Entebbe town is one of the best known towns in central Uganda located in the South West Direction of Kampala Capital City. It is also found on the northern shores of Lake Victoria which is the largest lake in East Africa. Entebbe covers an area of 56.2 kilometres squared and is surrounded with water bodies. Almost a half of its land of about 26 kilometres is covered with water bodies. Entebbe is a town located in Wakiso district one of the big districts of Uganda.


Entebbe international Airport receives over 8 million international arrivals in year & it happens to be Uganda’s commercial and military airport. The town of Entebbe is also the residence of President of Uganda and at the same time its where the official offices of statehouse of Uganda is located i.e. Entebbe is the seat of power in the country.

In 2002 Entebbe’s population was estimated at about 55100 people and in 2010, the population had increased from 55,100 to 76,500 people. During 2014 the Entebbe’s population had reduced from 76,500 to 69,458.

Entebbe Airport became the main destination of international arrivals and departures in Uganda and it was opened in 1929. In 1952, queen Elizabeth 11 used this main Entebbe international airport to depart to Africa and returning back to England when she was informed about her father’s death and that she has become queen. The city of Entebbe is also known of the hosted final resolution talks to end M23 rebellion.

Entebbe town was chosen as the best place to build the Uganda virus research institute to provide space to conduct research about the international Aid vaccines initiative & the HIV vaccine program on the behalf of United Kingdom medical research Centre laboratories, United states Centre for Disease control and National institute of health. This institute is best done in research of infectious diseases like HIV, Tuberculosis, Malaria and other infectious diseases.

Entebbe town considered has the best city with very many attractions which the tourists can engage in and enjoy the beauty of Uganda as the pearl of Africa. These attractions include beaches, islands, schools and universities, the Entebbe golf course, Uganda reptile voltage, the conducive climate, snake park, the world life education Centre, nature walk at Entebbe botanical gardens, Ngamba island Chimpanzee Sanctuary with various species of chimpanzees and fishing on the shores of Lake Victoria. It also has the Entebbe Wildlife Education Center where you can do research about the  different Wildlife species in the zoo like zebras, elephants, lions, snakes, ostriches among others.

In Entebbe botanical gardens, visitors can do nature walk and can be able to see various species of birds, monkeys, flowers and mostly plant species/tree species and this can be done during weekdays when the people are few and it’s you to decide whether you will spend a full day or half day enjoying these beautiful creatures.

Entebbe is place where everyone refers you to go to because of very many beaches which are there. They are good for relaxation and someone who likes swimming, Entebbe is the best place to go to. Tourists can also be able to view where the sun sets from, enjoy the boat cruise and delicious dishes along this sandy beaches restaurant like Resort hotel, protea hotel, Goretti pizzeria, bar and grill.

Entebbe town is home to the historical site in Kigungu where the first catholic missionaries brother Amans and father Mon Maple lourdel landed to establish the catholic faith in Uganda.

Entebbe is also known as the place where the  oldest Golf course is located in East Africa called Entebbe Golf club which was established in 1900. It also has Nkumba University a big institution in Uganda’s Higher institutions of learning.

The town is such a developed town with very many types of banks, foreign exchange bureaus, post offices, ATM services, Business centers, Airport parking and very many others which makes Entebbe to be the most known town in the country.

Entebbe town is being surrounded with water bodies of Lake Victoria many visit there mainly for fishing and they can be able to catch different species of fish like Nile perch, Tilapia and other freshwater species of fish.

The town is also surrounded with swamps known as mabamba swamp though it’s small in size & tourists can be able to spot water birds like the shoebill stork, active stork, long crested eagle, cattle egrets during their nature walks around the swamp.

There is also snake park can’t be left behind because of very many species of snakes which are found with in this park like the  black mamba, cobra and very many others.

The way how one can reach to Entebbe will be by means of small buses from Kampala which takes 1 to 2 hours by road but depends on the traffic jam on the day you’re travelling. If you don’t know the fares or the location you can talk to minibus or tax conductor about the taxi fare.

A tour to Entebbe is very cheap and most of the features and attractions are very cheap or free even. Therefore it qualifies as a pure Uganda Budget Safari Destination.

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