Tours to the Kibale crater lakes are done in the southern area of Fort portal town and they offer excellent views of the magnificent lakes to the travelers. The Kibale crater lakes are cupped under the steep hillsides ideal for short and long walks and also not forgetting cycling. Most of the land on the hills of some the crater lakes are cultivated however some birds and primates stay at the lake shores, for example, Lake Nkuruba is surrounded by forests with different species of primates and birds. 

Tours to the Kibale crater lakes

Nature walks around Kibale national park expose visitors to 9 extraordinary crater lakes along with the dirt trails where the ancient snuffing craters turned into many breathtaking landscapes. Taking nature walks in Kibale national park allows you to explore the flora and fauna of the area exposing to the amazing environment through the hidden places best known by only the locals including the park rangers. The adventure tour to the falls brings visitors to the footpaths of several local communities since most of the hills are occupied by the local communities.

Tours to Kibale Crater Lakes have no entry fees attached to them. They are actually free of charge as long as you know where they are located thus you will not need to pay for them. However, there are some crater lakes that require guiding fees for example for a nature walk in Kibale national park to the crater; you will need to pay for a local guide an amount about 10 $ to 30 $, for example, top of the world view that is on the highest hill behind Lake Nyamirima. Some lodges also organize nature walks around Kibale national park with an attached price for a guide through the local communities giving you an encounter with the local people hence learning and interacting with the community.

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