Hot Air Balloon in Murchison Falls National Park

Hot Air Balloon in Murchison Falls National Park is a unique way of experiencing the wildlife from a flying ballon that is floating in air. You will wake up early in the morning to catch up with the sunrise as you enjoy flying over the plains of Murchison Falls National Park. You will have a spectacular view of elephants, herds of buffaloes, the splashing waters of the falls, the view of the African bushes and above all is a perfect kind of activity for the honeymoon, which is truly a memorial experience in your lifetime.

Hot Air Balloon in Murchison

Though Balloon safaris are not a common activity in Uganda, recently was introduced by Uganda wildlife Authority and now hot air balloon safaris can only be done in Murchison falls national park which is the largest protected area in Uganda. The park boasts of very many natural wonders around it and variety of wildlife species, the unique Victoria Nile where you can experience the splashing water. The park is located in the northwestern region of Uganda, approximately 3 to 4 hours from northwest of the Capital city of Uganda – Kampala.

However, Balloon safari was introduced in the country under these recognized companies:

  • The dream balloons which is a registered company and certified fully in 2011.
  • Balloon safari tours limited a newly established Ugandan company which was officially opened in February 2014 to create a tourist attraction in the Uganda’ s national parks.

These companies are fully registered with a license that shows that they are allowed to operate the stunning hot air balloons over Uganda from recognized service “Uganda Civil Aviation” which is a designated authority for this activity, the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA), & Uganda Communication Commission (UCC). They were all registered under these recognized services before being introduced to Uganda’s national parks. And they have also obtained other licenses such as trading license, investment license among many. To note in 2011 it’s when hot air balloon was launched in Murchison falls national park.

Formerly, the hot air balloons were manufactured at Kubicek Balloons in the Czech Republic during those ancient years. And as we talk its ready in Uganda, recently the company had one balloon under process of registering mark X5-BTA that can accommodate 16 persons. That very soon it will be launching a second balloon [ X5-BTB] which can consist up to 24 persons. The balloon tour limited has enough experiential of years to over 10 years and the workers are professional well-trained pilots that manage minimum of 1000 hours of flying this gorgeous hot air balloon from different types and sizes. The flying experts have been known in Egypt, Turkey and now they are also in Uganda. The company has an insurance through a recognized insurance company known as UAP with a British Insurance Company with average total of USD 500, 000. It is amazing that balloon tours were the first company to receive approval from Uganda’s Civil Aviation Authority to undertake the hot air balloon rides around the safari destination. 

In Murchison falls national park, hot air balloon activity is done near Paraa Lodge which is a great area for wildlife viewing in the park. Where you can also be able to watch the mammals at the last minute preparation of the balloon such as pumping air into the balloon before you could decide to fly high during the morning hours, but they will first brief you about the safety precautions, rules, and regulation to be followed as you get ready to hop abroad the balloon. While you’re up you will get amazed with the rewardable view of the savannah below you will sightsee huge kinds of wildlife where you will end up with vibrant and wondrous experience on Uganda safaris in Murchison falls.

Hot air balloon at the Murchison falls national park creates a rewardable feature in the park, that is the spectacular scenic view of Murchison falls national park, viewing of hidden animals, rewardable view of lake Albert and Nile Victoria, the pickups from the different destination, amazing bush breakfast experience in the wild, interesting ferry crossing and the ride on the hot air balloon that takes an hour and many more.

What is the best time to do hot air balloon in Murchison?

The transfer of the passengers through piloting, balloons and ground crew to pick the right spot for take-off. Hot air balloon can be positioned at limited designated sites where the wild animals are kept to a minimum. After the experiencing weather test for wind direction and the final take-off place, visitors can be served hot coffee tea and also refreshments whereas the balloon is being assembled. Then cold inflation takes place to be controlled by hot inflation. But before visitors flight, they have to first brief them about the safety precautions. 06:15 am is Takeoff time.

The flight takes a place that estimates 1 hour varying from 45 minutes up to 1:15hours depending on the amount of fuel onboard. Interestingly, the passenger has to be combined with the weight, the temperature of the air is being considered also and if the pilot finds the suitable landing site it can be an awesome activity. The hot air balloon flies at an average altitude range in the air from the treetops up to 2500 feet and 760meters. This height allows travelers to enjoy the activity with unique spectacular views of forests, animals, landscape and as well as having a great chance of photography on the scenery and the wildlife species.

However, this impressive hot air balloon starts early in the morning at 6:15 am and the landing time is 07:15 am. The landing time is also full of exciting and wondrous view and after landing there is possibility of celebrating with sparkling wine, other non-alcoholic drinks and where you can be served with a full delicious English bush breakfast. And each passenger who have participated in hot air balloon will be honored with a balloon safari certificate as appreciative souvenir of this unique adventure and then after at 8:30 am guests have to return to the lodge for other activities. 

How much does hot air balloon activity cost?

Hot Air balloon experience costs USD 380 per person per day.

Children who are meant to engage in this remarkable activity must be 12 years old and they receive 50% off the adult price.

The activity rates to be followed include balloon flight, refreshment must be done before and after the flight and balloon certificates are given out.  

Tips about Hot Air Balloon

  • The hot air balloon flights are offered on a daily route yearly unless the weather does not support it.
  • Flights take place in amount of wind which is less than 10 knots but with no rain and storms in the immediate area. The flights must be having visibility of at least 4km.
  • There is a maximum capacity of 16 people to engage in this amazing activity but smaller numbers share with other passengers.
  • To participate in hot air balloon there is minimum age of 6 years unless it’s a request from the parent respectively.
  • Hot air balloon experience takes 3-4 hours and starts in the morning hours whereby they expect passengers to return to their lodges at around 09:00-10:00 am in order to en route with game drive.
  • Since it is a flyover an activity, the flight is not high enough for a change in temperature so it does not require a traveler to carry dressing code that can fit with the weather, the day temperature remains the same. But remember to carry your clear cameras with enough batteries, binoculars and a protective bag ‘’day pack bag. 
  • If the weather condition changes and persists, the balloon safari may not be done and if it happens a traveler has to be given back full refund. Another option is that if a traveler has another morning in the park, he might experience the balloon safari the next morning in order to try it again.
Hot Air Balloon in Murchison
Hot Air Balloon in Murchison

For travelers who enjoy hot air balloon safaris please you should book in advance from the tour operator or tour company to do your reservation process in time or else you can contact us Achieve global safaris for more details on your balloon safari plus accommodation facilities. This is truly a memorial experience that you will ever think about on your safari in Uganda.

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