Entebbe is one of the fastest growing cities in Uganda and one who visits Uganda most of the times arrives here where there is a number of attractions. Entebbe Airport and its Surrounding Attractions will take you across the small town of Entebbe and highlight some of the main attractions. Entebbe International Airport is the major international Airport of Uganda which is on the list of international Air Transport Association ‘’IATA’’ the official trade organization that manages all the world’s airlines to provide for them traffic and routes.


The word  Entebbe means ‘’seat’’ and Entebbe international Airport is abbreviated as ‘’EBB’’ which sits on the shores of Lake Victoria just near the town of Entebbe and estimates 41 kilometers by road in the southwest of central business district of Kampala City which is Uganda’s largest capital city. However, the body that is responsible of licensing, monitoring, regulating civil aviation matters known as Uganda Civil Aviation Authority and it’s head offices are just close to the Airport to on a new block off the Airport highway but adjacent to the airport terminals. The Uganda Civil Aviation Authority was established in late 1994 by an act of parliament as a state agency of the ministry of community, housing, and transport and now is administered by Uganda ministry of works and transport.

The Uganda Civil Aviation Authority is the agency that manages or handles everything concerning about Entebbe international Airport plus other 13 small Airstrips in the Country and its purpose is to license, regulate, do Air searches, rescue, air traffic control and many more.

Fortunately, in September 2019 Uganda Civil Aviation Authority was awarded an international Aviation award in Air safety following the excellent performance in the Universal Security Audit program.

The history about Entebbe Airport ‘’EBB’’

Historically Entebbe international Airport was opened on 10 November 1951 by the British Colonial Authority and was formally opened again after its facilities have been extended. The preparation was serviced by the de Havilland Comet. But now the Old Entebbe airport is used by Uganda’s military forces which was the site of a captive rescue operation by Israeli Sayeret Matkal by that time.

In late 1976 after an Arab-German there was an act of unlawfulness which seized an craft of Air France following a stopover in Athens in the country of Greece en route to Paris from Tel Aviv. Within that period of the year, the Scene of that rescue was still at the old terminal which has been knocked down exclude for its control tower and airport hall. In 2006 they published the report and made plans to construct a domestic passenger terminal at the site of the old airport which was destroyed in April 1976 when it was seized by Tanzanian forces during the Uganda Tanzania War.  

However, in 2015 the government of South Korea by the Korea international Co-Operation Agency granted UGX 27 billion towards renovation of the airport to Uganda’ government and in that same month, the Government of Uganda started a 3 upgrade phase and expansion of the feature prospect about the airport to last from 2015 until 2035 of which the total budget for renovating the airport is approximately US$586 million. Below is the full information about the three phases;

Phase 1, From 2015 to 2018: The plan from 2015 to 2018 was to construct the new passenger terminal building, improving existing passenger terminal building, renovation and rehabilitation of Runway, Relocation of the cargo terminal which was expected to build in February 2019 and many more.

Phase 11 From 2019 to 2023: In 2019 to 2023 the plan is to relocate and expand the fuel storage facilities to nearby stations in order to ease the road transport and also to get funds estimated at cost of US$125 million which they have got so far.

Phase III from 2024 to 2033: The feature plan between 2024 to 2033 is about funds which is approximately US$ 160.5million which is not yet sourced, for purpose of building a new multi-story car park, constructing of a new control tower and also to strengthen the current runway.

Entebbe International Airport has eased both air transport and ground handling in a way that recently in August 2019 Uganda officially reopened up its Airline the Uganda Airline which is travelling  to African destinations and other several airline carriers just a few to be mentioned are: Emirates, Qatar, Aero link Uganda , KLM, Brussels, Ethiopian Airline, Turkish Airline, Kenya Airline. All these are provided at the Entebbe International Airport to ease travelling to different locations of the world with trained Airhostess and professional pilots.

There are two ground handing companies serving the airport that is National Aviation Services Uganda ‘’NAS’’ the biggest of the two and the second one is Das Handling Limited ‘’Dairo Air Service Handling Limited’’ which recently obtained the European Union Ground Handling Certification.

Entebbe International Airport has got beautiful arrival and departure exits for the travellers with awarded beautiful scenery.

Besides being the major international Airport of Uganda where the traveller’s lands from it is surrounded with several attractions which act as a tourist attraction to our visitors and many travellers who have visited Uganda by using Air transport. T

Surrounding activities & Attractions of Entebbe

The moment they land at the airport when it’s still early for the day, they have to engage in some of these attractions such as; Visiting the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre, encounter Lake Victoria’s beaches, visit the Reptile villages, craft shops, Kasenyi landing site, Muzinga Square park, State House, Botanical Gardens, Ngamba island and many more.

Ngamba island for Chimpanzees: Ngamba island home for Chimpanzee orphanage has become popularly known because of this apes and this island we include it on our client’s tour package to Entebbe. To enjoy encountering these chimpanzees you’re advised to have overnight stayed in Entebbe town for easy access to the island and have an unforgettable experience of Chimpanzees through watching them as they feed their young ones. The easiest way to access the Ngamba Chimpanzee island is by use of the slow boat on Lake Victoria which makes this an all-day experience with two feedings or by enjoying speed boat to the island or make a half-day outing.

Sunset Cruise from Entebbe on Lake Victoria: This is a perfect experience that can take 2 to 3 hours sunset cruise along the Equator on Lake Victoria. As you enjoy your sunset cruise you can go with wine and cheese which you can take while you’re exploring the lake where you can end your day on these beautiful waters of Lake Victoria with rewardable views around. Don’t forget to carry a camera for a great sunset over the largest lake in Africa known as Lake Victoria the largest lake in entire Africa.

Uganda Wildlife Educational Centre-Entebbe: The Uganda Wildlife Education Centre though most people call it Entebbe Zoo is located only 15 minutes away from Entebbe Airport and 36 kilometres from Uganda’s capital city Kampala .It sits along lake Victoria where you can take an afternoon tour here and have fresh relaxation  as well as walking around and also enjoy the great view of vegetation ,plants ,trees found in Uganda ,see the unique features of the Zoo such as Reptiles like Nile Crocodiles ,Gabon viper snake ,donkey ,Camel Ride ,lion ,leopards ,buffalos ,Baby Elephant ,Chimpanzees, rare shoe bill stork ,Ostriches and many others ,You can decide to spend your night here because lodges are available with beautiful accommodation facilities especially  those with children may find that which fits with the family.

Entebbe Botanical GardensThis is absolutely highlight of the most attractive places in Entebbe where everyone would wish to visit. The entire place is greener and is located along lake Victoria where you can refresh yourself by relaxing, swimming because the water is free from bilharzia. Visiting Entebbe Botanical gardens which is a home of a variety of species expect to encounter monkeys as they swing on the tree branches, to those who are bird lovers you can spot several beautiful bird species along here, flowers, tree species all these attraction can make you spend a full day here.  The Best time to visit this garden is during the weekdays when the place without of conjunction of people because people like to visit this wonderful natural garden almost on the daily basis, because of being a beautiful place to encounter some even carryout their birthday parties around, introduction ceremonies along here. Entebbe Botanical garden is the best place for a leisure walk, birding, parties, relaxation, swimming and many more.

Entebbe Beaches on Lake Victoria: Entebbe beaches are the best places to have fresh breathing, relaxing, sun drying, enjoying the cruise. Uganda is a land locked nation with several beautiful sandy  beaches over lake Victoria where you can have your delicious lunch and dinner at restaurant location on beach such beaches include ;Aero beach Resort beach ,lido ,Imperial ,spennah beach and many more provided for swimming ,relaxing ,play volley ball and later in the evening enjoy the beach music and dance with soft drinks among others.

Entebbe Golfing: This is the most enjoyable play on planet earth, golf was introduced to Uganda by the British Colonial Government when Uganda was still a British protectorate and during those colonial times, many modern things were brought in and some still exist, one of them is Golf. Entebbe having a conducive climate than Kampala as the capital city, that’s why the golf course was officially introduced along here in Entebbe.

Entebbe has got several Golf-courses in the area where Golfers enjoy this play on the pearl of Uganda. Today golfing is growing because of being an attractive game to play among the Ugandan middle class. You can enjoy golfing in Entebbe on an 18 Hole course or at Lake Serena Resort where you can have your night stay as well to enjoy your golf along here.

Mabamba Swamp: Mabamba Swamp which is positioned closer to Entebbe it can be easily accessed from Entebbe whether by car, ferry or arranging the boat trip. The boat ride through the swamp can be done in a fishing boat guided by the fishermen who know the best location of the swamp to spot out the rare and unique shoe bill stork and other water birds that are found here. The boat ride takes two to three hours to reach at mabamba swamp.

Zika forest: Zika forest its where the researchers first discovered the Zika Virus in late 1947. Today, there is no longer Zika Virus in zika forest of Uganda, the research which is still on going on here is only for the insect trap in the forest, researchers also to come up with important information for the scientific community of Uganda. Tourists visit this forest mostly to those who do birding, spotting out monkeys and since it is a butterfly destination you can as well view beautiful butterflies in the Zika forest.

Visiting the State House: In Uganda, state House is the official residence of the president of Uganda which is located at Entebbe 40 kilometers from south of Uganda’s Capital Kampala. The state House has got an official web site which presumes news and information about the president, first lady, Vice President and photos of the president that can be made on various tours. Many prominent people who toured this place because of its beautiful nice looking and most of our clients who have visited the State House can witness. 

Reptile Village: Entebbe offers several tourist attractions and among them, there is a reptile village where you can encounter huge snakes like vipers, mambas, Cobras, lizards, charming chameleons which you can allow walking on your hand without any danger on you, this is a truly humbling experience in a life time.

Craft shops: Beautiful craft shops are located within the Entebbe Airport offering with beautiful craft materials where you can visit and do souvenir shopping such as craft bags, neckless among others as for feature remembrance.

Munzinga Square Park: Munzinga stands for ‘’canon’’ in English word during the former president Idi Amin Dada this was the place where Ugandan troops stood for gunfire to defeat the plans that were being mentioned in the wrong way. The Canon is the one which makes Muzinga Square park to become a tourist attraction which is remarkable with the edict of 2 soldiers constructed next to it as a way of remembering the occurrences of that day.   

Accommodation in Entebbe

Travellers who can arrive on Entebbe Airport late in night you can sleep in beautiful accommodation facilities, because Entebbe town is modernized area which offers comfortable hotels and lodges ranging between luxury, mid-ranges, budget such hotels includes; Protea Hotel by Marriott, A home to Remember, Sky way Hotel, Airport Guest House, Entebbe Palm Hotel, Lake Height Hotel, Phenicia Motel, Airport View Hotel, The Guinea Fowl, Frontiers Hotel and many more.

Amazing Protea Beach Hotel in Entebbe

Entebbe international Airport is the only easiest means of Air transport for travelers who wish to Visit Uganda on tour for holidays or vacations. Entebbe is the official landing site to those who are flying in the country. Since Entebbe Airport the main landing site never leaves without encountering Entebbe’s attraction along Lake Victoria.

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