Mount Nyiragongo is an active volcano with a stereovision raising its higher level of about 3,470m above the sea level in the provinces of Virunga mountain ranges and it connects with Albertine rift valley. It was located in the Virunga National Park areas which are situated in the Eastern direction of Democratic Republic of Congo with about 8090 square kilometers of its lowland. Mount Nyiragongo is estimated at a distance of 20 kilometers in the north of Goma town and Lake Kivu in the west, bordering with Rwanda. The mountain is known in the world to be have one of the largest volumes of molten lava lake containing a volcanic vent. Its lava lake is often moltening and solidifying.

Mount Nyiragongo was recently recorded to be at low of about 2700m high. The volcano partly extends over with two older volcanoes, Baratu, and Shaheru which are surrounded with hundreds of other small volcanoes in form of circular cones. It’s lava is made of melilite nephelines, an alkane rich kind of volcanic rock with unsealing chemical configuration factors in the unfamiliar fluidity of the lava there. Both mount Nyiragongo located at the right side and Nyamuragira in the left are close to each other, well as Nyiragongo lava flows move rather slowly and is not often causes dangers to humans. The lava flows may run underground hill at up to 100kilometers high raising {60 mph}. This because is extremely a lava mafic. This crater generally has distinct cooler lava branches with the crate wall, of which the highest measures at about 3,175meter {10,417ft}and the lower one measures at about 2,975m{91760ft}. It became a UNESCO heritage site in 2016.

This lava lake it was first reformed into crater in eruption between 1982 and 1988 up to 1994,they had to formulate new volcano which started in 2002 after assorted months have been increased in seismic and fumarilic activity for a distance of 13kilometers fissures was opened in the south flank of the volcano spreading in a few hours from 2800m to 1550m high and reaching at the edge of  Goma town and also covering the north side area of Goma international airport and the northern shores of lake kivu. In 2002 this volcano cracked again and 245 people died in the eruption and earthquake that happened in the villages causing overrun by the fluid lava which breaks out the crate without warning to over 4500 buildings were destroyed, leaving about 120000 people homeless. The country has tried a lot to end this incident, now mount Nyiragongo is under the management team of scientists at volcanic observatory all year around, don’t hesitate to visit Congo safaris destinations because the country is now safe with enough protections.    All these will give you the right history in century and recently basing about mount Nyiragongo.

Besides that, mount Nyiragongo is one of the nature wonders in the world with great view of lavas lakes and these are the activities you can engage in while you’re here; hiking along mount Nyiragongo, climbing, nature walk and since it is located within viruga national park you can as well do eastern low gorilla trekking which is most prominent activity running throughout the year, bird watching, chimpanzee trekking, visiting the local people and many more.

Mount Nyiragongo hiking and climbing.

These mount is one of the world’s featured volcano covered with vegetation and sometimes is dusted with snow on its walls making it to become the world beautiful lava lake. Mount Nyiragongo   is famously known in the history of African volcano geography and to those who prefer hiking and climbing safaris mount Nyiragongo will be your best destination to associate with .Mount Nyiragongo which measures 3470meter{11,380ft} above the sea level  can give you great climbing which starts at 10:00hour at a ranger station and do check in at kibati station not else than 9:30am for the day of your climbing but trekkers are advised to carry warm clothes because the weather becomes cooler at the summit and it usually below freezing in morning hours. Trekking at mount Nyiragongo usually begin at kibati station by car from Goma of which takes 30minutes and one hour from Rumanyabo.The park’s rangers leads you for the trek and you can hire the porter who always are available to drive you to up at the summit. Climbing fees for foreigners cost $300 per person per day, for national cost $90.

Land scape viewing.

Mount Nyiragongo is located within viruga national park covering the largest land measuring 8090square kilometers of its low land and a home of various species. During your time at mount Nyiragongo you can have a mazing view of chimpanzee species, mountain gorillas, monkeys, bush buck and other surrounded small volcanos.

Other activities you can engage in while you are at mount Nyiragongo and these include nature walk viewing, gorilla trekking, chimpanzee habituated, birding and many more.

Things to carry when you are ready to visit Mount Nyiragongo.

Cold weather gears for warmness because as you trekking at the summit it is usually below freezing and failure to do so it can lead you to be affected with hypothermia.

Sunscreen glasses, energetic snacks, mineral water, hiking boots and many more. Exploring mount Nyiragongo one of the beautiful volcanos in East Africa and in the world will give peaceful memorable experience in Congo’s safaris, it has attracted many foreigners and the national to come and visit this unique lava lake volcano in Africa its only located here in Congo. 

Mount Nyiragongo offers good comfortable accommodation for the tourists to sleep in, ranging between mid- range, budget hotels some are located near Goma town which can be your easiest way of transportation and these include lake kivu hotel in Goma town, Bukima tented camp, mikeno lodge, Nyiragongo shelter summit and many.

Best time to visit mount Nyiragongo is in dry season from the month of January, February, March, May, August, September and December, you can as well decide to in wet season the prices for the lodges becomes cheaper during this season.

Mount Nyiragongo can be accessed from Goma town which 15.7kilometers by road or you can fry to and from Goma Airport to Mount Nyiragongo with in 1hour.Panoramic viewing of Goma town is rewarding

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