Cultural Encounter in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Cultural encounter in Queen Elizabeth National Park is one of the most exciting tourist activities in the park whereby a number of travelers prefer to undertake it in their Uganda Safari Tours. Travelers decide to book the tour packages in Queen Elizabeth National Park that include these cultural encounter activities. Some of the encounters include Kikorongo Equator Cultural performers, visiting the traditional Banyaraguru hut, agricultural villages led by the guide who knows the best local community members, touring Lake Katwa saltworks where you will see workers harvesting salt on Lake. To note, Queen Elizabeth national park is the 2nd largest national park in Uganda located in the south-western region of the Country which harbors a bio-diversity of wildlife species, vegetation, crater Lakes, swamps, forests, and birds among others.

Cultural Encounter in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Below are some of the most highlighted cultural encounter activities in Queen Elizabeth National Park:

Leopard Village: This is a village that runs their day-to-day living through social-economic development initiatives that promote cultural and wildlife conservation between ecotourism. Leopard Village is positioned on 3 acres close to Muhokya village bordering the northern sector of Queen Elizabeth national park. Along here, travelers can be able to visit the replicas of the traditional huts of the Bakonzo, Banyabindi, and Basongora who are ethnic groups, have amazing traditional songs and dance performances, buy handicrafts produced by the local community members. To note the longer tour you can encounter in this village, you can discover very many interesting things though the community members face the conversation challenges since they live nearer to the park, besides this you can visit local schools, get information about the historical traditional village lifestyle ,you learn how to control for human-wildlife conflict above all working with tour group where we can create a customized program. 

Leopard village consists of a partnership between the local residents of Muhokya, Hamukungu, and Kahendero as well as the  Uganda Carnivore program with assistance from Zoos in the United States and the Germanys. Above all the donation contributed go directly to community development, education projects, conservation and also to the individual artists. Through supporting leopard village tourists and the cultural activities have helped to pull the conservation of the area of wildlife to the next level and also assist the sustainable development in the local communities.

Nyanz’ibiri Cave Community: The Nyanz’ibiri cave Community is located at the beneath of maramangambo forest a home of numerous bats, you can engage in Nyanz’ibiri Cave Community after your long game drive with scenic walks around the portion of Ugandan paradise famously known as the cave. Along here travelers can have a panoramic view of unique volcanic Crater lake where you can also see the Uganda crested crane and eagles, you can as well paddle a canoe along one of these crater lakes, enjoy the hike to the transparent lake which is surrounded with nice-looking local flowers. In general, the local attractions have attracted the number of visitors in a historic experience such as Cultural Museum perfectly preserved by Banyaruguru hut which were valued locally in artifacts just the tools of everyday life and a historic cave. The community offers fully furnished private bandas and ground for a campsite, the community offers a nice restaurant with well-prepared dishes so visitors are invited to use this modern Restaurant and bar while enjoying your evening traditional dance performances among others. 

Kikorongo Women Community: The culture encountered around the park is gorgeous like kikorongo which means Too Much Sunshine in the local language in lukonzo spoken in this area. The mysterious performance of these local people makes the place thriving at the lodge around the park with an exciting glimpse of life in kikorongo such as their traditional dances, drama, fire making and music, the local translator can be there to explain to you the significance of the traditional performances. You can as well visit the kikorongo’s African craft shops which provides benefits of teaching visitors how to weave baskets and bowls while using fibers. They can also teach you how to recycle beautiful magazines into colorful paper beads which can also make nice looking necklaces, woven belts among others.

Gro-Tour Walk: This is quite an amazing encounter in Kichwamba Escarpment taking you up to the eastern wall of the western Rift valley. The gro-tour walk can take 2 to 3 hours beginning from rural Katara village through hiking the farms of the escarpment in the cool breeze morning or very early in the evening. Along here the cultural encounter is such rewardable whereby you and your experienced guide will have great view of beautiful bird species , medicinal plants ,get interacted in site of cultural entertainment as well explaining to you the method of local farming ,tour the beehives that are used to divert the hostile elephants away from the community crops next to park border. 

Katwe Salt Lake: Lake katwe is unique saltwater bodies which has supported the community through investing income by selling salt to Rwanda and Congo and to the economy of Uganda it’s self also to the local residents. You can visit this lake during your cultural encounter and have great sightseeing of birds, local people while mining salt on the lake. 

Mining Salt in Lake Katwe
Mining Salt in Lake Katwe

In general, cultural encounter carried out within Queen Elizabeth National park is a quite unforgettable memorable experience that involves travelers visiting the Katwe Tourism information centre, the Kikorongo women Community, the leopard village, Nyanz’ibiri cave Community and others.

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