Night Game Drive in Lake Mburo National Park

Night Game Drive in Lake Mburo National Park is one of the best Uganda safari activities done in the savannah parks where the drive is in the evening. This is the most wonderful and everlasting memorable experience in life, where you can encounter a variety of nocturnal species in the savannah woodland of Lake Mburo national park. Night game drive is an activity carried out when the sun sets and the night falls in the wilderness of lake Mburo national park, it implicates the use of a strong light torch to see the animals more clearly in the dark. This activity gives you a chance to get closer to the mammals since they cast off their human fear in the night whereby they can easily get closer to your vehicle and have a great view of the lions which can be massive and experiential.

Night Game Drive in Lake Mburo National Park

A night game drive there’s no doubt of enjoying this activity for a safari in Uganda as it is recorded by those who have engaged in it before. And it is good to know the best place where you can book your night game viewing and Lake Mburo national park can be your highly recommended for this activity. More so, night game drive can also be done in other national parks such as Murchison falls national park, Queen Elizabeth national park in their savannah grassland and these are the only places where you can book for your night drive in Uganda.

Lake Mburo national park is one of the few parks where you can go for a night game drive and at night there is a whole variety of animals that you would not see during the day. Night game drive also gives an opportunity of finding leopards, spotted hyenas and there is one male lion in the park which resides down by Lake Mburo itself.

Lake Mburo national park lies in Kiruhura district in the western part of Uganda, a few hours away from the East of beautiful Mbarara town the largest city in the sub-region, it covers 260square kilometres of law land and it can be easily accessed by foot. Lake Mburo national park is the smallest park among the national parks of Uganda and closest to the capital city ‘Kampala’ estimated 240kilometres by road in the west of capital city ‘Kampala’ Uganda. The park is a home of mammals such as zebra, African buffaloes, hippopotamus, African leopards, jackal, antelopes like hyenas, topis, oribi, defassa waterbuck, reedbuck, impala, common eland, warthogs and over 350 species of birds such as white winged swamp warble, Red-faced Barbet, Papyrus yellow warbler, mosques swallow, African finfoot, Bare-faced goaway bird, greater pointed-snipe, saddle-billed stork, African wattled lapwing and many more. The park is under the management of the Uganda wildlife Authority and is a UNESCO heritage site.

Where can I carry night game drive in lake Mburo?

Night game drive at Lake Mburo national park can be undertaken in its savannah the acacia woodland gaining possible views of range of nocturnal animals such as hare, hyenas, porcupine, honey badger, white-tailed mongoose, side tripled jackal, serval cat, bush pig, civet, black galago, thick-tailed galago and you can come across leopards during your nigh drive. Travellers can be guided by the professional guides who will guide you through fantastic activities within the park.

Which type of vehicles can be used to undertake us through the savannah woodland?

Night game drive at Lake Mburo national park can be done using any vehicle, could be self-driven or safari company vehicles but Uganda wildlife Authority {UWA} that governs all the protected national parks in Uganda, they also own tour vehicles which are 4wheel drive and are ideal for this activity in terms are compatible to all lose weather roads. These vehicles have popped up roofs to help you to have great sightseeing such as the leopards and other mammals they come closer to the vehicle and the panoramic view is rewarding. Through doing this unique activity you can decide to book an armed game ranger from the Uganda Wildlife Authority offices, who goes for just USD20. The armed game ranger can assist you to spot out the lions patches so easier and can be assured for protection in case of any wild animal attack. To be part of night game drive at lake Mburo national park you can have an unforgettable memorable experience in your entire life.

Besides, night game drive in lake Mburo national park, you can also engage in very many interesting activities such as guided nature walk, birding, fishing in lake Mburo which inhabits 6 species of fish most especially tilapia ,boat cruise a long lake Mburo ,visiting Rubanga forest ,visiting the salt lick where you can encounter various species of mammal gathering on salt water ,horseback riding and bicycle tour many more. All these activities can be conducted in here at lake mburo national park.

Things to carry to your night game drive at lake Mburo national park include Sweater, strong lighting torch, insect repellents, cameras.

The best time to do night game drive is all year round most especially in the dry season when the gazetted area is out of water source, that is to say from the month of June to September and between December to February.

Where to stay?

While you’re on night game drive at Lake Mburo national park, you can sleep in nice hotel and lodges ranging between mid-range, budget hotels such as Mihingo lodge, leopard Rest camp, Rwakobo Rock lodge, Mburo safari lodge, Kijuura lodge, Arcadia lodge, Nim motel, Little wood Inn, Hotel Kash Mbarara, palace hotel, Novella Hotel, and Spa and many more other beautiful hotels.

Night Game Drive in Lake Mburo National Park
Night Game Drive in Lake Mburo National Park

The easiest way to access this national park is from Kampala the capital city which takes 3:05hour by road. Alternatively, you can decide to use a flight to and from Kajjansi airstrip to Mbarara airstrip within 1 hour by Air.

Time is now to book your night game drive on safari Uganda and have the unforgettable travel experience of nocturnal wildlife species on quite a landscape of the pearl of Africa.

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