends show that the first man to be circumcised had the reputation of seducing women in his village. However, he had to be brought before the elders who decreed that he should be castrated as a punishment and a deterrent to other men. And after he recovers he has to continue his old ways, seducing even more women.  Some could tell them that had developed much in love. Other men, wanted to be circumcised in order to become the first Mugisu circumcised.

Cultural Circumcision in Uganda
Cultural Circumcision in Uganda

The Bagishu Mbale circumcision is a passage taken to man hood involving the local community and allowing visitors from far and wide to be part of this incredible ceremony. It can be a ceremony of boys and young men aged 16 to 25 years to be accepted age of the Imbalu. To those to be circumcised in the year of ceremony their names can be announced as early in the months of June or May so has to enough time to prepare for their final Imbalu Ceremony.

The circumcision ceremony starts as early before 10am and involves all the initiates from a given clan. It’s the clan to be in front of a crowd of family, friends and the ritual done publically.

Note Imbalu circumcision rituals represents the Male Bagishu identity. When it comes to women’s, there true identity is to get married to real man who id circumcised.

Take note; Many tend to defies circumcision ceremony after becoming forced to endure a rough forced circumcision.

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