Makerere University is the largest university in Uganda holding the 3rd position among the best Universities in Africa. The university started in 1922 as a technical school and in that same year it was renamed as Makerere University. The first classes to be offered included: mechanical engineering, carpentry and building construction  but in 1928 the vocational classes were changed to colleges and they called it Kampala technical institute. In 1963 it become the 1st university of East Africa to offer degree from the university of London & it began with courses of agriculture, medicine, education and arts. By the year 1970, it decided to become an independent University of Uganda among the universities which were built by that time in East African countries. The university was appointed to be divided into to three universities including the university of Nairobi “Kenya”, university of Dar-es salaam “Tanzania” and the well-known Makerere university which has become a great university with high levels of education.

Makerere University

Makerere university is among the nine colleges in Africa and is one of the best schools to offer number of programs to over 36,000 undergraduates and 4,000 post graduates in a year. It was the first university to graduate the post independent African Leaders in the past years such as Milton Obote the first president of Uganda followed by Julius Nyerere “president of Tanzania, Joseph Kabila the former president of Congo and also the 3rd politician of Kenyan president Mwai Kibaki. These great men all graduated at this prominent university, ’Makerere University.

In the late 1933, Makerere University was seen in the world news as the best influential school in Africa holding 8th position in East Africa and 59th position in the best universities in the entire world, through “the world reporters”. And in the early 1930’s, the Ugandan universities & secondary schools were appointed as revolutionaries for the first three-time youth movements who focused on independence of British Empire followed by the year 1962 when Uganda got its independence. There were few students to join Makerere student leaders group all over Uganda who were tired of political conflicts, elections and student elections.

In the 20th century Makerere University was assigned has the Uganda’s university with higher education for both activism and political students in East Africa. When Uganda got its independence in 1962 Makerere university became known worldwide & after independence it became the first university to participate in the literal activity which was centered on the African Nationalist Culture. Many great writers participated in it  including David Rubadiri (the novelist who was one of the African most Authorized writers after independence), Ali Mizar (was the political writer on the African planet), Peter Nazareth (a Ugandan who became the best writer for fiction and  drama). All these people become popular writers during their academic career at Makerere University.

The university in 2016 was ranked as the 4th top university with higher learning capacity in the world university and in Africa.

Between 2006 and 2016, the university was closed over three times because of back payment of the lectures. Students and also the non-teaching staff went on with strike demanding for their money. These strikes took over 3 to 4 weeks & the government had to come out to solve this incident. The government agreed with these teachers to pay them their salary in October the same year. But this was not enough the government didn’t fulfill the agreement. The strike was followed with lectures who were unpaid and thousands of students joined them for these strike and it was the same year when this article for 102 ba which stands for “Ugandan age limits for the president on power” was changed. The  president of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni decided to close the university for the short period time and this affected both students and parents. Parents had to come out complaining for their children’s education which had stopped in the mid-semester when half of students had paid their tuition. Museveni appointed a commission to end the situation. But there was no response from him. He decided to forward the commission report to the following year to solve the problems of which it affected the economy and this was February 2017.

Other Universities in Uganda include; Kyambogo university, Uganda Christian university, Busitema university, Gulu university, Kibale university and Mbarara university of sciences. Besides that, Uganda has got other university organizations namely Kampala international university, East African university and they all under on the higher level of education.

Makerere university has got different favorable sessions for the student, they offer evening session, morning sessions, afternoon session and weekend session for those who are busy during the weekdays.

Students to apply for this admission should have passed with at least 2 principal passes obtained at at UACE. You can apply online through “Application”.

Makerere University offers a lot of courses right now and also offers government scholarships to the outstanding students from different secondary schools institutions across the country. They also offer a number of courses for the international students.

Makerere University is also a great tourist attraction as many travelers travel to Uganda to traverse the different colleges in the campus with its great ancient structures that were built with strong materials. The tour to this great institute can be added as one of you Uganda Budget Safaris tours since all you need is transport around Kampala City to the famous Makerere Hill.

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Makerere University

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