Karuma Falls – Murchison Falls National Park

Karuma falls is composed of a succession of natural good looking rock formation all the way at the base of the Victoria Nile, within this area and these result into the waters of the mightier River Nile to ripple, providing the Nile with an appearance of thrilling white foam. The falls are located at the place where the main road of Masindi-Gulu crosses the great river Nile, measuring 110kilomters in the northeast of Masindi town and to the part of Gulu town raises 70 kilometres. And there are two districts connected to karuma bridge, built-in 1963 to help in the development of cotton farmers within the West Nile. This bridge crosses the huge waterfall while spraying white water that moves towards southern Sudan on the northern side of Uganda.

Karuma Falls

To note, karuma falls its where the government of Uganda choose to construct the new modern technology power dam, and it was planned that karuma power station must be the largest power station in Uganda with a capacity of about 600 megawatts of hydroelectricity powers. However, where the falls are positioned from, there is the altitude which raises about 2.234167 and longitude 32. 246390. And on the average elevation of about 1000 meters above sea level. By 2013 the government of Uganda reported about the construction of the big city into the large power station at karuma falls.

Historically, the European explorer John Speke passed around Karuma fall on his search about the source of the Nile, and so the falls are among the most important stunning landmark in Uganda. To note, the Karuma falls are the major site to the Karuma power Station which is planned to measure 750 megawatts hydropower development which was executed by the government of Uganda in partnership with its other foreign partners.

The designation of these falls were made out of the hazardous zone for the reason being the Lords Resistance known as LRA rebel used to stage its several attacks within this area. During those previous years the LRA rebel used to hide within the bush and within this area its where they used to stage from to attack cars as well as buses travelling to both directions. As for to date the area is safe and people travel freely all day long, and the rebel were set out of this area by the Uganda army all the way to the tropical rainforests within the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2007.

On your visit to karuma falls you get a wonderful welcoming experience of the falls, and this can be clearly seen at Karuma bridge along the Arua Pakwach highway, most travellers who usually travel to northern Uganda they enjoy watching the rapid water of the Nile running across the bridge. The water formed from the bubble atmosphere pressure hits the hard rocks on the floor of the river at Karuma point. Number of travellers uses bus while travelling to the northern part of the country and when the bus drive reaches karuma bridge tends to slow down at the time when crossing the bridge, in order to provide a high chance for the people to view the falls plus number of baboons, black and white monkey along the roadside.

How to get to Karuma falls

The journey starts from Kampala the main city by use of buses heading to Gulu or travels owner car. On the other hand, one can arrange a private transport through any recognised tour company or tour operator in regard for your accommodation arrangement inside Murchison falls national park while on your trip to magnificent viewing of karuma falls.

Travellers can also reach karuma falls through using the northern side of Murchison falls via Uganda’s main city ‘’Kampala’’ pakwach road. To another side of the southern park, a tourist can either take a ferry from Masindi to Karuma falls in the north-eastern side of the park.

Travellers are advised never to leave Murchison falls national park without visiting this thrilling falls and have great looks of the nature wonder indeed you can take photoshoots as many as possible while having magic viewing of karuma falls. You can as well visit the karuma town and meet the local people, learn about their local culture and also enjoy the road trip.

Karuma Falls
Karuma Falls


Where to stay on your visit to Karuma

Karuma falls is surrounded with very many beautiful accommodation facilities ranging between budget, mid-range and luxury range based within Murchison Falls National Park and some of the lodges include; Red chill camp, pakuba safari lodge, Chobe safari lodge, Baker’s lodge, Nile safari lodge among others.

Karuma falls are notable and admired waterfall that provides with magical viewing of slashing white water forming a water bubble atmosphere pressure. 

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