In Which District Is River Katonga Found? : River Katonga is situated in Lukaya in Kalungu district and located within the Southwestern region of Uganda and it is among the top fresh water bodies in the country which is about 220 kilometers long and this river is a continuous between other popular waterbodies such as; Lake Victoria and Lake George. More so, River Katonga is situated a few kilometers from the famous Katonga Wildlife reserve and between months of March to May and from October to November, it is noted that during this period of time the water levels of the swampy areas normally tends to increase due to the fact that water is always forced to change and drain towards the western side from the swamp.

In Which District Is River Katonga Found

More so, the main mouth of River Katonga drains into Lake Victoria which is situated near Lukaya and then flows into the Lake George near Mpanga within Kamwenge district. River Kafu is also recorded to be flowing into several districts such as; Gomba, Sembabule, Bukomansimbi, Ibanda, Butambala, Mubende, Kirihura and Mityana. And the waters of this river have been used for community use by the local people.

Katonga Wildlife reserve which is situated along the banks of River Katonga is known to have been established during 1998 and it covers a total surface area of about 211 square kilometers. More so, River Katonga is dominated by different species of flora and fauna, this area is also surrounded with savannah grasslands, acacia scrubland, woodlands, and there are permanent and seasonal swamps that are patched with tropical and riverine forests among others.


River Katonga is also a perfect adventourous destination to choose to travel to while on a safari in Uganda because it is known to be a home to over 40 mammal species that tourists can spot as they tour along the banks and while sailing on the river. And some of these animals to see include; waterbucks, reed duck, river otter elephants, the Uganda Kob, warthogs, zebras, bush bucks, impalas, sitatunga and many other primate species such as; olive baboons, white and black colobus monkeys and many others.

In Which District Is River Katonga Found
Wildlife At Katonga Wildlife reserve


River Katonga is considered as a birding destination due to the fact that it harbours around 150 bird species that tourists can spot within and nearby the wildlife reserve and some of these bird species that can be easily spotted include; saddle billed storks, grey crowned cranes, African fish eagles, papyrus gonolek and many others.

Tourist Activities to do in and around River Katonga.

Guided Nature Walks.

Tourists exploring around River Katonga can always opt to embark onto guided nature walks along the banks of the river whereby the park guides who lead them different trails always accompany them. And during these guided walks, individuals always get chances to get close to the beautiful nature , be able to sight see several bird species and it is always an extra ordinary way to see various vegetation. And while on these walks that tend to also stretch to Katonga wildlife reserve as they being accompanied by park guides, they always get opportunities to overlook at wildlife species such as; sitatunga, impalas, waterbucks, warthogs and Uganda kobs among others.

Canoe Rides.

Embarking onto the Canoe rides is one of the best ways to explore through different areas around the Katonga River because it is always from these rides that tourists get opportunities to see many wildlife species and birds as well as the beautiful vegetation within the surrounding.

Bush Camping.

The Uganda Wildlife Authority is a government agency programme, which is responsible for managing and maintaining all the fully functional campsites within the Katonga wildlife reserve. Therefore, bush camping is always considered to be among the must do and interesting activity while one visits within the reserve.

More so, apart from the above-mentioned activities, tourists can also participate into other several activities such as; bird watching where tourists will be blessed with chances to sight see to both aquatic and wetland bird species such as; grey crowned cranes, saddle-billed storks, papyrus gonolek and many others. Tourists can also go for wildlife viewing, community visits and cultural encounters, swimming and many others. In addition, the best time that individuals can opt to visit is during the dry season, which is between months of July to September and from December to February and many others.

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