Flights to Semuliki National Park; Semuliki National Park is approximately 5 to 6 hours by road and by air it takes few hours to land to landing. However, the park   is located in Bundibugyo districts in the western region of Uganda and was established in 1993 as a national park covering an area of about 219 square kilometers comprising of lowland tropical rainforest.  Semuliki National park is a true birding hoven with various endemic species and boosts as one of the richest areas to see floral and faunal biodiversity in Africa as well as butterfly species to thrill while on Uganda Budget Safaris . More then, the park is managed by ‘’UWA’’ Uganda Wildlife Authority.

Location; The park is located on Uganda’s border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo and also lies at the rim of the Albertine Rift.  It sits on a flat landform that ranges from 670 to 760 meters above the sea level.

 Semuliki is a home to wide range of forest birds such as ground thrush, Sassi’s olive greenbul and horn bill among others.

The park is inhabitant of over 60 mammal species including leopard, hippopotamus, Mona monkey, water chevrotain, bush babies, African civet, elephants, pygmy scaly-tailed flying squire, and over eight primate’s species and more than 460 butterfly species.

Flights to Semuliki National Park
Flights to Semuliki National Park

Visitors on visit here can engage in birdwatching, walking to the savannah grassland hiking through an interesting trail ‘Kirumia Trail’ and visit the Sempaya hot springs where the water is hot enough to cook eggs and plantain.

 Semuliki Flight Schedule – Aerolink Uganda Airlines -Semuliki Airstrip

Entebbe ‘’EBB’’ to Semuliki National Park ‘’KSE’’- Nonstop flights takes 1:13 hours

  • Aerolink Uganda 1111 -EBB –KSE -Runs from Monday to Saturday –Depart at 07:00pm and Arrives at 08:35pm in the night.
  • Aerolink Uganda 1112 –EBB- KSE -Runs from Monday to Saturday – Departs at 12:00pm and Arrives at 14:15 pm. All flights to fly between these hours will be valid till June 2023.

Other Flight Schedules –Operated by Semuliki National Park

However, all domestic flights run to Uganda’s Nationals and there are several Airlines such as Aerolink Uganda, Bar Aviation, Eagle Air and FLY Uganda and most of them have their offices or book their scheduled or charter flight at Entebbe International Park or at Kajjansi Airstrip.

Other Schedule time table by Aerolink to Semuliki National Park.

From Entebbe to Semuliki flight –Departs 07:00am and Arrives at 1005

From Semuliki to Entebbe -Departs 10:20 am and Arrives 11:25am

From Entebbe to Semuliki -Depart 10:15am and Arrives 12:05pm

From Semliki to Entebbe – Depart 12 :20am and Arrives 13:30pm

From Entebbe to Semuliki – Departs 12:00pm and Arrives 14:15 pm

From Semuliki to Entebbe -Departs 14:20pm and Arrives 16:15pm

Passengers traveling from Semuliki airstrip can connect their journey to a visit Mweya, Kasese, Kihihi and Kisoro airstrip.

By Road Transport to Semuliki National Park

From Kampala to Semuliki National Park is approximately 5hours to 6 minutes including the transfers. Then in distance it covers about 286 kilometers between Kampala and Semuliki National Park

Travel Semuliki Without – Car

 The best way to get from Kampala to Semuliki National Park without a car is to travel by bus via Fort portal. In hours takes 5 to 6 hours.

Flights to Semuliki National Park
Semuliki Wildlife

The fact about Aerolink –This is an outstanding leading private domestic flight that provides services to Uganda Safari Destination. It does not only serve Uganda but to several urban commercial cities and their home base is Kenya. However, flying is not a viable domestic transport option for most travelers in Uganda we also see number of visitors choose travel by safari vehicles.

Note; In East Africa Safaris Aerolink Airline is one of the best vacations most of visitors use to fly to different Uganda safari destination in order to keep experience of flying in memorable life time on African continent.

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