My safari packing checklist: Safaris are exciting, people would love to go on safaris all year round, but no it’s not possible because of daily life duties, money, and many other things.

My safari packing checklist

However, on top of having the safari, you need to pack for it.

Packing for a safari can be hideous and quite boring though needed if you are to have everything you need for your safari when you go for your safari. Most people leave it until the last minute which is even more dangerous because it causes you to pack the wrong things or pack really a misfire. So to help you with your packing here is a checklist we feel you should follow as you pack.

It’s a generic checklist so it can help anyone. And the beauty is you can modify it to suit your taste and needs.

My safari packing checklist
Safari packing

The checklist is literally a list of questions that you will need to answer and every answer helps you pack the right things you need or throw out the thing you actually don’t need.

So the questions are:-

  • What is the length or duration of this safari?.. this will help you know how many things to pack.
  • What time of year is my safari and what are the expected weather conditions? This will help you pack according to the weather.
  • What kind of safari activities will I be doing? Different activities require different equipment and clothes, so be keen on that.
  • What is my preferred style and how can I blend it in the safari? It will help you pack only what you need, not just unnecessary things
  • Will I be purchasing items from my destination? This helps in gauging what to leave and what not to leave.
  • Do I need any specific things? Help you to have all your essentials for the travel and safari in check.
  • Do I need special safari considerations?

this will help you not to forget things like your medication and others.

  • Do I need to be mindful of any cultural considerations? Especially in conservative cultures, you need to pack something close to what is acceptable in the culture
  • Do I have personal care items that you require? Even on a safari strive to stay you so having these will help you achieve that.
  • Do I  have any electronics to pack? You need your electronics so have them ready with you.
  • How am I traveling? This helps you plan for the amount of your luggage so that you stay within the required limits of your travel plan, especially if you are traveling with family.

Well, this is a generic checklist that we are confident will help you in your packing needs. But most of all as you plan for your safari, you should make sure all things from the itinerary to the actual safari are as you would wish them to be.

Safaris are refreshing and fun. make the most of them. In all ways.

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