Fishing Safaris in Uganda  : Uganda’s half land is inhabited with water bodies and the largest water bodies in country is the Lake Victoria that offers a great opportunity for hooking one of the world’s largest fresh water fish species and the most caught fish is the Nile perch. Those who enjoy most this experience are the one on their leisure time. Fishing experience can be conducted half or full day excursions for catch and release of the Nile Perch for over 15 years and the experience ensures you the best spots, methods and knowledgeable skippers who have a good command of the English language.

Traditional Fishing Season

 The best fishing time happens in rainy season in months of April and May

Methods Used /Fish Caught

Nile perch is the best caught fish which can weigh between 5 to 25 kilograms, usually hooked perch, although they are occasions of heavier fish being found. Other methods to use is trolling with lures which is the main method of fishing used.

Fishing Safaris in Uganda
Fishing Safaris in Uganda

Types of Boats Used

 The speedboat that runs between 18 and 30 foots ‘’6-10 meters’’, powered by twin outboard engines used. More so, the boat has a large seating capacity to cater for a maximum of 4 people fishing at any one time. Fibre glass 24-foot-long canoe powered by an outboard engine which is available for smaller groups of 2 to 3 fishermen for day trips but not overnight.

 Equipment & Facilities on Board.

Where fishing trips is done they have well equipped boats with overhead sun canopy, rain suits, life jackets, mobile phone, basic first aid box and fire extinguisher on board for your safety. On board there can be a cooler box for cold drink storage.

All equipment and lure for trolling for perch for up to ‘’4’’ four lines per boat on work but anglers are free to bring their own equipment’s. If lure is damaged or lost, you will be requested to pay some amount of money between 20 -25 USD each if lost.

Day Trips –Timings

 Generally, fishing trips normally starts around morning hours 9:00am or 1:00 pm and then you return back at around 12:30pm or 5:00pm in the evening with a full day which can last 8 hours on the water and a half day around 4 hours. Note; fishing can be done around inlets as well as islands, estimating a 30 – 45 minutes’ boat trip from Entebbe.

While on boat, you’re free to enjoy your picnic lunch boxes provided with a cool box of soft drinks, mineral water and sodas and tea and coffee. Furthermore, Anglers brings along additional drinks required.

Best places to do Fishing Safari in Uganda;

Below are the best places where sport fishing Uganda safaris can be carried out and please note Uganda has got unique and adventurous sites for your fishing holidays, places include;

 Murchison Falls National park Uganda’s largest national park that boosts with biodiversity of wildlife and one of the best place to do fishing which can be conducted on Victoria Nile by the help of the experience guide.

Lake Victoria; On visit to the pearl of Africa on sport fishing tours, you can do fishing experience along Lake Victoria which stands as the largest lake in Uganda and the second largest lake entirely with its freshwaters.

Fishing Safaris in Uganda
Fishing on Lake Victoria

Visit Jinja –Source of the Nile a longest river in the world with lots amazing attractions such as sport fishing. Other activities to do; bungee jumping, water rafting, horse riding which you can combine with sport fishing to do on safari.

Lake Mburo; Lake Mburo is also home for doing sport fishing. Lake Mburo lies in side Lake Mburo National Park. At the lake you will be able to do boat cruise, wildlife views such as hippos, crocodiles, buffaloes, elephants ,antelopes among others.

What to Carry with you on board?

These are the essential things to carry with you includes hats, sunglasses, creams since it can be quite hot out on the lake, ‘’average day time temperature are in the mid to late 20 degrees Celsius. Best essentials used include; sandals which helps you getting on and off the boat! Insect repellents are also good idea, pair of binoculars if you are keen on birding as well as a camera which helps to capture the big fish. You must wear light clothing like T-shirts and shorts are essential, rain jacket is also recommended in case of bad weather and a sweater or light jacket for cooler weather and the evenings.

Other Related Question about Fishing;

Which type of fish is commonly caught in Uganda?

The commonly caught fish in Uganda are the Nile Tilapia and Nile Perch and other fish types to see include; cat fish, silver fish and spat.

What is fishing in Uganda?

The main sport fishing methods in Uganda is by using casting lures or a live bait. But casting lures are particularly suitable for catching the Nile Perch. Then the smaller Tiger fish is often caught by bait.

Visit Uganda today on sport fishing safaris and tours that offers remarkable sport fishing in Uganda Safari tours.

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