Sezibwa Falls

Sezibwa falls is strategically located on river sezibwa about 32 kilometers away from Uganda’s capital city ‘’Kampala’’ along the main road between Kampala City and Jinja in the Mukono district. The sezibwa falls are thrilling waterfalls that squeeze through the narrow opening of rocks and dropping at great speed measuring 17 meters long into a large pool of water that is about 14 meters deep. However, the area around the falls are the best thrilling place to go for your relaxation after your wildlife adventure on Uganda safaris or even combining your travel itinerary through visiting the source of the Nile River for activities like bungee jumping, white water rafting, horse riding and many more. The falls act as a traditional belief for Baganda people where they go to seek wealth and above all is among the top tourist attraction to see in Uganda.

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The sezibwa falls is registered under the administration of the Buganda culture and tourism department. They are characterized by very many rocks with interesting sharp edges and a large pool below, from the falls  river Sezibwa begins to flow its water to Lake Kyoga. To note, Sezibwa falls is home to small primates like vervet, red tailed monkeys, snakes like green mambas, African cobra as well as the horned adder which also call the place their home. Other species include tadpoles, wild cats and mongooses.  

Fortunately, Sezibwa falls is also important for cultural racial and beliefs basing on Buganda’s history. This culture is beneficial to Uganda’s tourism because of its unique falls and this is because Baganda believes in the supernatural powers of the sezibwa river, many people are seen visiting this falls plus the tourist. The name sezibwa derives from twin river which were born to a mother who was called Nakkungu Tebatuusa on her way to a place named Kavuma Bukunja, Bwanda twin who said to have flowed towards the mother’s village in the east and Sezibwa flowed to the west. Spiritually River sezibwa is believed to have been active traditional beliefs that’s the reason why the spirit such as Nalongo kkubo helped it defeat the obstacles along the way. Nalongo’s spiritual natural power took a form of a snake and had to establish its home with the rock caves, where the late Kabaka Mwanga of Buganda kingdom in 1884 based on to elect the village chiefs along sezibwa falls.

Ideally, the Sezibwa twin that flowed to the west had to first pass through many hardships on the way but due to its determination decided and said no obstacle can stop me from moving mean ‘’Sezibwa Kkubo’’ thus getting its origin name Sezibwa falls from the sezibwa river. Sezibwa is now a famous place where very many locals come for traditional healing, seeking blessings, marriages. Along the falls there is an olive tree that still stands up to date and it was built by Kabaka Mwanga of Buganda Kingdom. 

The sezibwa falls attract very many people from all over Uganda to come seeking blessings from the small gods their health jobs, children, families, and business. They also get locale medicines from here to cure diseases like toothache, stomach upsets, skin diseases and these are the sacrifices they offer to their gods include eggs, coffee beans, local beer chicken, animals like goats, sheep. The sacrifices for animals are made on the top of the falls and then dropped down to appease the small gods and feed Ssezibwa and never be shocked to find dead animals on the ground of the falls.

Interestingly, to many Ugandans took this place as a place for cultural practices, yet also Anglican church its where they carry their baptism from in the same waters and you might be interested in how it is done on two-sided permanence, the Godly side and ungodly part all can be found here along on heritage sites in Uganda.

Activities offered around the Ssezibwa Falls

The Ssezibwa waterfalls is an impressive place to visit because of the cool breath taking good for relaxation over the weekend or during holidays. The good thing is that the falls are located so close to Kampala and it’s a short driving itinerary to embark to and have a cool and serene environment. To note, it is a cheap travel itinerary compared to Uganda’s other destinations like those who are from exploring the source of the Nile in Jinja’s stunning activities or visiting the Eastern districts of Uganda can have a stopover to the falls to have cool relaxation and marvel at the clear waters. Activities around include;


At around the sezibwa falls there is a beautiful pool after the falls where you can cool yourself, and no one can stop you from plunging into these waters after completing more difficult tasks like white water rafting, bungee jumping, horse riding in jinja.

Photo shooting

This is a marvelous place you should look for to take amazing and beautiful photos, sezibwa falls could be the place you looking for. You may think that there is only thrilling waterfalls but also the beautiful green environment, rocks, and trees which bring out good viewing or clear photo shooting. You can take photos while on your nature walk around or within the gardens across the bridge.

Hiking and Climbing Rocks

This place is good for the hikers which involve in hiking to the top of the falls where you will be able to have spectacular viewing of River Sezibwa, gardens around, dense trees and bushes. The hike requires one to be physically fit in the body in order to manage the hike till top and have a rewardable great viewing of the waterfalls and surrounding scenery, you may also see lizards and other creatures along the way.


Sezibwa falls is covered by a forest which is a home to over 50 bird species and such birds to be spotted by the birders include; Lizard Buzzard ,pied crow ,Collared Sunbird ,Lesser striped swallow ,African paradise  Flycatcher ,Scarlet chested sunbird .Willow Warbler ,Eastern Plantain Eaters ,Double toothed Barbet ,Palm nut Vulture ,Cassin’s Honeyguide ,African Pygmy kingfisher ,Grey headed sparrow ,splendid starling ,white casqued hornbill ,crowned hornbill ,speckled Tinker bird ,Olive bellied sunbird .Blue kingfisher ,white throated bee-eater ,Red-eyed Dove ,Ross’s Turaco among others.

Nature walk

This is the second done activity around here after viewing the beautiful falls, along here nature walk can be done to the nearest forests where you can be able to spot different tree types like bamboo, Midsize, Muvule, Mahogany, fig tree, Ebony trees, Eucalyptus not only that but also harbors with bushes and shrubs. The nature walk carried out can be accompanied by the local guide, during your nature walk you will have an opportunity of spotting more species of birds, primates like monkeys, butterflies. You can as well visit the local farms and plantations in the surrounding areas. International travellers are charged about USD4 to pay for the guide.

Village walk

The waterfalls are surrounded by four villages that is Ngogwe, Madudu, Wamala and Kungu. Tourists come all away from their home countries purposely to come and encounter with local villagers to experience traditional life homes. The place also acts as a ground for fieldwork and for research for students.

Camping and picnic 

This is one of the top activities conducted at sezibwa falls because of the strategic location of sezibwa falls which has good camping grounds that makes it one of the best things that attract travellers who prefer camping in quite like this one and its cool environment is rewarding as you watch the river flowing, listen to sweet melodies of some birds and many more.

Sezibwa Falls
Sezibwa Falls

Rock climbing

This is one of the best-enjoyed activities carried out at sezibwa falls, which allows participants to climb up to the top of the rock then slope down across the rock until they reach the designated endpoint without falling. It is just an exciting activity filled with lots of laughs, jokes, cheers. 

Getting there

Sezibwa falls can be easily accessed from two different routes either from Kampala or from Jinja and whichever way from Kampala takes about 30 kilometers to drive up to kayanja trading centre on a tarmac road. To the main centre, there is a signpost on a marram road that leads to sezibwa River Resort which goes directly to the falls but you’re recommended to use 4x4WD vehicle to avoid delays on the way especially during the rainy season.

Lastly, the number of visitors prefer touring the eastern part of Uganda mostly because of the tour to jinja where they enjoy, white water rafting together visiting the source of the Nile with a visit to mabira forest to enjoy birding and zip-lining and some choose to have an overnight at sezibwa falls and have amazing time in a beautiful country like Uganda. So grab your chance today and visit the secret natural wonder of sezibwa waterfalls in Eastern Uganda.

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Sezibwa Falls

Sezibwa Falls

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