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 Famous Tourists Attractions in Uganda : Uganda is an East African country known as the ‘’Pearl of Africa’’ secure and hospitable. Above all, the country stands on Christianity standard which has helped to bring people in unite. Uganda’s capital is named as Kampala a verdant city whose plan includes dozens of small parks and public gardens along the scenic shore of Lake Victoria popularly known as Africa’s largest freshwater lake. The Swahili language has also been introduced in the country which has bought the East African neighboring countries Kenya and Tanzania in unite. Worthwhile, the culture, good climate and abundance of wildlife species have made Uganda a beautiful country in Africa, with its dense tropical forests, lakes, savannah grasslands and snow peaked mountains all these makes Uganda a unique destination to visit the country. Uganda’s destination is worth a visit because it has outstanding variety of attractions for tourists.

 Famous Tourists Attractions in Uganda

Below are the highlights of tourist’s attractions in the country of Uganda which can be visit on vacation or safaris as follows;

Uganda is a touristic destination where you can visit and never be disappointed to adventure its unique wildlife and currently Uganda boosts with over 196 animals including African bush elephant ,Leopards ,Mountain gorillas ,African lion ,Cape buffalos other species are warthogs ,water bucks ,Jackson hart beast ,Kobs ,Zebras ,Rothschild giraffes among others water species like Crocodile and hippos .More so ,there are over 142 reptile species ,501 fish species ,86 amphibian species ,345 mammal species and 1085 bird species  and over 1,242 beautiful butterfly species. All these bio diversity of species can be adventured in several different safari destinations such as Murchison Falls national park located in northwest region of Uganda famous for the thunderous waterfalls and biodiversity of wildlife ,Kidepo Valley national park in northeast Uganda region ,renown of be the true African wilderness and being a home of 86 wildlife species ,Queen Elizabeth national park Uganda’s second largest after Murchison Falls and one of the most visited park because of the unique tree climbing lions and diversity of wildlife ,Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national park famous to host the world’s half remaining population of endangered mountain gorillas ,located in south western region of Uganda ,Kibale Forest national park renown as a capital of primates with over 1,500 chimpanzee of the total of 5,000 individuals found in different areas of Uganda ,Semuliki National park famous for bird lovers ,located in western region ,among other places to visit.

Mountain Gorillas

Uganda is blessed to host the two national parks where mountain gorillas are encountered that is Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national park and Mgahinga Gorilla national park both are popularly known destination worldwide because of these unique mountain gorillas. Above all, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national park is the most visited since it ranks with half the population of gorillas that still exists in the wild with over 600 individuals of the total of 1064 mountain gorillas. However, one to be able to visit these great mountain gorillas must hold a valid permit that allows you to participate in Gorilla trekking experience which starts in the morning with a briefing about dos and don’ts of gorillas in the forest. This activity can take 2 to 6 hours trekking depending on their previous location but once are located trackers are given one hour to watch these rare species in their nature inhabits in a group of 8 people guided with the park ranger guides. You will be able to learn about their behaviors, feed, play, hunt and cater for the youngers as you enjoy memorable photoshoot.

 Famous Tourists Attractions in Uganda
Gorilla Trekking Safari

Climate and weather in Uganda

Fortunately, Uganda has a warm tropical climate with good temperature ranging between 25 to 29 degrees Celsius on the average. The months from December to February are the hottest good for safari holidays in the country’s national parks and during these seasons the evenings can be chilly with temperatures in the 17 to 18 degrees’ Celsius range.

Uganda’s most dry regions apart from northern areas, have an annual rainfall that ranges between 1,000melimetre and 1,500melimeters. However, the country receives rain between March and May and between September and November thus making road travel impassible in some parts of Uganda. The best time for trekking or Uganda safari is during dry seasons between January and February and June to August. Wildlife viewing is quite rewardable at the end of the dry seasons when game is more concentrated around water sources. Essentials required to carry with you on safari to Uganda include good walking shoes to hike in the forest trekking, long sleeved tops to protect against mosquitoes, lightweight clothes with a warm cover up for the evenings, Knee-length skirts or dress, insect repellent, sweater, hat and those planning to visit mountainous areas make sure you carry warm clothing according to mountainous temperature, carry dull clothes because white cloth won’t stay in its color with Uganda’s red dust roads thus  Famous Tourists Attractions in Uganda.

Uganda’s hospitable people and its unique Culture

Uganda people are very hospital honored with their unique culture or tribe and way of life. The country is one of the best African safari destination because of variety in attraction to tourists. Therefore, wildlife, beautiful land scape, cool weather, historic sites and abundance in bird species   as well as different interesting tribes are very hospital, with more than 50 tribes found in Uganda. Each tribe has its unique and amazing traditional norms and dances very interesting like the Baganda traditional dance, Luo, Ankole among others.

Source of the Nile

The source of the Nile acts as a famous tourist attraction in Uganda, since it outstands as the Longest River in the world because of the Greek which means valley and estimates the length of about 6.700kilomters. The White Nile rises in Lake Victoria Uganda and sits on this largest lake of Africa at Ripon Falls near Jinja in Uganda, of about 500 kilometers from Victoria Nile that flows in northern direction passing through the famous Murchison Falls the river that flows into Lake Albert and continues to flow via South Sudan and enter Sudan and continues the northern section of the river flows through desert into Egypt. More so, the Nile is the world’s landmark and for it passing through Uganda it attracts millions of foreigners from all over the world to be their stopping place of visit with rewarding sight of the Nile. Jinja town can be accessed few driving hours from Kampala Capital. On your visit here, you can engage in different amazing activities such as Bungee Jumping, Kayaking, water rafting, Horse riding and Quad Biking among others.

 Famous Tourists Attractions in Uganda
Source of the Nile

Namugongo Martyrs Shrine

The Namugongo Martyrs shrine is a place of believers where 32 Anglican martyrs were burnt alive because of their faith in God. For that great reason, the world usually flocks in here to pay their respect in honor of worshipping to the Lord and renew their faith by paying pilgrimage to the martyrs on very 3rd June each year.

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