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Tooro Kingdom is one of exceptional five Traditional Kingdom positioned in the borders of Uganda. So then, the Tooro is a Bantu Kingdom located within the borders of Uganda in a beautiful area. The Tooro Kingdom is currently headed by Omukama ‘’king Oyo’’ Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV. Surprisingly, the King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukiri IV, took over the throne of Tooro Kingdom in 1995 at the age of three years, after the death of his father Omukama Patrick David Mathew Kaboyo Rwamuhokya OLIMI 111 on August 26 in 1995 when he was at age of 50.

Tooro Kingdom

This Tooro Kingdom is found in Fortportal town and the people native to the kingdom are the Batooro and their mother language is called Rutooro. The Batoro and Banyoro have closely related languages, Rutoro and Runyuro and share many other cultural traits. The Batoro live on Uganda’s western border and south of Lake Albert.

Historically, the Tooro Kingdom evolved out of a breakaway segment of Bunyoro which happened before the 19th century. The Kingdom was founded in 1830 when Omukama Kaboyo Olimi I the eldest son of Omukama of Bunyoro Nyamutakura Kyebambe 111 of Bunyoro, it when he seceded and created his own independent kingdom. It had to be absorbed into Bunyoro Kitara in the year of 1876 and reasserted its independence in 1891.

In the year of 1967 the Baganda, Bunyoro and Busoga, Tooro’s monarchy was established by the Ugandan Government. But was reinstated in 1993.

Culturally, the Batooro people have a strong culture though similar in stratification to Bunyoro, both have got strong cultural naming system the ‘’PET NAMEs’’ famously known as Empaako. If we talk about the Empaako naming system here children are given one of the twelve names used a crossed the communities in addition to their given and family names, each one addressed by his or her Empaako which is a positive affirmation of cultural ties. In addition to this, it can be used as a form of greeting, respect, honour or love to both young and old. The idea of using Empaako can defuse tension and sends a strong message about social identity and unity, peace and reconciliation. More then, there are about 70 clans listed with in the Tooro Kingdom that were recognized in the 1999 constitution but only about 20 clans are active with the Tooro Kingdom experience. Some of the clan names are ;Abalisa ,Ababiito ,Abagweri ,Ababbopi ,Abasumbi among others .And these Batooro people are proud of their kingdom  and everyone has got a petty name called ‘’Empaako’’ ,of which the young female children are called Abwooli whereas the young male children whose Empaako is not clearly known is called Apuuli.Other  Empaako names include ;Amooti, Abooki ,Akiiki ,Ateenyi ,Adyeeri ,Atwooki ,Araali Acaali ,Okaali ,Abwooli ,Bbala among others .The Empaako names has got its great  meaning behind.

Tooro Kingdom
Tooro Kingdom

Social and economic made up of the Batooro people

Traditionally, the Batooro people has been distinguished with the economic activities but not caste as we know and there are two classes named among the Batooro that is; Bairu and Bahuma category of people. The Bairu sounds to be the land cultivators whereas the Bahuma are believed to be cattle keepers. The two kinds of people have been significant in the production of milk, meat, butter, ghee and millet, bananas, sweat potatoes, sorghum, vegetation and peas many more.

Moreover, Batooro are very social people and loving, led by their unifying leader Omukama Oyo Kabamba Igulu who is in terms of their cultural leader under the constitution. They are also nice people who are submissive to their economic activities such as black smith and they produced items are hoes, axes, arrowheads, spears, knives many more.

Relationship between Libyan with the Tooro Kingdom

During those decades, the Libyan president Maumar Gaddafi was recognized for great relationship with the Royal Family of the Tooro Kingdom. Then 2001, current leader ‘’King’’ Omukama decided to choose him as one of his special advisor. In that same year, Gaddifi attended King Oyo the sixth Anniversary celebration and this is when he was approved as the defender of Tooro Kingdom. When it comes to their strong relationship they had, Gaddifi had to contribute in the funding of the renovation of the palace, a fee which was ‘’200,000USD’’.

According to the social set up, marriage was very significant to the Batooro, of which a man was not to marry regarded incomplete not until he gets married.

Traditionally, the Batooro marriage was organized by the girl’s parents and boy that are going to get married, it had also to involve in the middle man who makes research on the girl family and behavior before he was approved to get married to the boy.

Tourists Attractions around Tooro Kingdom;

The Tooro Kingdom itself acts as an attraction plus other emotional tourists destination you combine with your visit to the Kingdom such as the Kibale Forest national park renown as the capital of primates mainly the Chimpanzee /chimpanzee tracking ,birding ,primate viewing  and other small primates like colobus monkeys ,the majestic snow caped mountain of the moon –Rwenzori Mountains just few driving kilometers away from the palace /kingdom ,Visit Amabeere caves knowns as the breasts of Nyinamwiru ,Visit the Karambi Royal Tombs where  the kings of Tooro are buried and the royal family members .

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