Is It safe to do Safari Uganda Tours in low season; Absolutely yes! Though it’s a common answered question to the first travelers to visit Uganda for holiday while wondering Is it safe or good do Uganda safari tours in low seasons? Yes, during low seasons it’s when the country receives few visitors visiting different safari destinations such as National Parks, Cultural sites, Lodges, City tour sites and so much more. In low season it’s that time when the country endowed with such attraction like scenic landscape with green nature though it receives fewer or sometimes no tourists.

The low seasons in Uganda tend to happen in the months of April, May, November thus leading to low number of tourists, Is It Safe to Do Safari Uganda Tours in Low Season.

What happens during low seasons in Uganda –Uganda Holiday Tours.

 During low season in Uganda, there can be less number of visitors to National Parks and other tourist’s sites and lodges are never at their full capacity. Although, the low season in Uganda are the busy periods in outside country who tend to visit Uganda safari destination on high percentage, countries like Europe and the United States of America in other words are the major source of tourists to Uganda. Thus leading the country –Uganda to receive fewer tourists compared to the high season.

Is It Safe to Do Safari Uganda Tours in Low Season
Chimpanzee trekking in Kalinzu Forest Reserve

In the above mentioned wet –low season of the month of April, May and November, it rains heavily and Uganda being a main stopping destination to encounter the unique primates as portrayed by many travelers, tourists do not think trekking gorillas or chimpanzee in dump conditions. Note, during this period of time trekking trails to find gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park can be slippery and muddy thus causing discomfort to clients trekking these unique primates. Though gorilla and chimpanzee trekking –tracking experience can be done throughout the year and chances of allocating them is high at ‘’98%’’ since these activities are well organized. And the best way to easy your bookings at affordable price or at a time doing your safari at discount during the low season, you need to contact or get in touch with a trust worth tour operator. If you don’t mind you can contact us Achieve Global and organize for you the best, Is It Safe to Do Safari Uganda Tours in Low Season.

Advantages of booking a Uganda safari to encounter gorillas in Uganda;

 There are many advantages of planning a booking to Uganda’s Safari most especially in low seasons. During the months of April, May and November, the governmental body responsible for updating the Uganda tariff about all the fees to be paid to the Uganda’s National Parks such as fees for activities, primates –chimpanzee- gorillas permits, park entrance fees, named as ‘’UWA’’ Uganda Wildlife Authority that offers gorilla and chimpanzee permits discount which is always announced once in year. However, it enables all those interested to save some money on permits. Like gorillas and chimpanzee, no one can visit these unique primates without a valid permit which are sold at Uganda Wildlife Authority. Meaning, a gorilla or chimpanzee permits is a document that allows you to spend one hour with habituated mountain gorillas or chimpanzees Uganda National Park of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park which are both home for mountain gorillas. Kibale National park a home for habituated chimpanzees and still home to the capital of primates.

Please note, money paid for the gorilla or chimpanzee permits includes one hour provided to spend with these rare primates as you learn how they survive in their nature inhabitants and social behaviors and government fees. You shouldn’t hesitate for more information; you can contact us Achieve Global Safaris through email or phone.

Interestingly; during low season in Uganda most lodges tend to reduce their accommodation rates up to 20% better way again tourist’s visit during the low seasons. All these are done to attract more visitors to feel comfortable for more days of visit in the park. If you book your Uganda safari during the low season, you get chances to enjoy these discounts compared to bookings in the high season, Is It Safe to Do Safari Uganda Tours in Low Season.

Despite that Uganda Wildlife Authority is the one responsible to reduce the park entry fees for Savannah National Parks such as Murchison Falls, Queen Elizabeth, Kidepo Valley, Lake Mburo many more. Due to the complete packages less expensive for average travelers visiting Uganda. Still during low season, there can be small number of visitors visiting these safari destinations as you enjoy the parks with few number of visitors in the park.

Disadvantage of planning –booking a safari in Uganda in Low season;

Since there many discounts offered to activities to do in the national parks during the low seasons in Uganda, within the rainy season in Uganda it makes activities like gorilla trekking, chimpanzee tracking to be hard because the trekking trails can be slippery and muddy thus causing difficult in hiking to and fro. Just imagine trekking gorilla’s full day while raining. For this case, we do encourage our visitors who are planning to visit Uganda most specially to encounter mountain gorillas or chimpanzees to come with the comfortable gears. For more information, you can visit our websites about gorilla trekking experience. Though gorilla trekking requires one to be physically fit in the body in order to manage the hike and if you have heavy luggage you can hire a porter who will help you during your hike to make sure that your dream of seeing mountain gorillas and chimpanzees becomes successful.

Is It Safe to Do Safari Uganda Tours in Low Season
Bwindi Gorilla Tours

How to plan a primate safari during low season in Uganda?

 You should entrust a good contact with a trust worthy tour operator to organize for you Low season Uganda Safaris on behalf of our guests. When the low season comes, we first check out all available discounts on gorilla and chimpanzees permits, park fees and lodges. Then after accepting the low season safari tour packages which can be favorable for you.  To the tourists interested visiting Uganda in low season safaris should send us an email and check the available services and later we shall send the affordable quotes.

Get started planning for low season safaris in Uganda to enjoy the affordable quotes with remarkable activities to do.

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