Facts about Lake Mburo National Park

Facts about Lake Mburo National Park: Lake Mburo national park avail in the beautiful and wonderful appearance of the nature that remarks it to be a tourist destination to travellers who enjoy wildlife safari, horseback riding, birding, nature walk many more. And since the word facts means the truth about that recognised place, so here are the major facts about Lake Mburo national park.

Facts About Lake Mburo National Park

The park is perfectly located on the highway that connects travellers on Uganda safari from Kampala and is the only national park among the ten Uganda national park which sits close to Kampala the main city approximately 230 kilometres by road to western Uganda. And it can be reached through the Nshara gate and Sanga gate from Mbarara, through the Nshara gate it takes 48 km when coming from Kampala and Sanga gate it is 12km only. To note this is a safari destination in Uganda where one can view animals very closely on nature guided walks and horseback riding safaris besides game viewing in a vehicle.

Lake Mburo national park is an exceptional protected area rich in diverse and amazing features that varies in landscape such as the wet land and the natures with various mammals species and bird species of which are not found in any Uganda’s safari destination, rolling hills, golden savannah, forests, ancient rocks, grassland, woodland, grassy valley as well as five lakes and the one which is the largest is located inside the park named as Lake Mburo, other 14 lakes are surrounding the park. The savannah in the west are covered by rocky ridges and forested gorges. While in the past the savannah was much more open and now the large part of the park is covered by shrubs and low forest due to the absence the surrounding of buffaloes that would have eaten the vegetation in the savannah thus making it closed by shrubs and leading it to habitant of a dangerous animal. More so, the park inhabits a variety of wild species which has made the park to sound and to be a stopover haven for travellers on wildlife viewing safari in Uganda.

Another of the facts about Lake Mburo national park is that it is one of the smallest Uganda safaris destination, covering a total land about 260 square kilometres. Perhaps it has got admirable elevation that ranges between 1220 m-1828m above sea level. The park can be reached through using Mbarara – Makasa high way which takes a duration of about 3:15 hours from the west of Kampala city.

However, Lake Mburo national park has a magnificent view of its landscape that attracts a number of visitors who visit the park on Uganda wildlife safaris. The landscape such as the rewarding rolling hills, ancient’s rocks, golden savannah and a large number of wildlife species, the five lakes on the boundary of lake Mburo national park.

Lake Mburo national park has got very many reasons that are referred to its facts, in regard the park sounds with 14 blue pure lakes which are surrounded to the outside of the park but closer thus rewarding with visitors a stunning view, cool breath refreshment on their visit.

Lake Mburo national park boasts with very many animals out of these there are also animals that are not friendly to human presence and unto their fellow animals and these unfriendly animals are called predators. Of which lake Mburo national park inhabits both aquatic and land predators and these animals most likely put the lives of the travellers in danger that’s why travellers are recommended to always go with an armed ranger on the game driving, nature walk just in case if there is an attack in the middle of the jungle.

The land predators that can be spotted in Lake Mburo national park include the spotted hyena, side-striped jackal, white tailed mongoose. And the aquatic predators include the African crocodile that has no negotiations when it comes hand in hand with human being living fresh. Then the other three species of otters that are found in nice-looking blue waters of Lake Mburo national park. And due to the appearance of such mammals in the park, Uganda wildlife Authority a body that is in charge of all the national parks provides well-trained guide or ranger to the park in order to protect no one to be hurt on their safari to the park in order for the park to have a good record.

Animals found in Lake Mburo National park 

Lake Mburo national park boost with a variety of mammal species that has truly remarkable the park to be one of the best safari destinations on Uganda safaris and such animals include large herds of eland ,buffalos ,Impalas ,Burch Ellis zebra ,common savannah species like Oribi Defassa ,waterbuck ,Topi ,duiker and many more .Apart from the normal animals there are also the top predators known as the Leopard and Spotted Hyena ,the midsize predators include side striped Jackal and white tailed mongoose .There is also 2 species of primates like Vervet Monkey and Olive Baboon.

Since the park sounds with very many natures within, wetlands areas in lake Mburo national park inhabits with largest herds of the cape buffaloes, warthogs, bush pigs, hippos and sitatunga Gazelles.

Lake Mburo National park is a home to more than 350 bird species that in inhabits area of savannah and forest and to tourists who are birders, this can be the right destination for you and some of the birds you can expect to see here include; Green pigeon, Harrier Hawk, grey-backed cameroptera, double toothed barbet, Narina Trogon among others.

On our Uganda National Park safari, at Lake Mburo national park traveller can engage in very many stunning activities basing on your preferred tour package and such activities include; game drive, horseback riding, nature walk, boat cruise which can be done along Lake Mburo where you can be rewarded with sightseeing of bird species like fish eagles, Hammerkops, kingfishers, marabou stork, Narina trogons, rare shoe bill stork, African fin foot and water species.

Birds in Lake Mburo - Facts About Lake Mburo National Park
Birds in Lake Mburo – Facts About Lake Mburo National Park

However, Lake Mburo national park is a safe and secure park to visit on your safari and above all, these are the key facts about the park. To take this information at a serious note, you can book now for your tour package itinerary and marvel into such a beautiful and wondrous wilderness with stunning nature.

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