Ishasha Sector

Ishasha sector is recognised for its famous tree-climbing lions which are the highest inhabitants in this are with other mammals. The Ishasha sector is located within Queen Elizabeth national park and within this sector, travelers can view lions hanging on branches of the fig trees while waiting for their predators mostly the Uganda kobs which are the main food to these kings of the jungle that graze in the plains of the ishasha sector.

Tree Climbing Lions in Ishasha Sector

The ishasha sector is positioned closer to the fur most south-western edge of Queen Elizabeth National park which is the second-largest Uganda national park where most of the travellers prefer to embark on Uganda wildlife safaris because of these attractive tree-climbing lions. However, this sector offers a remarkable landscape of the magnificent park which is considered differently from other sections found in Queen. The ishasha sector is a natural habitant to the notable tree climbing lions which are truly unique in this area. Above all the male lions have black manes that beautify them with their huge bodies. 

However, Queen Elizabeth national park being the second biggest national park in Uganda, it has many attractive sections within, whereby most tourists who visit the park on Uganda wildlife tours, usually visit Mweya peninsular which is also an open savannah grassland a home to variety of mammals no knowing that Ishasha sector provides with spectacular game drive for viewing of these famous tree-climbing lions as well as other great diversity of wildlife.

Uganda is an awesome country to host such gorgeous tree climbing lions which can be found in only two countries in the entire world such as Uganda and Tanzania. In Uganda, they can be found in the Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth National park in western region of Uganda and in Tanzania, they are inhabitants of Lake Manyara and Lake Tarangire National Park. This is truly humbling to sightsee the king of jungle perched up high on the branches of the fig tree in this area, resting away on trees as the day goes by. The ishasha sector is one of the best memorable destinations within Africa and you wouldn’t have missed encountering on your African adventure tours.

Besides that, the fascinating population of the tree-climbing lions within Ishasha, travelers can also have great game viewing of other species of mammals such as buffaloes’ herds, number of antelopes like the Uganda kob that keep crossing your path, elephants that have been actually settled within the Ishasha area and you can as well spot out numerous hippos around Kazinga channel.

If you probably visit this sector in Queen to carry out game drive within the acacia trees in open savannah grasslands, you will discover and understand why many people always choose in encountering African wildlife adventure when it comes to choosing a holiday destination.

Tree climbing lions

Ishasha Sector is the best sector to explore the tree climbing lions which are the best highlight in the area and it has become a famous part of the entire national park. The tree climbing lions can be spotted up high on the fig tree branches and it is believed that due to the desire to prevent the tsetse flies and other dangerous ground insects is the reason why these lions prefer climbing in the trees. Within this sector, lions can be easily be seen during the game drive while using open proof game viewing vehicle and from this section, you can not only spot lions but also another huge number of buffaloes, elephants, Uganda kobs, antelopes like eland, impala, waterbucks, warthogs and many more. An experienced guide who knows the movements of these mammals is the one who accompanies you in the jungle, you can as well carry your camera to take photographs for your feature remembrance as you experience the unforgettable and memorable encounter in your lifetime. 

Visit the Crater lakes

Queen Elizabeth national park also boasts with crater lakes such as Lake katwe which is known for salt mining, lake Nyamunyanyange good for spotting the great flamingos and lake Bunyampaka where the salt mining was recently discovered. The crater lakes are surrounded by craft materials and local products where many tourists visit and buy souvenir items to take them to their home countries just for remembrance. You can as well enjoy boat cruise at kazinga channel, a channel that connects with Lake Edward and provides travelers with a rewardable view of the national park as you also enjoy fresh breath taking thus leading to a memorable experience.

Ishasha Sector
Ishasha Sector

Where to stay in the Ishasha region.

There are several beautiful accommodation facilities with comfortable beds serving travellers who visits Ishasha sector and Queen Elizabeth national park at per ranging from luxury, mid-range, budget with affordable prices and such lodges include; Ishasha wilderness camp, Mweya Safari Lodge, Queen Elizabeth bush lodge, kasenyi safari camp, Ihumba lakeside safari lodge among many.

The best time to visit Ishasha sector is in dry seasons between June to September and December to February within this period it’s when the grass is short and makes it easy to encounter wildlife with proper sightseeing such as predators ‘’lions’ ‘when they are hunting their fellow animals.

Therefore, Ishasha sector is the best visited section in Queen Elizabeth National Park because it is notable for an extraordinary unique tree-climbing lions which cannot be found in other parts of the world, advise to the travellers when you’re planning for your tour package on Uganda’s tours never leave without encountering this exciting experience in lifetime.

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