Gorilla Groups In Volcanoes National Park : Volcanoes National park is located 2 hours away from Kigali in the Northeastern of Rwanda within Musanze district and it is considered to be among the smallest national parks in the country, which covers a total surface area of about 160 square kilometers. Volcanoes national park is situated within Kingi sector and it surrounded around five volcanoes where tourists can hike through such as; Sabinyo, Karismbi, Muhabura and Gahinga. However, this national park is a home to over 340 endangered mountain gorilla species that are considered to be the prime attraction within Volcanoes national park and it has led to many people to travel from all different parts of the world to participate in gorilla trekking which always happens all year around hence leading to a great development of the tourism industry of Rwanda.

Volcanoes national park is known to be the best home for mountain gorilla species within the country because it is situated on an area with a high altitude which gorillas prefer and the gorilla trekking activities are done in two sessions for example in the morning and evening. However, the morning hours are considered to best time because the species always seem more active and tourists get chances to sight see them in large numbers are they always seen moving out of their dens moving around the national park searching for food. More so, Volcanoes national park is surrounded with an evergreen bamboo forest covered with grassland areas, heath and swamps, which act as good natural habitats for the species.

Gorilla Groups found in Volcanoes National park.

Volcanoes National park is a home to over 10 habituated  gorilla groups that are always available for research purposes and for tourists to see and it is noted that each of these gorilla groups, they are being named depending on different circumstances and each groups is being led by a silverback however, when a young silverback happens to challenge the dominant silverback, it is his fault to take responsibility of stealing some females from the other existing gorilla groups and then be able to form his own gorilla family/group.  More so, for tourists to track these gorilla groups, they are encouraged to purchase gorilla trekking permits through the tour operator, which is always charged at fee if about 500 USD per person for the foreign Africans and 200 USD per person for the East African citizens. Therefore, here are some of the gorilla groups that can be found within this park.

Hirwa Gorilla group.

The Hirwa gorilla groups is well known to have emerged from the other existing gorilla groups after Munyinya the silverback left Susa with around 2 females and managed to get other members from other groups like; Sabinyo and then he formed his own family.

Amahoro gorilla group.

Amahoro gorilla group is situated in the uphill therefore which requires the trekkers to hike and climb the steep slopes until they be able to reach the territory of this gorilla family which is always worth the climbing. More so, a calm silverback who is named as Ubumwe and the word the Amahoro means “Peaceful” leads Amahoro gorilla group.

Kwitonda Gorilla group.

Kwitonda gorilla group is well known to be the moderately gorilla group that tourists always find difficult to trek because it situated within the upper slopes of mount Muhabura and it is noted that this gorilla family migrated from the Democratic Republic of Congo and then settled  permanently within Volcanoes national park in Rwanda. More so, Kwitondo gorilla group is being led by a dominant silverback named as Kwintonda, which means a “Humble one”.

Sabyinyo Gorilla group.

Sabinyo gorilla group is one of the easily trekked and easily accessed gorilla family because it is close to the Volcanoes national park headquarters, which saves a lot of time. More so, Sabinyo gorilla group is known to have been named after one of the volcanoes found within the park such as; a silverback named Guhonda is leading Mount Sabinyo and it. This gorilla group has few members compared to other gorilla families found within the park but it is an impressive family that is always trekked by many tourists.

 Umubano gorilla group.

A silverback named Charles who is known to have broken off from the Amahoro gorilla group and left with some females to form his own gorilla group is leading Umubano gorilla group. More so, the word Umubano means, “Living together”.

Agashya gorilla group.

The Agashay gorilla group is a gorilla family that used to have around 13 members during the habituation process but currently, it has approximately around 25 members and it is being led by a silverback named as Agashya, which explains well the reason as to why the name of the group changed from group 13 to Agashya gorilla group.

Ugenda gorilla group.

Gorilla Groups In Volcanoes National Park
Ugenda gorilla group

The genda gorilla group was formed due to its unique behaviours of always moving from one place to another more especially around the Karisimbi area. Therefore, tourists planning to trek this gorilla group should come in ready to be able to hike through this volcano in order to be able to trek this gorilla group.

Susa Gorilla group.

Susa gorilla group is famously known as the largest gorilla group found in Volcanoes national park which is a home to over 41 gorillas and it is a group that was studied by Dian Fossey. More so, this gorilla group is known for having twins who are named as; Impano and Byishimo but it is always abit difficult to trek this group because it ranges within the high mountains.

Apart from the mentioned gorilla groups above, there are other more gorilla families can be trekked while on a gorilla trekking safari in volcanoes national park and these include; Titus gorilla group and Bwenge gorilla group among others.

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