Hiking to the top of the Falls | Murchison Falls National Park

Hiking to the top of the falls is one of the most interesting activities that one can engage in when they visit Murchison Falls National Park in UgandaHiking to the top of the falls can be combined together with the Nile boat cruise to the bottom of the falls. In fact, the falls can be also reached by car but it seems hiking is the better way to reach the top of the falls through passing in rewardable viewing of nature wonders. Hiking to the top of the falls gives a possibility of engaging in activities like Bird Watching and also to enjoy the rewardable spectacular view of the Nile and the scenery of Murchison falls national park’s landscape.

Hike to the top of the falls

However, reaching to the top of falls, a traveler can decide to use boat cruise to sail on waters of River Nile at the base of the Murchison falls accompanied with experienced group who are set to do the hike to the top of the falls, you will set off and you will find ranger on top waiting for you to start the exciting hike.

When you reach the Nile bank, you will have to set off the boat to the starting point of the hike up the Murchison Falls. The hike begins right off at the famous baker’s point of the certain European Explorer who discovered the area in those ancient years, famously known as Sir Samuel Baker. This point it’s where baker stood on a huge rock, and if you are interested you can as well stand on this point to take pictures as you encounter the beautiful falls which were declared in late 1864 as Murchison Falls, which has turned into a famously known falls today and has built Uganda’s tourism hub. 

A tour guide is always provided to give out full information about the area by explaining to the travellers the certain features and also answering your questions.

Amazingly, this is a place where you can feel free with its fresh breath taking and above all its coolness refreshes your mind. The white water which forms these falls make one to intrigue into exciting and wondering about this natural feature. The moment you reach here you will discover about the force which comes from white water through the narrow space between the rock causing the form, and the tour guide provided will be able to explain to you how the falls evaporates into water and decompose, as they mix with some rock mineral, they end up forming white form as water comes gushing out of the narrow plum. When a traveler decides to stand at that point  will ideally have clear viewing of Murchison falls as you take lots of photoshoots. 

After the traveler’s moment to enjoy the splendid views of the Murchison falls which can last just a few minutes, you will be briefed then after the ended clicks of the camera. You will have to begin the hike which can last for about 45 minutes from the bottom of the falls but depending on how big the group is and even how fit everyone is. The hiking done on top of falls is something rejuvenating experience, which strengthen your joints, makes your blood run thoroughly all your vein and also make your blood pressure at the normal level.

Hiking to the top of the falls will expose to you the hidden features, spectacular mother nature’s wondrous gorge known as devil cauldron. Along here the gorge is the most amazing view in the park. You will have a spectacular sighting of water masses trying to squeeze through the narrow gorge of about six meters. To note, the force to which the water mixes through the gorge is too much in a way that it makes the ground tremble with vibrations. The roars of the water expose the beauty of nature through thunderous and hitting the rocks are magnificent.    

Hiking to the top of the falls can be as if you’re running a huge marathon that gets you a gold medal at the winning end like to any other hike, you have involved in before, all you need is to be physically fit in the body. To hike till the top of falls, you will have to keep ascending until you reach the top, through ascending, you will feel as if your crawling at some point from exhaustion and yet to every step you ascend, when you reach the fall’s magnificent view you will even better through viewing Uhuru falls which was formed as a result of breaking away of water from the falls, forming another fall right in the same year Uganda got independence in 1962 thus naming it ‘’Uhuru’’ a Kiswahili name that means independence, however, the scenery at this point is rewardable.  

Perhaps, when a traveler makes it at the top of the falls, can be able to enjoy panoramic view of the splashing waterfall from above, get chance to see as many beautiful butterflies, sightsee numerous bird species and the vegetation around is also amazing and the old rock which will give you a feel of the geography which you have heard about before or you have never read about.

Hike to the top of the falls
Hike to the top of the falls

Essentials to carry on your hiking safari to Murchison Falls

Hiking sneakers, light clothes, right gears, clear camera, waterproof bag, energy snacks, Glucose, insect repellent among other things you may require to pack for your safari.

Lastly, the hike you will encounter at the top of falls in Murchison falls national park will make you to forget all the pain in body joints and as well as having cool fresh air blows away the exhaustion in a truly natural wonder. Perhaps you may buy souvenir things at the craft shop within the park to take back home for your remembrance. The tour you will make to Murchison falls national park through hiking will refresh your mind and have wonderful experience forever.

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